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The Biden Disaster is getting worse by the day.

Energy costs have nearly doubled since Biden took office…

…inflation is the highest since Jimmy Carter was president…

…and continued supply shortages in dozens of industries are crushing economic growth.

Combined, these three stages of the Biden Disaster are set to make the next few years very tough.

However, for smart investors, there is opportunity.

Dr. Skousen has found three 10X stock opportunities that could save your portfolio from the disaster to come.

His special Biden Disaster Plan package contains all the instructions for protecting yourself and profiting until the disaster is over.

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Biden Disaster Plan Report #1: America’s #1 Energy Stock (Retail Price: $199) – yours FREE

Unlike Biden, this stock is actually doing something to solve America’s energy crisis. They run over 50,000 miles of natural gas and crude pipelines. They have 260 million barrels of refined oil storage. And 14 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage.

No surprise here… busines is booming.

The company just set 17 new financial records… it’s expanding into 10,000 new drilling locations… it pays a 10% dividend… and it’s set to become a huge supplier of Europe’s energy going forward.

So it comes a no surprise that both Democrat and Republican politicians are loading up on shares. They obviously know profits when they see them.

Biden Disaster Plan Report #2: America’s #1 Small Business Investment (Retail Price: $199) – yours FREE

This one pays a yield five times bigger than the average S&P stock.


By investing in the true engine behind America’s economy… small Main Street businesses.

They invest in shooting ranges… power equipment manufacturers… drilling operations… agricultural firms… lumber yards… medical device companies… and much more.

As a result… $10,000 invested in this group during the last three presidencies has produced almost $9,000 per year.

That’s just about getting a double every year. And in a rising interest rate environment, they’re set to do even better.

Biden Disaster Plan Report #3: America’s #1 Chip Crisis Stock (Retail Price: $199) – yours FREE

This chip maker provides chips to some of the biggest companies in America.

The list includes Amazon, Black & Decker, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, GE, Nvidia, and Intel.

In Asia, their customers include LG, Samsung, Nintendo, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, and more.

Every one of these companies is desperate for more chips during the shortage.

So business is growing incredibly fast.

Net income is up an astounding 660% over the last 12 months. They’ve beaten sales expectations for four straight quarters.

And with the chip shortage set to press on for another two years at least, this is a stock with major short term potential.

You’ll get Mark’s full report on each of these three stocks included in The Biden Disaster Plan.

Special Bonus Report #1: The Secret Backdoor Into Private Equity Riches (Retail Price: $199) – yours FREE

In this report, I’ll show you the smarter, safer way to invest in new companies… by banding together with very wealthy individuals to fund new businesses. And they do all work for you.

These individuals target the best startup businesses, companies they know to be on the verge of breaking out.

They do all the investigation, make sure the business is profitable and well-managed, create plans for quick expansion into new markets and help get the business into the mainstream by investing in it.

When one of these new businesses hits it big or goes public, these people collect the “real payday” that regular investors don’t usually get a chance at. But now, you can profit from private equity deals right along with them.

Special Bonus Report #2: Forecasts & Strategies Quick Start Guide (Retail Price: $199) – yours FREE

This step-by-step plan provides all of the information you need and all of the essential actions you should take as a new Forecasts & Strategies subscriber. By following the instructions, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

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But listen… You can’t wait on this.

The way Biden’s disaster is playing out… a lot of investors are going to get crushed..

The economy is suffering under a wave of surging energy prices… runaway inflation… and extreme shortages.

With interest rates rising on top of it, many investors are going to get burned.

But with Mark guiding you, I believe you’ll come out of this stronger than ever.

His three 10X stocks are some of the best I’ve ever seen him recommend.

However, the people in power are already moving in.

Just look at Congress. They are loading up on shares of Mark’s #1 American energy stock.

They obviously know this thing is likely to take off soon.

So if you miss this moment, you might not have another chance.

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Roger Michalski
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