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In a recent teleconference with our Eagle subscribers, Roger Michalski, Mark Skousen, and Jim Woods discussed how Fast Money Alert produces great gains and what you can expect.
Here’s the transcript from that call…

Dr. Mark Skousen & Jim Woods
Co-Editors, Fast Money Alert

Roger: Fast Money Alert is a short-term service that does stock and options trades – Mark and Jim work together on this product. They say two heads are better than one – and the results definitely show that.

Just in 2021 in the first 9 months we have taken gains of 310%, 819%, 504%, 114%, 160%, 363%, 491%, 389%, 121%, 378%, 386%, 162%, 214%, 273%, 303%, 131%, 227% and this week we took a 191% gain.  That’s 18 triple-digit gains this year on options! We even had triple-digit gains in stocks – gains of 101% and 126%.

Jim, how do you and Mark work together on Fast Money Alert and get these fantastic results.

Jim: During FreedomFest earlier this year, a Fast Money Alert subscriber called me a truffle hog. I said what do you mean by that? He said you know how they train hogs with good senses of smell to ferret out the best truffles out there? Well, you have learned how to ferret out the best sectors and the best companies in those sectors. That’s exactly what we do. When we look at the sectors, we look at where the fast money is going, and Mark and I know from experience and numbers where the money will continue to go. It’s art and numbers. We look at price performance relative to the rest of the market, sector performance relative to the rest of the market, we have a pulse on the news, and we know where the fast money is. We have a finely tuned truffle nose! By doing that to start off the search, we are looking at the stocks that are performing and catch them before the big move. We look at what’s doing well, you want to go with the momentum until it doesn’t have that momentum and then you rotate out and move on. That’s the beauty of a trading service. We hold for 50, 60, 87 days and then we are out.

Mark: We get out with our stop orders in place. And those returns Roger is talking about are the options trades, and our customers really like the option plays. Our selection process is a combination of fundamental, technical and momentum plays, and it’s been very successful.

Roger: Mark, talk a little about the option plays and how you make it simple.

Mark: Yeah, we keep it very simple. We only do one kind of option trade and that’s out-of-the-money call options. So the stock has to move higher and move within 3 months which is why we focus on technicals, fundamentals and momentum. You have to have the momentum in place to make money on these options. But when you have an out-of-the-money call option, the options are fairly cheap. If the stock goes up 10-20%, on the options you can get 100%, 200%, even 1,000% occasionally (we’ve done that).  Of course not every position works out.

There you have it, a good summary of what Fast Money Alert is all about – straight from the horse’s mouth as they say!  

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