Three unstoppable economic forces have been building up over the past 24 months…

And are now coming together to create a very special situation in the stock market – a situation that traders are using to make triple-digit profits.

We call it the Bull Market Convergence (BMC). 

This trio of overpowering economic forces includes:

  1. Corporate profits hitting record highs
  2. Total business spending reaching a new record of $45 trillion
  3. A hiatus in Fed Rate increases triggering bank lending at record levels

Each one of these potent seismic forces could, on its own, fuel a huge rally in stocks, as you’ll see in a moment.

But together, they’re unstoppable…

Creating a profit opportunity that can’t be missed — and likely won’t last for long.

In the first months of 2019 alone, the Bull Market Convergence propelled big-name stocks into a mega-rally that most analysts weren’t expecting… with shares soaring 39%… 46%… 59%… 103%… and more.

It’s all thanks to the three forces I mentioned earlier. To give you a better idea of the power of each, let me give you some specific examples.

First, corporate profits…

U.S. companies are making so much money right now they don’t know where to put it all.

Across the board, profit margins for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index companies are near their all-time highs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Research, corporate profits from current production increased $78.2 billion in the third quarter of last year, compared to an increase of $65 billion in the second quarter.

Why is this significant?

Well, despite what you may hear on TV, earnings are the major driver of share price appreciation.

That alone should be a reason for you to aggressively trade stocks right now.

In fact, corporate profits are so high, in terms of their net after taxes and costs, that many analysts believe this may never come again.

Yet, high corporate profits are merely the first of the forces driving today’s Bull Market Convergence.

There’s another seismic shift — equally powerful — that’s also propelling share prices higher and higher…

Business Spending is Going Through the Roof!

You know about Amazon’s now-aborted efforts to build a second headquarters in Queens, New York? 

Well, mammoth construction projects like this one are NOT unusual right now.

In fact, just the opposite. 

The media often claim that business spending is slowing. 

For example, an article in Bloomberg last fall headlined, “Business-Spending Slowdown Casts Shadow on Solid U.S. GDP Report,” where writer Katia Dmitrieva claimed “steep slowdown in business spending raised concerns about whether the strength in the expansion is sustainable.”

Yet, the truth is, business spending is actually skyrocketing, not slowing as some in the media claim.

You just need to know where to look… and how to measure performance.

In January 2019, the U.S. Commerce Department released a third-quarter estimate of noted economist Dr. Mark Skousen’s Gross Output (GO), the top line in national income accounting.

It measures spending at all stages of production, including the supply chain.

The results were staggering.

Total spending on new goods and services topped $45 trillion for the first time.

That’s right: $45 trillion!

Real Gross Output climbed at an annualized rate of 4.6% — growing much faster than GDP.

Business-to-business (B2B) spending rose even faster, 5.8% in real terms, much more than consumer spending, up 3.2%.

This is important, because business spending really drives economic growth – that’s why it’s the second key component of the Bull Market Convergence.

The financial media like to focus on consumer spending, which is two thirds of GDP. 

But, as Dr. Skousen points out, consumer spending is the effect, not the cause, of prosperity. 

When businesses spend money, companies hire workers, consumers make extra cash, and then they spend.

That’s why Dr. Skousen uses Gross Output to gauge economic growth rather than just GDP. It’s a better, more accurate, measure of total spending in the economy.

And whenever Gross Output is growing faster than GDP, as it has been in recent months, it’s an overwhelmingly positive sign that the economy is still robust and growing.

All this is very positive for the stock market… and another reason why the Bull Market Convergence is creating an unprecedented opportunity for trading stocks.

But there is a third unstoppable force that, when added to the first two, acts like rocket fuel for the stock market.

And that third force is…

A “Pause” in Interest Rate Hikes that’s
Sending Stocks into the Stratosphere

President and lifelong sailor John F. Kennedy was right about one thing: a rising tide really does lift all boats.

And the tide that lifts the boats in the U.S. stock market is cash, whether borrowed or sitting in the bank.

Greater access to cash is one of the outcomes of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee’s decision to signal a “pause” in its quest to push interest rates higher.

Low interest rates mean that businesses can still borrow money, investing in their companies, even buying back shares of stock, and driving prices higher and higher.

This is one of the major reasons behind the huge surge in 2019 stock prices beginning in January 2019.

As noted stock picker Jim Woods put it in a recent newsletter, “I, too, think the Fed’s ‘pause’ here is for real, and I do not suspect Chairman Powell and his colleagues will upset the market’s apple cart in 2019.”

He’s not the only one saying a rate pause is helping to fuel another big stock market boost… 

According to Bloomberg analyst Reade Pickert:

“U.S. stocks rallied to cap their biggest monthly gain in three years as better-than-expected corporate earnings and the Federal Reserve’s dovish turn lifted investor sentiment…”

This means that all THREE major economic forces have been gathering steam…

  1. Skyrocketing corporate profits…
  2. Record business spending…
  3. And a pause in interest rate increases…

Have come together to create a very special situation for investors, sending some of the biggest stocks in the market on a moonshot since the beginning of the year.

Take a look at this chart of Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)… the Californian restaurant chain with $5 billion in annual sales. 

Since the start of 2019, it’s up 38.9%. 

That’s right… nearly 40% gains.

In less than two months.

Here’s another example: Shopify (SHOP).

Shopify, too, is up a whopping 46.6% in just the first two months of 2019.

And this is NOT a penny stock. 

It has a market cap of $20 billion and annual sales topping a billion.

And yet it’s gained 46.6% in just two months of 2019 — and shows no sign of slowing down.

And then there’s Xerox (XRX)! 

Talk about a blast from the past. 

Who would think of Xerox, the original copy machine maker, as a high-flying stock?

But, as the Bull Market Convergence kicks into high gear, this company is making money like there is no tomorrow.

With revenue approaching $10 billion and gross profits of $3.93 billion, Xerox’s share prices have been on fire lately.

It’s shot up from $18 a share last Christmas to $31 a share at the end of February. 

Overall, it’s up 59.2% year to date as I am preparing this message.

Powerful, unstoppable economic forces have come together to propel even lackluster stocks higher… and sending the best stocks into the stratosphere.

Here’s another example: Avon Products (AVP).

You know… as in the Avon Lady? Seller of cosmetics and perfumes?

Well, thanks to the Bull Market Convergence, Avon Products has managed to DOUBLE investors’ money since the start of 2019.

It’s gained a whopping 103.2% year to date.

Again, this is a company with $5 billion in sales. 

It’s not a tech startup by any means. 

It’s been in business for 133 years, since it was founded in London in 1886.

And yet, in the first months of the year, it has seen its shares more than double in value.

The message is crystal clear.

Today’s Bull Market Convergence presents a unique opportunity to get rich on some of the market’s biggest names and safest stocks.

And Two of the World’s Best
Stock Pickers Are Cashing In

Hello. My name is Roger Michalski, publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

The Bull Market Convergence is real, and it’s helping a lot of investors get rich. So, what’s the best way for you to get in?

Well, it turns out that one of the best ways to profit from this surge in stock prices is with the “fast money” strategy developed by Dr. Skousen and his colleague Jim Woods. 

It’s no coincidence that these just happen to be two of the most successful stock pickers in the world.

Mark Skousen is the CIA-trained Ph.D. economist and world-renowned investing adviser — a dyed-in the-wool value investor who believes that solid fundamentals are the key to successful investing. 

He’s also the author of more than 25 books on economics and investing, including the bestseller “The Making of Modern Economics,” and a former professor of economics and finance at Columbia Business School. 

While a well-known advocate of value investing based on fundamentals, Mark also values technical analysis and momentum trends.

Which makes Jim Woods the perfect choice to team up with Mark. 

Jim is a technical and momentum investing savant. 

He’s consistently one of the top five traders in the world according to TipRanks, which graded the 5-year trading results of 6,500+ investment analysts from all over the world. 

Since 2014, Jim has racked up a win rate of 73%, good enough to place him 4th in the world, the last time I looked. 

He formerly worked with Investor’s Business Daily founder William J. O’Neil, helping to author training courses in the CANSLIM stock-picking methodology.

And he’s the author of a number of books on investing, including, “The Wealth Shield: How to Invest and Protect Your Money from Another Stock Market Crash, Financial Crisis or Global Economic Collapse.”

Like Dr. Skousen, Jim focuses on the indicators that reveal “fast money.”

Dr. Skousen and Jim take advantage of their preferred fast money indicators that identify trades with high probability of success — rock-solid companies with exploding earnings and stock prices accelerating skyward.

Without giving away their secrets, I can tell you this about their system…

  1. First, the two experts sift through all large- and medium-cap stocks, looking for those with the highest percentage change in earnings per share over the past year.
  2. Second, they cross-tabulate these winning companies with those whose share prices are hitting 52-week highs.

These two steps alone reduce the market of 3,500+ stocks and ETFs to  a more manageable list of quality investments to look at in more detail.

Mark and Jim then roll up their sleeves and compare the stocks identified to whittle down the list to just a handful of recommendations.

Only when both stock-picking geniuses agree that a stock is a potential blockbuster do they finally recommend it to their followers.

And the results speak for themselves!

For example…

Put together, just those three recommendations alone would have handed you $52,755 in pure profits.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Since the Bull Market Convergence started impacting the market, they’ve bagged an astonishing 35 double- and triple-digit winners.

That’s an average of more than one per month!

Some of these winners have been smaller gains, like the 67.7% they made in early 2019 on one gold mining stock, Kirkland Lake Gold (KL).

Yet, using this same methodology, many of their winners have doubled, tripled, even QUINTUPLED in value!

We’re talking about gains of 300%… 400%… even 500% or more.

Here’s another one, a company you’ll likely recognize: (MTCH)

It’s the conglomerate behind many of the most popular dating sites.

And it, too, is making money like there’s no tomorrow.

Revenues have doubled since 2015… and net profits have increased 350%.

As a result, the stock just keeps moving higher and higher in waves.

When Dr. Skousen and Jim first recommended it, the stock was selling for $18.90 a share.

But as the Bull Market Convergence gathered steam, it shot up to $39.66 – a gain of 109.8% in just eight months!

Imagine making 109% gains in less than a year. 

That’s the power of the gathering Bull Market Convergence!

Now, I’ll tell you in a moment how you can get instant access to Mark and Jim’s entire portfolio of current Bull Market Convergence picks like the ones I just mentioned…

But, before I do that, let me tell you very quickly about how Mark and Jim are able to supercharge these incredible profits… even MORE.

Small, Inexpensive Option Plays Can
Often Double Your Money in a Few Weeks!

One of the things that both Mark and Jim like to do with their stock recommendations is to supercharge the profits with low-cost, low-risk option plays. 

Of course, many of their followers only invest in the stocks…

However, Mark and Jim typically look for extremely inexpensive call options to add to their recommendations as extras for those with a greater tolerance of risk. 

These option plays let you try out Mark and Jim’s picks for as little as $200 to $500 per trade, sometimes even less. That way, if an option trade goes against you, you’ll never lose your shirt.

But if the stock rises in value as Mark and Jim predict, then these inexpensive options can result in eye-popping profits.

Now, if you’ve never invested in options before, don’t worry.

It’s all explained in a just-updated options guide Mark and Jim have prepared called: “The Little Black Book of Options Secrets.

And I’d like to send this special report to you – free of charge – today. 

This 15-minute read reveals everything you need to know about how to multiply your already-sizable profits with carefully selected option plays.

Believe me, you want to know about option recommendations like these. 

Here’s another real-life example of the kind of profits I’m talking about.

Last August, Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods recommended a special Convergence trade on a stock called Stitch Fix (SFIX) for $36.86 per share.

It’s an online clothing retailer founded by a young San Francisco entrepreneur in 2011. 

Recently, sales have simply exploded, hitting $1 billion with a gross profit of more than $500 million.

It was one of their “fast money” trades. 

They like to get in and out for at least a 10% gain on the stock in a month or so – and take down some far bigger gains with options.

When the two recommended SFIX, they also recommended the December $39 call options, then selling for only $5.10 each. Because option contracts are for 100 shares, you’d only pay $510 to control 100 shares of SFIX until the option expires. 

Well, thanks to the Bull Market Convergence strengthening last August, the shares of this stock took off very quickly.

The stock shot up 24% in just under a month… and the option did a proverbial moonshot. 

The option bought for $5.10 on August 27, 2018, reached $10.91 in just 23 days.

That’s a 113.8% profit in less than a month!

Put another way, had you bought 10 contracts for $5,100, you would have more than doubled your money – pocketing $10,690 when all was said and done.

This is the sort of fast money that a Bull Market Convergence makes possible!

Here’s an even better example: Red Hat (RHT).

Last year, Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods recommended a special BMC trade on Red Hat, the multinational software company, to their readers.

Many people don’t know it, but Red Hat has a market cap of $32 billion and sales north of $3 billion.

Plus, when Red Hat was recommended, its net income had surged 43%, just since 2015, to $258 million.

With the Bull Market Convergence gathering steam – especially the overall economy taking off – the stock was poised to do well.

Mark and Jim recommended the stock at $129.47 a share… and the $135 call options at just $4.85 each or $485 per contract.

Take a look at this chart.

It took a couple months but the two stock pickers were right on the money once again.

The stock surged 12% to $145 per share — yet the option soared, going from $4.85 to $14.62.

That was a profit of 201.34% on the option alone.

Investors who followed Mark and Jim’s recommendations TRIPLED their money, turning every $5,000 into $15,000.

Not too shabby!

Here’s another example I love: Intel (INTC)!

In February 2018, Dr. Skousen and Jim recommended that their readers buy shares of Intel for around $45.77 per share.

With $70 billion in revenue annually and $43 billion in profits, Intel is one of the world’s most successful companies.

Plus, since August 2017, the stock had been going virtually straight up: from $33 a share up to $43 a share.

So, when Dr. Skousen and Jim recommended the stock in February 2018, they also told their readers to buy the June $50 calls then selling for only $1.24 or $124 per contract.

Well, the stock continued climbing — slowly but steadily — and the option took off.

By March 27, 2018, the calls were selling for $4.60 each. 

As is their custom, Dr. Skousen and Jim recommended that their readers take profits by selling half of their option contracts – for a gain of 270%.

The calls pulled back a little from there, so on April 5 they recommended closing out the rest of the calls at $2.34 each.

Over all, the stock only gained 5.53% in 56 days… but the call options made a tidy bundle, netting a total profit of 179.8%, in less than two months! 

And the great thing about the Bull Market Convergence is that Dr. Skousen and Jim find opportunities even more frequently than in the past.

Here’s an example I like, because they made money twice on the same stock, and each time they more than doubled investors’ money.

The stock was Planet Fitness (PLNT), a fast-growing chain of fitness centers, and one of Jim Woods’ favorite plays.

Dr. Skousen liked the fundamentals a lot, as well, and the shares of Planet Fitness met all of Jim’s momentum filters… so they recommended February 2018 $30 call options on the stock when they were selling for just 60 cents each or $60 per contract.

So, what happened?

The stock took off and climbed 41.6% from $24 to $34 a share… and the call options went berserk.

They soared from 60 cents each to $2.05 by the time Dr. Skousen and Jim recommended selling.

The option trade made 241.6% profit in a little over three months.

Every $600 invested turned into $2,049… and every $6,000 into $20,490.

It was such a great trade that Mark and Jim decided to just have a do-over.

They recommended Planet Fitness stock at $38.62 a share… and the August $45 calls at $1.40 each or $140 per contract.

The calls were more expensive this time, but the trade still went off like clockwork.

Thanks to the Bull Market Convergence, the stock kept moving higher and higher all through the spring until it hit the strike price of $45 per share on April 9. 

So, Dr. Skousen and Jim recommended their readers take profits on the underlying stock — for a profit of 17.9% — and close out their options position.

The calls had risen from $1.40 each to $2.85 on this second round of PLNT — for a profit of “only” 103.5% in 70 days.

As I like to say, doubling your money like this can get addictive.

But, with the Bull Market Convergence, triple-digit wins like these are common.

For example, on the same day Dr. Skousen and Jim recommended taking profits on Planet Fitness calls again, April 9, they also recommended a trade on MasterCard.

Thanks to the Bull Market Convergence, financial stocks were going gangbusters at the time, and MasterCard shares were soaring. 

Earlier in February, Dr. Skousen and Jim had recommended the shares, but now they saw a special opportunity in the call options.

This was a more expensive trade, because the underlying shares cost more. But Dr. Skousen and Jim both thought this was a quick double at least.

When MasterCard shares were trading at $175 each, they recommended readers buy the July $185 calls for $6.52 each or $652 per contract.

Just as they predicted, the credit card giant’s stock continued to climb higher and the value of the call options higher still.

By July 7, Mastercard’s shares were selling for $197 per share when Dr. Skousen and Jim told their readers to sell their shares for a 11% gain.

But the call options doubled in value, soaring from $6.52 each to $13.69 in the same period.

Dr. Skousen and Jim recommended taking profits in stages, as they always do, by selling the first half of their options… and the result was 109.9% net profits in 84 days

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Of course, not all trades are profitable — these are speculative plays. 

That’s why both Mark and Jim agree that you should never trade options with money you can’t afford to lose.

Yet, in many cases, these option trades can multiply the profits of the underlying stock investments by 5 or even 10 times — and in a matter of a few months, weeks, or even days.

And that’s why I’ve contacted you today.

A Rare Chance to Join the
Fast Money Alert Advisory Service

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Trust me when I say that trying out Fast Money Alert will be well worth your while.

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In addition to all of the recommendations I just showed you, Mark and Jim’s readers have also booked other double- and triple-digit gains on a regular basis.

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Just to name a few more examples.

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Don’t take my word for it, either. 

Current subscribers to Dr. Skousen’s services put it best:

R. Powell wrote us to say:
“[Mark] Skousen is the most consistent of the analysts I’ve followed, and I’ve had very good luck with what he’s recommended.”
A. Cortis wrote us to say:
“[Dr. Skousen’s] picks stand the test of time in good or bad conditions… that is the mark of someone who understands markets and people beyond the norm, far beyond the norm.”

And when it comes to Jim, you can absolutely take TipRanks word for it, as they’ve named him the world’s #3, #4 or #5 ranked stock picker over his career. 

Now, I realize going for gains of 50% to 100% in a single year on individual stocks — like we saw with last year — may sound ambitious…

And shooting for regular triple-digit profits with call options — like the 241% gains on Planet Fitness, the 179% gains on Intel, and the 103% profits on Stitch Fix — may seem even harder.

So let me assure you, these kinds of profits are real &mdash and they occur on a regular basis.

You get the idea: you could potentially end up with a sizable amount of money if you follow these recommendations.

The risk-reward ratio to you for this offer is pretty one-sided in the “reward” column.

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Now, this second guarantee will truly show you how serious Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods really are.

There is no “maybe” about the Bull Market Convergence.

The data is there:

  1. U.S. companies are posting record earnings.
  2. Corporate spending is setting record highs of $45 trillion.
  3. Interest rates are still near historic lows.

Foreign investors are pouring money into U.S. securities, because the U.S. stock market is virtually the only game in town at the moment.

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Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications