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Dr. Mark Skousen & Jim Woods
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Dear Reader,

I want to congratulate you on deciding to become a member of Fast Money Alert – especially now during this period of national emergency.

You see, I believe the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any crisis in our history. Within a matter of weeks, it touched virtually every nation – and every industry – on earth.

Overnight, America’s economy came to a screeching halt.

Some of the biggest, most famous companies suddenly faced bankruptcy, from Hertz Rent-a-Car and J. Crew to J.C. Penny and Neiman Marcus.

Yet, there really is a silver lining in this dark cloud…

That’s because this is a rare chance for investors and retirees to finally “catch up” on their retirement funding – with the “Corona-Boom” recommendations you get in Fast Money Alert.

Just as in the 2008-2009 banking crisis, I believe many U.S. companies will emerge from this crisis more profitable than ever – and a handful of investors will end up 10 times richer!

That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that you DOWNLOAD Dr. Mark Skousen and Jim Woods’ brand-new dossier, The Corona-Boom Millionaire Portfolio, as soon as possible.

With this valuable dossier and weekly updates from Fast Money Alert, you’ll have all the details on the companies that will emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever – and will make investors fortunes.

Plus, you’ll also discover how you can make huge gains right now by investing in companies with services and products the public needs in this crisis.

Like the 215% profits on Zoom options you could have made in just 26 days in February 2020, when the stock market as a whole was in free fall…

  • Or the 283.7% profits you could have banked on Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp
  • Or the 248.7% profits you could have made in just two weeks on Beyond Meat, Inc.
  • Or the 179.8% gains you could have made on Intel
  • Or the 151% profits you could have made on Overstock

The Corona-Boom is such a rare opportunity that we are not only giving new members a $1,000 cash credit to join our Fast Money Alert service…

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The Corona-Boom Millionaire Portfolio

This top-secret portfolio of investment opportunities takes advantage of historic low prices on essential American companies and massive Federal stimulus spending to help you rebuild your finances in the wake of this pandemic.

It contains specific recommendations for both stocks and options that will profit the most from the $6 trillion in COVID-19 bailouts.

Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods uncover super profitable companies selling at enormous discounts that are the most likely to soar on the sea of government stimulus – just like in the 2008-2009 bailout.

The Complete List of All Fast Money Alert Trades

This includes detailed write-ups on ALL of Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods’ best picks of the world’s biggest, most profitable companies that are already climbing despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Hotlines with NEW Recommendations

You’ll also be on the VIP list to receive two to three new Corona-Boom stock and option trades each month, sent directly to you via email or text the moment Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods identify them — all potential 100% to 500% winners. Each alert includes full instructions on every recommendation they make.

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The great thing about Fast Money Alert is that you’re never left hanging. Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods keep you updated on all current positions on an ongoing basis and whenever there is a change in the market. That way, you can stay a step ahead and maximize your profits.

The Little Black Book of Option Secrets

This 15-minute read reveals everything you need to know about how Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods supercharge their already sizable profits with carefully selected option plays.

In many cases, these option trades can make 5, 10, even 20 times more than the enormous gains from the stocks themselves – and in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

This valuable dossier reveals their secret option trading techniques, strategies and tips – so you’ll be ready to capture triple-digit profits with their regular option recommendations.

LIVE Teleconferences

Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods keep you up to date about what’s happening with the Coronavirus economy and more. Plus, they use these teleconferences to alert you to new recommendations coming down the pike.

Members-Only Website

Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods post all the “under-the-radar” profit opportunities they’ve uncovered for their readers. You’ll be able to access every alert they’ve ever issued.

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You’ll also be given access to Special Investment Reports created by Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods (or their teams) that highlight money-making investment strategies and specific investment opportunities. You can download them, read them, and use them however you wish. They’re yours FREE for the taking as part of your 30-day period of access to the service.

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Should you have any questions concerning our trades or your service, our investor relations staff will be here to take your calls every day the market is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern.

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