Don’t Buy Any Stocks Until You See This Chart”

We’ve Uncovered a New Way to Buy Stocks That’s Proven to Turn Every $10,000 Into $22,974… Even if the Markets Go Nowhere!

Dear Reader,

Roger Michalski here with Eagle Financial Publications.

I’m speaking to you today to relay an urgent message from Dr. Mark Skousen.

If you’ve followed his work over the years, you know that his expertise, with a PhD in Economics, helps him uncover ways to increase your wealth in all markets… no matter what’s going on in government.

Today, he’s asked me to tell you that under no circumstances whatsoever, should you buy a single share of stock right now, until you see the charts he’s going to share with you today.

If you correctly follow what I’m about to show you, you could turn every $10,000 into $22,974.

You see, a unique set of investment windows recently opened up in certain stocks.

These “windows,” which I will reveal graphically in just a moment, are going to give savvy investors the chance to collect MASSIVE sums over a very short period in the next few months.

Dr. Skousen has been working privately on this for some time now.

And he couldn’t wait to go public with it.

Here’s what’s going on…

Essentially, he’s found a really fascinating – and extremely profitable – trading pattern in certain stocks…during specific, 14-25 day periods each year, that don’t change.

These are what he calls – fast money windows – certain stocks which have proven to produce some of the biggest short-term gains in the market.

Now, bear in mind, the gains we’re expecting DO NOT require options.

They DO NOT require penny stocks.

They DO NOT require guessing when to buy and when to sell.

In fact, as you’ll see in a moment, the gains are pre-determined based on very specific fast money windows, that have been proven effective between 70% and 100%, depending on the opportunity.

There are a total of 25 such reliable windows, and each one offers remarkable profitability.

For example, there’s a famous tech company with a “fast money window” that starts in January.

I’m going to show you the chart here in a second.

What’s in it is a very important trading pattern that can make you rich.

You see, between the exact dates January 20 and February 3 – a 14-day window – this stock leapt higher 13 of the past 14 years.

That’s a 92.8% win rate!

As you can see in this chart, during its predictable fast money window, the stock jumped 65.31% in 14 days.

If you look at the charts for this company, year after year, they all look virtually identical to the one I’ve just shown you.

Between January 20 and February 3, there’s always a “pop.”

13 out of 14 years, the stock jumped significantly during this 14-day window…

Tracking this trend, and investing in the company during its “fast money window,” every year can hand you extraordinary results.

But we’ve found 25 opportunities throughout the year that behave exactly like the one I’ve just shown you.

Trade them year round, and you can ignore the broad market completely.

Even if the Dow drops 5% this year, if you follow the scheduled plan I’ll outline, you could safely and reliably turn every $10,000 into $22,974… this year alone.

That’s a 129% gain!

The bottom line is…

You should not buy another share of stock until you see the exact dates you should trade each one of these stocks.

When you know the company – and you know the exact dates that make up each fast money window – you can collect again and again all year long.

It’s one of the most simple but effective way to make money, that I’ve seen.

And, over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you dozens of opportunities that behave exactly like the stock I’ve just shown you.

So let’s get started…

Dozens of Windows, All Year Long…

Dr. Skousen first started noticing these opportunities about five years ago.

As you probably know, he speaks at investment conferences all over the world.

At one of these conferences, he met a gentleman who showed him something a bit strange.

It was a trading pattern much like the one I showed you.

During one specific period each year, a stock he was looking at always seemed to jump.

After he brought it to Dr. Skousen’s attention, we decided to put our considerable resources at Eagle to work.

We dug in. Explored that stock. Tried to figure out why it acted in this strange way.

Very soon we uncovered the reason.

It was simple, but very powerful. And it applied to other stocks as well.

As we looked around, we started uncovering this trading pattern in dozens of stocks across a variety of industries.

I knew we were on to something big.

It meant we could reliably count on certain stock jumping like clockwork at specific times each year.

For someone running a financial publishing company, that’s like manna from heaven.

But we weren’t ready to take it live just yet.

We decided to keep digging and essentially build a “plan.”

The “Fast Money Window” Plan Comes Together

One of the first things we noticed was that each stock had a different “fast money window.”

For example, the one I mentioned earlier occurs every January 20 to February 3.

But Dr. Skousen found another that started March 29 and went through April 22. It has had an 85.7% success rate over the last 14 years.

He uncovered a window that goes from May 7 to 25. And another that goes from June 22 to July 7.

In short, he started putting together a plan – one that would allow our readers to roll one gain into the next, collecting on these “fast money windows” all year long.

Very soon he had 25 stocks that were between 70% and 100% effective each year.

The windows last about 14-25 days each, and the gains usually fall between 5% and 65%.

And, while 5% certainly doesn’t sound like much, small gains like that can actually be quite powerful when they only take a couple of days.

Here’s what I mean…

Imagine for a second that you used just one fast money window each month… 12 in all for the year.

Now, let’s go with the low estimate of what you can expect to make: 5% per window.

If you get just 5% per month for the year, your overall return from January to December would be 61%, nearly 10 times the average return of the S&P.

That’s better than virtually every major money manager in America.

And, remember, that’s the worst-case scenario.

From what we’ve found, you should probably average at least 12.97% per fast money window.

Many times you’ll do even better.

For example, in a recent trade Dr. Skousen made using this system, the stock jumped 13.31% in just 7 days. He also locked in a 173.33% gain on a call option on that play in the same 7 days.

So 12.97% may even be a low estimate, but I’ll show you why we’re confident in that number in a moment.

For now, consider getting that easy 12.97% gain once a month for the year, and how that would turn $10,000 into $22,974 – A return of 129.75%.

Do it twice a month for a year, and you’d turn $10,000 into $44,878!

See how quickly these types of gains add up?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a safer (and more reliable) way to quickly turn small sums of money into big paydays.

In fact, some of the most profitable “fast money windows” even work during the most uncertain and difficult markets.

Let me give you a couple examples from the middle of the financial crisis in 2008…

How $5,000 Could Have Turned into $18,121 on
Just Four Fast Money Windows Even in 2008

As I mentioned earlier, “fast money windows” have an incredible track record of working year after year.

The moves Dr. Skousen uncovered have proven to be 70% to 100% effective.

That means that, if you were to make 100 of these trades, history says you’re likely to win between 70 and 100 times.

That’s what I like about this system: It’s reliable.

You can play the small ones or the big ones reliably all year long.

But, of course, it’s easy to say that when the stock market is roaring.

It’s always easier to pick winning stocks when they are all going up.

That’s why I want to show you how a few of these performed even during the worst of the financial crisis in 2008.

Let me walk you through how just a few fast money windows could have handed you a ton of money in 2008.

Let’s say you started with $5,000 in July when the crisis really started to heat up.

On July 14, the government initiated the takeover of Fannie and Freddie’s $5 trillion loan portfolio.

And the markets panicked.

But there’s a fast money window that starts every July 15 and ends on July 29.

It’s gone up 11 out of the last 14 years…

That’s a win-rate of 78.5%.

So on July 15, despite the market turmoil, let’s say you put in $5,000.

Here’s what the stock did next…

By July 29, the stock was up 21.36%… Turning your $5,000 into $6,065.

21% in 14 days during the height of the financial crisis was unheard of. But you would have known about it if you knew the name of the stock and the days that made up its fast money window.

And it didn’t stop there.

There is another fast money window for a women’s fitness clothing business that occurs every September 3 to the 18. It has an 84.6% win-rate.

In September 2008, all hell was breaking loose. England experienced its first run on a bank in a century. And Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

Yet, in the midst of that, here’s what the women’s clothing stock did:

It went from $9 to over $12 in a matter of 15 days… A gain of 29.28%.

In the meantime, the Dow dropped 500 points.

If you had moved your $6,065 from the previous fast money window, you’d be sitting on $7,840.

In other words, you would’ve gained 56.8% on your money on two moves during the worst of the financial crisis simply by using fast money windows.

And it keeps getting better.

On November 19, another fast money window hits in for an equipment manufacturer. It lasts until December 8.

This one leapt 11.61% in another 19 days.

Your $7,840 would have grown to $8,750.

All told, with these three plays, you could have turned $5,000 into $8,750 in a little under six months… Despite the worst financial crisis we’ve seen since the Great Depression.

Your total gain would have been 75%. By comparison, the Dow dropped 20% from 11,000 to 9,000 over the same period.

That’s the power of fast money windows.

Because these periods have proven to be winners for certain stocks year after year, you can play them even during the worst markets with great results.

So how is this possible?

Why do fast money windows work?

There’s a very simple, but powerful explanation.

Why Fast Money Windows Work

Okay, so I’ve shown you that certain stocks jump nearly every year during predictable 14-25 day periods.

No doubt you have one question you’re dying to ask…


There’s got to be some catalyst that makes this happen, right?

Well, yes, there is.

It has to do with the release of earnings reports.

You see… many people don’t realize this, but almost every company on Wall Street follows certain earnings patterns.

Some of them are obvious…

Like retail stocks having their best quarters at the end of the year during holiday season.

But others are lesser known… and create rare “pops” in certain stocks year after year.

For example, there’s a tech stock that always seems to report its best earnings in late January each year.

The rest of the year is nothing great, but the January results are always killer.

This creates an unusual situation.

It means that only during this one short span does the mainstream investing crowd get excited about the stock.

It creates a predictable and sizeable short term pop that any investor can take advantage of.

It’s happened 13 out of 14 years. With each win, the stock goes up significantly.

In 2013, for example, those earnings came in on January 23. If you had gone in just before on January 20 and held for just two weeks, you’d have made 65.31%.

It seems too easy I know, but it works really, really well in about 25 lesser-known stocks that Dr. Skousen uncovered.

And he’s put together an entire plan telling you exactly when to get in the best ones.

Let me show you how you can begin profiting from it right away…

Five Years of Hard Work Pay Off…

In 2014, for the first time ever, Dr. Skousen brought a few people in on his plan to profit from these special situations in the markets.

He created a brand new service to let people know exactly when each window begins and when to get out.

He called it: Fast Money Alert.

Three years later, it’s still going strong. Here’s how it works.

As a member, you’ll receive alerts each week detailing which stocks are about to enter their fast money windows.

You’ll get it in plenty of time to put in an order so you’re prepared for the moment the window opens.

Then, watch the stock as it goes up… and Dr. Skousen will let you know when you’re ready to exit.

Just collect the profit. And move to the next trade.

It’s incredibly simple.

With the track record of the windows he’s found, we’re expecting big-time results.

In fact, the next 12 months could be a life-changing year for those who get in on this now…

The Coming Year Is Loaded with
Opportunities to Profit

Our goal for Fast Money Alert is to give you a plan throughout the next year to profit from fast money windows.

If you know the names of the companies – and the dates to trade – you can collect these gains one after another all year long.

There are 25 opportunities we’ve found that work really well and have extremely high win-rates. Below, I’ve given you a basic outline of what your experience could play out like.

I should emphasize… Our number one goal with this is safety. And reliability.

Dr. Skousen chose opportunities that all have win rates from 70% to 100%. And even though some have expected gains in the single digits, it’s important to remember that taken together, they can help you make a lot of money.

Here’s what a yearlong plan could look like for you, including estimates, if you start with $10,000.

Okay, so, with just five money windows under this plan – one each month – you could easily earn more than 50% on your money in the first six months alone.

Best of all, you don’t have to do anything spectacular. All you have to do is capture the historical average of each play. For these six plays, that’s between 3.71% and 16.5% on each.

Very doable.

It’s important to note, these aren’t going to all hit their averages exactly. Some will undoubtedly come in higher and some lower.

But remember, these plays have been working for a decade straight.

As you can see, every single one has a 70% to 100% win-rate during this time period.

Plus, even with the conservative estimates we’re using, you’ve turned $10,000 into $15,438.

And keep in mind, this is just in a little more than the first half of the year.

As I’ll show you, if you continue with a plan like this for the whole year, you can do much better:

In total, on these 10 fast money windows, you’ve turned $10,000 into $22,974.

That’s an average return of 12.97% per play… And it gives you a total return of 129.75% for the year.

I think that’s pretty darn good.

It shows that reliable, safe gains can transform your portfolio in a quick and realistic way.

But, if you are more of the speculative type, we have something for you as well. Along with most regular fast money windows, Dr. Skousen will also include an option play that can supercharge your returns on every play.

Since these gains are so consistent, options plays can be much more effective than traditional stock picks…

Which you can see in a recent trade Dr. Skousen made that saw the stock climb 13.31% in just 7 days. But, because he’d also recommended a call option on this play, investors had a chance to lock in another 173.33% gain in the same 7 days.

Whatever your approach, whether conservative or aggressive, there’s no question that fast money windows can help you make significant amounts in the markets.

That’s what we’re looking at with fast money windows.

We’ve spent years researching these little anomalies in the market. And now I feel very confident that we’re going to have a big year collecting on them.

That’s why we based Fast Money Alert on this very unique approach to stock selection.

Years of Carefully Laid Plans Finally Paying Off…

With this service, Dr. Skousen created something different. We wanted a system people could trust to play EVERY recommendation… Not a total hit or miss guessing game.

Dr. Skousen arranges each play you should make throughout the year.

All you have to do is follow his alerts… Hit each fast money window as it comes along… And skip all the anxiety of usual stock trading.

One of the aspects of this system I like best is that you already know when to get in and out of each stock. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s the right time to buy or sell.

This strategy combines Dr. Skousen’s 35+ years of market experience, training as a PhD Economist, and his proprietary new system to create a strategy that:

To put it simply, we do the legwork, so you don’t have to worry. Our goal here was to create the most low-risk stock alert service in the business.

We don’t want you to guess what the markets will do. We want you to know what the markets will do.

You’ll feel the difference very soon if you join Dr. Skousen’s Fast Money Alert.

It couldn’t be any easier. Here’s why…

Three Reasons Fast Money Windows Are the
Safest Ways to Multiply Your Investment Account Several Fold Each Year

If you’re like me, you don’t really like distressing over your investment choices.

You want something easy. You want something simple. And you want something that works.

I believe Fast Money Alert can do that for you for three reasons:

Reason #1: You already know when to buy and sell

Most investors are constantly worrying about two things.

Did I buy in at the right time? When should I sell?

With this system, you don’t worry about that at all.

Remember, these windows have worked almost every year – for a decade or more in some cases. You already know the buy date. And sell date.

We give that to you. And you collect the profits.

Reason #2: We’ve minimized the risk to the bone

We didn’t choose investments that work 50% of the time or worse…

We’re only targeting stocks that have proven to increase between 70% and 100% of the time during their particular windows.

Most are in the 80% to 90% win range for the last decade. And some go back as far as 14 years.

We don’t like guessing with our investment picks. We’ve only selected the very best.

Reason #3: At least double-digit returns each month

Safety is my number one priority. But these aren’t U.S. Treasuries or AAA rated bonds that pay 1% or 2% per year.

Many of these fast money windows average 10% or more in 14-25 days.

That means you can expect at least one double-digit gain almost every month.

And while that may not sound huge, it’s important to remember…

Getting a 12.97% gain on 10 trades compounded for an entire year will turn $10,000 into $22,974.

That’s a total annual return of 129.75%.

It’s nearly impossible to find a stock that goes up that much in a year. And you’ll probably end up buying into a lot of losers trying to find one.

But getting an average of 12.97% on winning trades is completely doable.

Just follow the moves and you’ll do fine.

It’s straightforward. It’s quick. It’s profitable.

And it requires NO GUESSWORK.

No Matter What Time of Year,
We’re Ready to Get You Started

I should mention to you that Dr. Skousen spent years working on this service.

It’s one of the reasons I’m so anxious to get you on board and ready to profit over the next year.

Once you get started, you’ll be shocked at how quickly these opportunities start lining your inbox. And they happen all year long.

For example, in January you could realistically expect to collect 16.5% on a single tech stock during its 14 day fast money window.

Or in July, you could look forward to a gain of 10.11% on a global technology play, during its own two-week window.

Or, later, in October, you could play one of the world’s largest financial institutions and expect to make 10.81% from its 14 day window.

And remember, these expected gains are based on these companies making jumps like that for years.

We’re looking at 25 of these plays throughout the year that are absolutely reliable. So whenever you’re getting in, you’ll easily be on track to start locking in as much as 12.97% on each trade.

Again, I should emphasize – we’re being realistic here.

Sure, I could promise you 150% every month, but that’s just not reality. I like to keep it simple, easy, and REAL.

And that doesn’t make it any less profitable.

12.97% per trade over a year turns $10,000 into $22,974!

That’s nothing to sniff at. But it requires patience, diligence, and smarts.

The key is that you join Fast Money Alert now to make sure you don’t miss out.

As one of our new members, you’ll get all of Dr. Skousen’s Fast Money Alerts to keep you on a scheduled plan for the year. Armed with every buy date, you’ll be investing in a totally different way than anything you’ve likely tried before.

That’s an edge not many people can claim to have. And this is the only place you can find a system like this.

So how do you begin receiving the first one right now?

The Only Place You Can Access
These Fast Money Windows

Dr. Mark Skousen is the only person I know of who has created a service like this.

In fact, until now, I doubt anyone knew these sorts of fast money windows even existed.

This is an opportunity to make more in about a month than most investors do every year.

Most people would pay top dollar for that kind of thing.

I’ll remind you, 12.97% on every trade for a year would turn $10,000 into $22,974… And over two years, that would become $44,878.

So you can understand why we originally felt an annual price of $1,995 would be more than fair.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you could end up collecting at least 6 times that amount in the first year alone.

However, as the publisher of Fast Money Alert, I also have a specific goal for this service.

I want everyone to be on board so they can benefit from the plan Dr. Skousen is preparing.

That’s why I’ve created this special situation if you join today…

Special Offer for New Members Only…

As a new member, I’m offering you a full year of Fast Money Alert at a special rate.

Join right now and I’ll give you almost 50% off the $1,995 price.

As a new member, you’ll get a full year of Dr. Skousen’s Fast Money Alert for just $995.

Better yet, I can guarantee that, as a member, you’ll never have to pay a higher price for this service.

Even if you like it so much that you continue as a member for five years, you’ll do so at the same discounted rate.

But, I should warn you.

This offer is not going to last long.

I want you on board for the next alert.

With the response I expect, we could easily fill up all spots and shut enrollment down very soon.

That’s why I suggest you go ahead and sign up as a new member right now.

But, if you have any final concerns, let me make this as easy as possible for you.

Let Me Make this As Low Risk As Possible for
You with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With Fast Money Alert, capturing reliable double-digit gains each month is no longer a “dream scenario.” You could turn every $10k into $22k on just 10 moves. And $44k on 20 moves!

That’s life-changing money!

And with a 70% to 100% effective rate on those trades, it’s unquestionably one of the best opportunities I’ve ever seen in the markets.

In short, I don’t want you to miss out.

Here’s what I suggest you do…

Click on the button below to review everything Fast Money Alert has to offer. Then, go ahead and sign up as a new member. In a few minutes, you’ll receive our welcome package with all the details of your membership.

From there, you’ll receive the first few opportunities right away.

Each one will include a write-up on the opportunity, the buy date, plus Dr. Skousen’s financial analysis and the additional options plays for those that want to supercharge their results.

Go ahead and begin using them if you like. Or, if you’d rather paper trade them at first, that’s fine, too.

Consider this a “test-drive.” Take up to 60 days to see what you think. That’s two months loaded with chances to profit…Plenty of time to see just how effective this strategy truly is.

And if, at any time, during that first 60 days you’re unsatisfied with the service, one quick phone call is all it takes to cancel it. And we’ll immediately refund your subscription charge.

I don’t think I can make this any easier to find out firsthand how profitable this system can be.

It’s one of the most exciting services I’ve ever had the pleasure of launching.

Unfortunately, there is one drawback you should know about.

Because we want to make sure the mainstream crowd doesn’t discover this anomaly, we’re strictly limiting the total number of people allowed on board.

So, everyone who wants to become a new member, must get in during this very short launch period.

If you’re not in at the beginning, you may not have the chance to join again for the rest of the year.

To ensure you get our best deal and a full 60-day trial period to try it, just click the button at the bottom of this page.

You’ll be able to review everything before making a final decision.


Call Charles Campbell, Director of Portfolio Services, toll-free at 1-866-482-7689. They’ll answer any questions you may have and sign you up right away.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski,
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

P.S. We’ve discovered 25 opportunities proven to jump during 14-25 day windows every year. They are successful between 70% and 100% over the past decade with many averaging double-digit returns during their window. Go here to get on board for next year.

P.P.S. Dr. Skousen will be recommending supercharged option plays as an added benefit to Fast Money Alert. Now, because some people, understandably, feel that options are too complex or risky, I want to send you a free report showing you the best ways to trade them. It’s called The Little Black Book of Options Secrets. Click the button below to receive it and everything else I’ve promised today.