It was the commercial that launched one of history’s most beloved candies.

You probably saw it yourself… rolled your eyes at how silly it was… and went out and bought the candy anyway. The ad was that memorable.

There was a guy swaggering down the sidewalk, chocolate bar in hand. He rounded a street corner and ran smack bang into a cute girl carrying an open jar of peanut butter. His chocolate bar somehow wound up in her peanut butter. Were both snacks ruined?

Of course not.

The actors’ ecstatic expressions told us peanut butter and chocolate was the best-tasting candy combo ever.

That 80s TV silliness sparked one of the confectionery industry’s biggest success stories. That’s because Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sales grew to become America’s #1 brand with sales today of $2.603 billion across the nation.

No one thought to combine peanut butter and chocolate… until, one day, someone did exactly that. That stroke of genius meant big money for the candy makers.

Now here’s the thing…

The same phenomenon works with stock picking too. While two great stock pickers on their own can deliver winner after winner, something special happens when they complement each other “just right.”

As you’d expect, once they combined forces, these analysts’ methods locked in even bigger gains, like these…

You could have put just $1,000 into each of those trades and pocketed $16,284.70 while waiting no more than 66 days to cash in.

The best thing is that they’re getting even hotter. Here are some of their most recent wins:

So I hope you see why I’m so excited about this brand-new, combination-trading strategy. Right out of the starting gate, it’s looking like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of the stock picking world.

You may be thinking, “Ok, I get the candy combination for Reese’s… but how does this combination idea work for these two guys?”

The truth is, both these experts have been very successful on their own. They’re both highly respected, with historic winning track records. They also boast 60 combined years of experience between them.

Given how well their two methods work together, it’s amazing this combo hasn’t ever been tried before.

Here’s What Changed…

I’ve got a confession to make…

You see, I personally played a very special role in making this unique combination happen.

My name is Roger Michalski. I’m the publisher for both these respected stock picking gurus. But lately, I’ve “moonlighted” as a matchmaker, too.

I got these guys together, then sat back and watched the results with my own two eyes. Let me show you exactly what happened.

In fact, let’s go to the beginning… and WHY I chose these two analysts to work together.

The first of our two magic “ingredients” is Dr. Mark Skousen.

Dr. Skousen is no ordinary stock picker. If you haven’t heard of him before, Steve Forbes himself said Mark’s work “will have a profound and manifestly positive impact on economics.”

He’s also worked as a CIA financial analyst and university economics teacher. Plus he was recently named one of the 20 most influential living economists by SuperScholar, a respected education-focused organization. Mark’s also published over two dozen books in his career, many of them best-sellers.

This is all impressive, but, for the last 38 years, he’s also worked to make money for – and protect – individual investors like you and me. Mark’s put together an amazing track record in that time:

Some consider him perhaps the best stock picker of our generation. In fact, Stephen Halprin of The Stock Advisors publication holds a contest every year to see who can pick the best stock. Here are his views on Dr. Skousen:

“For over 25 years, I have conducted an annual feature asking the nation’s leading newsletter advisors to select their favorite stock for the coming year. Out of some 100 financial advisors, Mark has ranked in the top few spots more than any other.”

So now you’ve got a thumbnail sketch of Mark.

The second magic “ingredient” in this combo is Jim Woods.

Jim’s known in professional and personal circles as “The Renaissance Man,” as his expertise includes such varied fields as composing and performing music, Western horsemanship, combat marksmanship, martial arts, auto racing and bodybuilding.

Along with all that, Jim’s a 20+ year veteran of the markets with experience as a broker, hedge fund trader, financial writer, author and newsletter editor. He’s rated the No. 5 financial blogger in the world out of more than 6,000 by independent research firm TipRanks.

During that time, he’s had a 72%+ success rate picking stocks. Nearly 3 out of every 4 stocks he picks is a winner. Including the losers, he’s delivered a 15.3% average return per closed recommendation.

That’s why Jim is another of the very best in the business, and half of our dynamic duo.

Now I’d love to say I engineered a meeting between Mark and Jim so they came to work together by colliding on a sidewalk corner… But, of course, that’s not true.

Instead, I had to persuade them to work as a team with some coaxing and prodding. It was a bit of a tough sell at first. After all, they’re both capable of holding some — how do I say this — very strong opinions.

And some aspects of their backgrounds couldn’t be more different: Dr. Skousen worked as a CIA analyst at one point, while Jim’s a former U.S. Army paratrooper.

One guy sat behind a desk, digging up secrets and preparing winning strategies with a bird’s eye view of the big picture. The other guy went out in the bush to give the enemy a personal punch in the nose.

Now this same ‘odd couple’ pairing holds true for their trading system. In fact, it’s their extremely different perspectives that make it work so well.

Let me explain why…

How to Target the
4% Best Performing Stocks

Mark comes at problem from a top-down, Austrian economics perspective. He’s focused on fundamentals and finding the best, strongest, highest dividend paying stocks in the market.

Meanwhile Jim’s more of a technical guy, a bottom-up trader who looks for the chart signs that tell him when it’s best to get in and out of a trade for the biggest profits.

Mark will notice something that nobody’s spotted before. Something that suggests a new opportunity, a new hot sector or market trend. Maybe Warren Buffett’s buying more stock. What does that mean: not just for that company, but for the entire sector… or the obvious (and not so obvious) OTHER sectors that might get hit by the ripple effect?

Meanwhile Jim examines interesting companies and why a specific stock just jumped. He’s seeking genuine price momentum: is this the start of a real opportunity? Or does the chart make this a “maybe later” stock rather than a “buy now” pick?

In short, Mark focuses on the “what” while Jim looks for the “when.”

And that’s the beauty of it.

Two dramatically different styles that succeed on their own suddenly get even better when mixed together. It’s peanut butter and chocolate all over again.

By mixing their two approaches, they’re able to focus on just the top 4% of stocks. That’s 96% of dross they can weed out.

In fact, that 4% number’s critically important. Research has proven that 4% of stocks are all you need to worry about.

You see, Bloomberg and The Globe and Mail have reported on a paper from Hendrik Bessembinder, a business professor at Arizona State University. Mr Bessembinder discovered that only 4% of all publicly traded stocks accounted for ALL the market’s net wealth since 1926.

That elite 4% delivered the entire $32 trillion gain between 1926 and 2015.

Now Bessembinder only looked at the very long term, but Mark and Jim have found his concept works in the short term too.

That’s why any names that make the 4% cut — in any timeframe — are the stock royalty… the blue bloods… the nobility. The ones to invest in.

And they’re exactly the types of stocks that Mark and Jim specialize in finding just BEFORE the big gains arrive.

Let me show you how they start…

The 8 Traits of Ultra-
Performing Stock Picks

So how do you identify the 4% royalty as they’re getting crowned?

Mark and Jim have combined their expertise and found they agreed on 8 special characteristics that reveal almost all the biggest market winners. They are a key part of how they make their phenomenon happen together.

I call them “The Great 8” because they really are:

  1. Earnings per Share: The most important characteristic is a sharp increase in quarterly earnings per share from the previous year. This one data point alone weeds out a lot of bad stocks that are never going to make it as real winners.
  2. Annual Earnings: Elite performance stocks also require five consecutive years of annual earnings increases. The faster earnings are growing, the better. That narrows the field even further.
  3. Innovation: Mark and Jim want to see a big new product launch or major event at the company too. Ultra-performing companies are innovators. The ones just getting by on cruise control won’t cut it here.
  4. Stock Buybacks: Yes, stock buybacks are important now with the Trump tax reform passed into law. Companies who want to reward their investors are moving toward share buybacks. The fewer shares on the market, the faster they’ll rise.
  5. Industry and Sector Leadership: Industry standouts can be measured with a special tool called the Relative Strength Index (RSI). It judges how much a stock is likely to move compared with its competitors, and cuts out the no- or low-hopers.
  6. Market Direction: Daily market averages highlight market movers before the mainstream public sees them. Stock moves don’t happen in a vacuum, of course. They often tip their hand with a special pattern or other giveaway before the big run happens.
  7. Low Institutional Ownership: Companies not completely owned by institutions have much more potential. You want to get into a company just as Wall Street moves in. Not after. If Wall Street’s money and hype is already maxed out, then there’s not much left to push the price higher.
  8. High-Speed Institutional Trading: If money’s just starting to pour into a company, that’s often the final catalyst for stellar gains. These transactions can be so fast that it’s tough for individual investors to keep track. But with cutting-edge market technology, following this high-speed money lets you identify exactly which companies are ready to move… NOW.

So there you have it.

Once you figure out where the profits are going to be, you’re going to start making a lot of money… fast.

These “Great 8” factors allow Mark and Jim to identify and rank the best-performing 4% of stocks.

They add something extra too — a dose of “secret sauce” you won’t find anywhere else to put the finishing touch on that dynamic…

The 10,000 Hour X-Factor that
Elevates Experts Beyond the Ordinary

You may have heard about the “10,000 Hours Rule.”

Popularized by author Malcolm Gladwell, the Rule says you need 10,000 hours of performance-oriented learning to become an expert in a specific area.

That 10,000 hours works out to just over five years of intense observation, number crunching and pattern studying if you put in eight hours a day, five days a week, every week.

That’s not easy to do.

Because we’re not talking about “going through the motions” here. We’re talking about an extremely focused dedication to excellence. Most people aren’t able to zero in like this. Not for 100 hours. Or 1,000.

Certainly not 10,000.

That’s why most people never become experts.

Now imagine the level of insight you get after nearly 60 years of laser-focused analysis and interpretation, never mind five years. Because that’s what Mark Skousen and Jim Woods have clocked up between them.

That’s why Mark’s often mentioned as one of the investing industry’s top advisors and financial minds.

It’s why Jim has a 72%+ success rate picking stocks.

Together they’ve developed strategies for determining which trends, sectors and companies are going to erupt into action… which will keep on flying… and which are doomed to hit the deck like a winged goose.

Their method adds up to more than the sum of their individual contributions. Just like peanut butter and chocolate in Reese’s candies.

That’s how they can target what’s hot and what’s not before the public… even before Wall Street spots the opportunity.

Here’s a real life example of how this plays out…

They urged readers to buy Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) at $902 a share. Their timing couldn’t have been better. (GBTC allows investors to ride the Bitcoin craze without having to buy the cryptocurrency itself.) Bitcoin went vertical immediately and GBTC shot up to $1380. It was time to take profits.

In just 23 days, this pick returned 52.99%

Now that’s fast money “done right”.

Here’s another example, this one using options…

Chinese online gaming company (WUBA) was selling for $47.57 a share when Mark and Jim recommended the $50 calls for only $2.60 each. WUBA soared rapidly. The call options launched like a rocket. They zoomed all the way to $14.80 until it was time to take profits.

That delivered a whopping 506.54% in just 68 days from options gains.

And another…

WildHorse Resource Development (WRD) was already on the move, but Mark and Jim thought there was still more to come. So, in addition to shares, they recommended the August $25 calls.

In just 28 days, they’d sold out of their options position for a combined 90.18% return!

Again, fast money is all about getting in (and out) while the getting is good.

Maybe I should pause for a moment if options scare you.

Because they shouldn’t, especially when you trade with Mark and Jim.

Just buy when they buy. Sell when they sell.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand-new to options or gun-shy from earlier experiences. You’ll always know what to do. Options don’t have to be scary when you’ve got not just one, but TWO experts in your corner.

Remember, Mark and Jim’s trades are backed by 60 years of hard-earned market experience.

Plus, to help even the newest of options traders make winning trades, they wrote The Little Black Book of Options Secrets.

Their Little Black Book is a super-simple 15-minute read. It reveals everything you need to know about options to make money with Mark and Jim’s recommended plays.

So How Do They Do It?

Mark and Jim are never trying to catch a falling knife or find the bottom of the market.

They look for trends they can enter early, ride out the very profitable middle, and exit for quick, large profits. That’s how you get one big winner after another… fast.

Let me show you a couple more examples…

The Chinese online e-commerce company Alibaba (BABA) was $123.96 when it was recommended, with inexpensive call options at $5.50 each. Not only did the stock shoot up, the options did even better and were sold off in two stages to maximize profits and minimize risk.

The total average gain of the two options wins was a monstrous 285.45% in just 66 days.

Again, fast money.

Match Group (MTCH) is another good example of this idea in action:

Mark and Jim recommended the stock at $18.90 a share. Plus the December $20 calls too. These were an easy $1.05 each. The stock rocketed and the call options exploded to $3.80… $4… and then $5.54 as they sold off parts of the position.

That made for a huge 308.1% total average gain in just 63 days.

How about another one?

Planet Fitness (PLNT) looked promising. So Mark and Jim recommended shares and the August $45 calls. Even though shares took a little dive, they powered back like a champion weightlifter. Patience paid off with yet another triple-digit win.

Mark and Jim held on to take a 103.57% profit in 70 days.

One big win after another. This is how Mark and Jim get rolling with the kind of winning streaks we’re seeing right now.

Yes, you could have bagged HUGE gains on stock and options plays like these by trading with Mark and Jim:

Plus there were 128% gains on Alliance Resource Partners, a near double on RBC Bearings in just a week, and 162.50% in only six days on a Rare Earth ETF.

Now let me explain how you can get in on some of this action yourself…

For Impatient Investors Only:
How to Follow the Fast Money

Everything I’ve just laid out for you can be found in Dr. Mark Skousen and Jim Woods’ trading service: Fast Money Alert.

It’s the single-source, easy-to-use service that gives you every benefit of their unique dynamic. There’s nothing else you need to add — it’s all done for you in Fast Money Alert.

I’m talking about their “peanut butter and chocolate” contrasting stock picking styles that add up to more than the sum of the parts. The Great 8 traits of ultra-performing stocks. And a combined 60 years of market analysis and trading experience, too.

Mix all that together, and it’s why Fast Money Alert is designed to do one thing…

Identify and deliver those stocks destined to outperform all others in the market — the “stock royalty” primed to finish in that uppermost 4%.

Each week, Mark and Jim scour the markets looking for the very few stocks that match the criteria needed to produce big wins.

They find the stock and they add an option play too if there’s a good risk-reward available. If they find an option that can multiply your gains by as much as 10 times the stock movement, they’ll give you every detail of when and how to get in and out.

You can expect two to three fast money picks each month including all this:

And today, I’d like to offer you the chance to check it out…

How to Test-Drive Fast Money Alert
100% Risk-Free for the Next 30 Days

Now’s your chance to try out every one of the recommendations Mark and Jim share exclusively with their subscribers. See for yourself how profitable Fast Money Alert really can be…

You can try out the current stock and option recommendations immediately with real money, or just “paper trade” them to see how they do. It’s totally up to you.

I’m convinced that you’ll be delighted and amazed by the results. If you agree to test-drive Fast Money Alert, you’ll have a full 30 days to evaluate everything.

Remember, you’re not benefiting from a mere “mechanical” system that blindly follows rules like a robot. Instead you’re getting 60-years’ worth of well-practiced insight from a PhD economist combined with a top-rated financial blogger.

Their picking methodologies work together to nail the biggest, best profits before others realize the opportunity is there.

It really is like that famous peanut butter and chocolate TV ad that launched America’s #1 selling candy.

Today, you can start enjoying all of the fast-paced, double- and triple-digit wins of Mark and Jim’s Fast Money Alert. To get started immediately, just click the button below now.

One more thing…

You’ll also get Mark and Jim’s 2018 Trade of the Year report. This gives you all the details of their #1 Trade of the Year. The stock they reveal inside has the potential to rise as much as 30 times in the next 12 months.

They didn’t pull that number out of thin air. You see, when you look back over the previous 20 years, the best-performing stocks each year have racked up an average gain of 3,013%. That’s 30 times your money.

That huge average gain comes from investing in the company’s shares and holding them.

However, that’s not the only way you’ll find to make money in this report.

Mark and Jim have also included an options play on this company. You’ll be positioned to make short-term double-, triple- and even quadruple-digit gains as the year goes on.

Everything you need to know about this stock and the recommended options play is inside the report. You’ll get the name, ticker symbol and options recommendations for the 2018 Trade of the Year… along with everything else you need to profit as a Fast Money Alert member.

Remember, you get 30 days to take a risk-free test-drive of Fast Money Alert. Everything is available to you. That means…

You’ll get all this, plus exclusive access to Mark and Jim’s Trade of the Year special report. All you have to do is click the button below to get started right now.

In addition to all of the wonderful money-making benefits of membership, you’ll also get Mark and Jim’s 100% money-back guarantee during your 30-day trial. If you’re not delighted with everything about Fast Money Alert, just contact us, and you’ll get your money back – no questions asked. Even if you cancel, any reports, recommendations or other information you get during your 30-day trial are yours to keep.

With this guarantee, the decision to try Fast Money Alert should be a no-brainer.

Why Fast Money Alert’s a Much
Better Combo Than Reese’s Pieces

Considering who’s picking the stocks, you might think Fast Money Alert would cost a mint.

After all, when just one pick could make you a fortune with gains like 469%, 386%, 285%, 262% and 199% are on offer… I don’t think it would be too outrageous to charge a high fee for one year of membership — Say $4,000 or so.

Just think about it…

Putting $1,000 into just one pick a quarter and doubling your money (and more) would make the service pay for itself. If you put in $2,000 or more… and took two or three picks a month… well, I think you can see just how profitable that could be.

However, you’re not going to pay $4,000 for Fast Money Alert. Or even $2,000.

I want to make this opportunity truly affordable for you. I want to make enrolling in this membership as easy as hitting the floor with your hat.

I’m offering you everything for just $995 for a full year.

That’s less than you’d pay for 100 snack packs of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on (And potentially a whole lot more fun and profitable too.)

Besides, think about what 100 packages of candy would do to your waistline.

The only thing fattening about Fast Money Alert is the profit potential of your brokerage account.

Just click the button below today to give the tires a kick for 30 days.

Do you really want to keep on doing what you are doing now?

Most investors fail to follow a proven plan or strategy. They chase hot tips and keep on losing. Even worse, they don’t have 60 years’ worth of experience to guide them to the biggest, quickest profits… the real Fast Money.

So why not give yourself that advantage?

All it takes is a click to try it out. And you have 30 days to make up your mind on whether or not Fast Money Alert is for you.

So go ahead. Stop waiting for those big profits to roll in “one day.” They’re here right now. Let Mark and Jim guide you straight to where “stock royalty” is ready to give you the super-sized gains you’ve been seeking.

Thank you,

Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications