FMA Dark Surges - Mark Skousen

Dark Surges

Trade Them Before They Come to Light
to Grab Fast Gains of 224%, 178%, 123% — and more just like these


They seem to come out of nowhere.

And then they’re gone, before you even know what happened.

I’m talking about stocks that suddenly, surprisingly surge…

Delivering gains that can double in mere days.

And I’m not talking about anything risky, like options, penny stocks or crypto.

They’re trades on companies you’re already familiar with, but with one crucial difference:

Without warning, they can suddenly double a stock’s price.

I call these surprising profits bursts Dark Surges… because most investors don’t see these unexpected price spikes coming.

Yet Dr. Mark Skousen and Jim Woods – two of the world’s top traders – are trained to spot a Dark Surge a mile away.

And I say that because they’ve detected 161 Dark Surge wins — many of them reaching triple-digits — during the past 8 years.

So what does one look like, exactly?

Let’s look at one from February 9, 2021.

We got a sudden buy alert on Canaan Inc.

And just two weeks later, we took a 114% profit.

Now, what’s 114% in dollars and cents?

It means a $10,000 investment would now be worth $21,400.

Or if you’d invested $100,000 from your IRA…

You’d be sitting on a cushy $214,000. In just two weeks, and from one simple trade.

The same thing happened with Tesla (TSLA), back on April 28…

And we drove off with a 128% gain in 2½ months.

That means $10,000 would have transformed into $22,800.

Or if you’d traded out of your IRA or 401(k), you could have grown $100,000 into $228,000.

As you can see, you’re in-and-out of these trades in a couple of months.

The same thing happened recently with the online dating giant (MTCH).

Dr. Skousen and Jim found a Dark Surge beginning to heat up.

And by the time it came to light just four months later, they’d already secured a 102% gain.

Translate that profit into actual money going into your account:

That’s $10,000 growing into $20,200 fast.

Or if you invested a $100,000 chunk of your retirement account, you’ve raked in a total of $202,000.

Now, Dark Surges have three things in common:

They’re a special kind of market spike, different from the typical ups and downs of the stock market.

And there is a unique way of finding them.

But here’s something most readers ask, up front…

How Many of These Triple-Digit
Dark Surges Are There?

My name is Roger Michalski.

I’m publisher at one of the industry’s longest-running investment research firms — Eagle Financial Publications.

And when Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods are asked how they find these Dark Surges…

They both insist that sudden surges happen all the time. And they’re right.

The same kind of sudden surge happened again – twice – last year, with the company Virgin Galactic (SPCE).

The same thing happened – TWICE again – with up-and-coming EV (electric vehicle) stock Blink Charging (BLNK).

Take a look at these two surges below:

The same thing happened again with the same company for another triple-digit jump, just four months later in December.

This one popped for 102% in under three weeks:

The same profit explosion happened again with NIO Inc. (NIO).

They’re hailed as making next-generation smart EVs. 

Check out their unexpected 116% surge from last year:

The same kind of surge happened again with XPeng (XPEV)

Look at how fast XPeng surged into triple digits in less than two months:

Truth is, there are tons of sudden surges in the market, in lots of different stocks.

I could show you hundreds of examples.

There are so many surge trades out there, that many seasoned Wall Street traders say…

“Getting Sudden-Surge Profits Is Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel”

True enough.

But how does that help you?

Because unless you’re one of those Ivy League MBAs, trading for a big-time Wall Street firm… you probably haven’t traded a surge.

Sure, there are limitless numbers of companies that get unexpected surges in price. It happens all the time.

But for the average Joe, these surges seem to come out of nowhere.

There’s a saying among professional traders:

The pros know what’s happening before the trade opens…

Retail investors don’t know until AFTER the trade closes.

By then it’s too late.

It’s frustrating, watching the pros get in at the bottom of these spikes…

And if the retail trader gets in at all, it’s usually when word has got out… and the trade has peaked.

That’s why one of the Top 20 Living Economists, Dr. Mark Skousen, discovered something extraordinary:

How to uncover these unexpected surges early… just as they’re starting to skyrocket.

That way, everyone gets a chance to trade a surge early, before it’s too late.  

That’s the key.

Because when you catch a Dark Surge early, you can make it pay out fast – and pay out big.

You’re in at the bottom and out near the top… with a fortune.

That means precise entries and exits are crucial.

Which is why Dr. Skousen partnered with one of the top traders in the world – Jim Woods – to fine-tune each trade.

You see, Jim has been ranked among the world’s top 10 traders for the past decade, by independent ratings firm

As I said, Mark and Jim are experts at spotting these sudden surges even earlier.

That makes it easier for anyone to make big money by playing Dark Surges.

Their research has made it possible for anybody to consistently more than double their money with a triple-digit gain in a couple of months.

And in the next 10 minutes, you’ll see how easy it is for you, too – including how you can…

Because once you are shown how a few simple indicators find Dark Surge trades just as they begin to form, you’ll find…

You’re About to Experience
a Revolution in Investing

This is a completely different way to trade.

For retail traders like you and me…

Dark Surge trading will become THE way to make an easy retirement fortune.

Once you experience the flood of cash coming quickly into your trading account… you’ll see how the big guns make their millions.

And since it’s fast, it’s a more efficient use of your trading dollar. No need to sit in stagnant investments for years, hoping they’ll inch upward.

Instead, you’ll love how fast your trading account grows.

And since Dark Surge trading can give you profits easily, you don’t have to worry about learning complicated investing strategies.

Again… who needs high-risk investing with cryptos, futures, or IPOs? These triple-digit sudden surges happen all over the place.

Surge trades are fast money… and easy money.

That’s why Wall Street traders make big money with surges all the time.

Many market legends have used surge trading throughout history… some to the present day:

These ultra-rich traders inspired professional traders worldwide with their surge trades.  

But there is now a Dark Surge system that is available to retail traders, courtesy of Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods.

And once this trading style hits the masses…

And the average Joe learns how easy it is to double their money with Dark Surges in a short time..

I strongly believe that surge trading will change investing as we know it.

Especially because…

There Are So Many Surges
Out There to Choose From

Like Moderna (MRNA)… inventor of one of the most widely distributed COVID-19 vaccines.

As vaccine campaigns accelerated everywhere last year, from factories, to fast-food workers, to the federal government itself…

Moderna suddenly found itself in strong demand… and a sudden 106% surge.

And then there’s the self-employment boom.

Millennials call it the “gig economy.”

And the big gun in that market is a company called Fiverr (FVVR).

Fiverr is like an online shopping mall to find independent freelance workers, with fees starting as low as $5 a project.

And in this upside-down economy, with millennials wanting to live the “laptop lifestyle,” this company is thriving.

Check out their unexpected 101% surge.

And yet another one is QuantumScape (QS).

Joining the EV market, they make a superior lithium battery.

Their data shows it takes only 15 minutes for their batteries to take an 80% charge.

Wow! Fast charging is the biggest problem the EV market faces today.

That may explain why Bill Gates loves QuantumScape… and became a strong backer of their battery tech.

But QuantumScape’s big surge came as a Christmas surprise that investors quickly unwrapped for a 109% profit.

There can be no doubt: Unexpected stock surges happen often.

Many can be targeted for triple digit returns.

And once you discover how Wall Street traders detect them early, as these surges are just starting…

It’s like getting the keys to the kingdom handed to you.

I think of surge trading this way:

After looking at all these unexpected share price spikes I’ve just showed you…

And all others happening all the time I haven’t yet showed you…

And how our trading club makes money with more than one Dark Surge per month, on average…

By now, you know the existence of multiple tradable market surges in single stocks is undeniable.

And I could show you dozens more.  

But in the interest of full transparency…

We don’t trade every surge that comes along. It would be impossible. There are too many.

And as you’ll see in a minute, we have a strong set of select criteria.

And with our record of success…

We can afford to be choosey. And we are.

Does this mean we don’t trade an occasional loser? Sure. No system is perfect.

But we bag much more than our fair share of profits.

Let me show you why. I want you to know…

“EXACTLY How this 
Dark Surge System Works”

It’s time to show you the inside details of this system.

So here they are…

I’ve boiled down my entire system into a market intelligence research file. I call it “The Dark Surge Millionaire Dossier.”

This briefing maps-out simple instructions on how to spot and tap into Dark Surges early, before everyone else piles in and push up the price… so you have the opportunity to pull in multiple triple-digit gains.

But how do these trades work?

The Dark Surge Millionaire Dossier gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for how we tap into the endless supply of sudden, unexpected market surges…

And how we pull out gains of 224%… 178%… 123%… 104%… 109%, and more like these.

As I’ve just shown, you can get these incredible returns in a few short months.

Never again do you need to wait years for small returns.

This plain-English dossier will take you by the hand and walk you through one of the most lucrative market trading systems in the world.

You’ll discover the:

So what happens when all the technical and fundamental indicators all go green?

Dr. Skousen and Jim send you an alert with the ticker symbol of the stock to buy.

This means that in just a minute or two – you can place your Dark Surge trade with ease.

Now, here’s my promise to you:

As this simple step-by-step dossier guides you easily through the strategy, and how to easily get started with your first trade…

This simple, predictable, red-light/green-light strategy could change how you trade for the rest of your life.

Even though Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods are the only ones who can show you how to trade this system, as you’ll soon see, it’s easy enough that anybody can do it.

You’ll need three things:

  1. A brokerage account
  2. An internet connection (cellphone or computer) to get trade alerts
  3. The Dark Surge Millionaire Dossier to walk you through your first trade

In fact, after your first few trades, you’ll marvel at how quick and easy making these investments really is.

And you’ll likely make your next trades without even looking at the dossier again.

But you can’t buy this confidential dossier at any price.

There’s only one way to receive The Dark Surge Millionaire Dossier.

To get this in your hands, you must be one of only 30 traders to…

Put the Astonishing Power of the
Dark Surges to Work for YOU
(But You Must Act Quickly)

As you can imagine, this is a strictly limited offer.

That means we’re limiting the number of new members we let in.

Mark and Jim prefer working with a smaller number of members, just to keep the service more manageable.

And as I’ve been saying, this Dark Surge system is different from anything else out there.

Remember, Dr. Skousen created this money-doubling system himself.

And he partnered with top trader Jim Woods to turbocharge its returns.

The result:

161 trading wins in the past 8 years, many of them reaching triple-digits…

Which comes out to more than one win per month

Some months, you may get two or three.

Imagine how profits like that look to the average Joe on the street, using index ETFs to “keep pace with the markets” … and happy to make 10% per year.

There’s no real comparison.

Like I said, this system’s been a big winner.

Which means you’re in for a high-profit adventure.

But first things first:

The name of our club is Fast Money Alert.

With how quickly you’ve seen us double our money, the name is fitting, don’t you think?

And I Want to Give You a 30-Day
No Strings Attached Preview


Because once you experience Fast Money Alert for yourself, you will know how it feels to bank one winning trade or more per month… with chances to double your money.

As you watch your new life unfold by simply following Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods’ trades…

You’ll realize today is the day your life changed forever.

You’ll look at your brokerage account balance and feel a newfound confidence, because you’ll have the ability to virtually create cash on demand.

You’ll have a skill few have… and everyone envies.

All you have to do is accept a 30-day preview today.

Which means, if you’re one of the lucky 30 new club members to lock-in a spot today, you’ll get these benefits not available anywhere else… and you’ll get them for FREE:

Fast Money Alert Benefit #1:The Dark Surge Millionaire Dossier

With this dossier, I’m going to walk you through a simple blueprint that can guide you to trades with fast profits of up to 224%.

And you’ll see how it’s the goal of Jim and Dr. Skousen to help you trade your way to your first million dollars in gains.

Fast Money Alert Benefit #2: Weekly Hotline Alerts with NEW Recommendations

Every week, you get exact, money-making recommendations showing you what stocks to trade, when to trade them and when to close them. No guesswork involved!

Fast Money AlertBenefit #3: Special Email and/or Text Message Alerts

To make sure you never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation or updates to your portfolio, Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods will send you a text message and/or email so you can take immediate action to capture the big profit moves before other traders do.

Fast Money Alert Benefit #4: 24/7 Access to the Fast Money Alert Website

You get your own password to Dr. Skousen’s website, where you’ll get breaking trades and research on companies that may soon experience a Dark Surge.

The website also houses all our current recommendations, the positions of your open trades and market trends shaping trades in the coming weeks.

You also get full access to a comprehensive library of guides, reports and dossiers. It’s the equivalent of a professional trader’s education.

It’s everything you need to be able to collect triple-digit gains from sudden price surges in the markets… like Fast Money Alert traders have been doing for eight years.

All you have to do is choose to make the trades Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods recommend… and choose to follow their instructions on when to close them.

Which means they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Fast Money Alert Benefit #5: Investing Masterclass

From Mark and Jim’s good friends at Consistent Profits. You’ll learn the seven pillars that can help you rig the markets for your success, three elements to increase your trading results in surprising ways, learn how you can better control your long-term profitability… and more. You’ll also get a 30-45 minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.

But even so…

Triple-Digit Dark Surge Trading
May Not Be Right for You

It’s not for everyone.

Sure, I’ve shown you the actual Dark Surge trades — gains like 224%, 178%, and 123% — that we gave our Fast Money Alert trading group to help them double their money.

You’ve seen how America’s most brilliant traders, from Jessie Livermore to Jon Najarian and more use these secrets.

You’ve seen different companies in different sectors experience triple-digit Dark Surge gains…

You’ve seen that all you need to know is a system to tap into these surprise surges as they begin to form.

I’ve shown you what may be the simplest way ever created to quickly double your money.

You’ve seen that there’s nothing complicated to learn.

Nor are there any tough trading decisions for you to make.

In fact, you’ll get spoon-fed these Fast Money Alert plays along with plain-English instructions on what to trade, when to trade, and when to take your profits.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re a first-time trader.

All you must do is choose to follow our recommendations.

With the picks you’ll get, that’s a piece of cake.

But you need to know this:

Fast Money Alert is an easy but fast-paced, professional-level system with quick wins.

I say that because until now, you probably haven’t had access to a system that can spot these stealth spikes.

But again, it’s not for everyone.

Anything that makes this much money this quickly is an aggressive system.

Some people don’t like the excitement generated by making money at this speed.

They want to take their time.

And if this describes you, that’s fine. There are plenty of nice little mutual funds, dividend stocks or ETFs that will pay you 5%…

…While our small club uses our Dark Surge trading system to roll-up another money-doubling trade.

Like I’ve said, Fast Money Alert is a professional-level service.

We could charge as much as $5,000, and it would be a drop in the bucket in exchange for the chance to collect multiple triple-digit gains.

But I’ve never seen a better opportunity. Most traders would walk through fire for the opportunity to change their life forever with a chance to get these money-doubling trades.

Still, you don’t get something for nothing in this world.

However, your price will be much, much lower…

If, and only if, you’re one of the next 30 traders to take advantage of this program.

First, Let Me Sweeten the Pot with
These Bonuses

Bonus #1: Bigger Wins, Faster

It’s a way to supercharge your trading gains, and it’s included in your Fast Money Alert membership.

You see,

You can triple — even quadruple — your money investing in the same companies… and it’s just as simple as stock trading.

And when you do, it’s like supercharging your trades by powering them with a 426 Hemi engine.

Let me show you:

And we use the same simple trading system.

Only one modification: We multiply your money on each trade by giving you the choice to use a simple options trade.

Again, you don’t have to trade options to double your money. Trading stock with the Dark Surge system can give that to you.

Simply follow the easy, plain-English instructions we send with each trade alert.

Check out some of these life-changing gains in the past eight years alone:

That’s 50 HUGE trades — as high as 506% — in the last eight years alone.

That’s quite a return, for taking a mere 60 seconds to place a trade…

Even if you’ve never traded an option before in your life…

Even if you don’t understand options…

Even if you can barely spell “option” …

You can add them in with your triple-digit stock trades…

And you get two powerful retirement builders to last you a lifetime.

And even though this system is valued at $2,000, you pay not one extra cent when you become one of 30 people today to take a 30-day preview of Jim Woods and Dr. Skousen’s Dark Surge stock trading.

Remember, with this simple option trading method, it takes only 60 seconds to place a trade with your online broker.

But if you don’t know how to buy options — even though I’ll give you simple instructions so that it will take you 60 seconds to enter a trade — or you’re still a little unsure if it’s right for you… no sweat.

Check out…

Bonus #2: The Little Black Book of Options Secrets

Many of our readers want to learn how to trade options.

That’s why I’m going to GIVE you Dr. Skousen’s Little Black-Book of Options Secrets.

This short book reveals…

It’s a gold mine of tips, tricks and tactics designed to make seven-figures with this fast-moving trading plan… like so many professional traders have today.

And you’ll be happy to hear that this insider guide is less than an hour’s read.

One hour is a small investment of your time for what could become a powerful torrent of lasting income.

And there’s no price you can put on mastering a skill, making it as easy as child’s play.

An hour after picking up this guide, you’ll wonder why so many amateurs fear options.

And since this guide was designed as a training guide for members new to trading options…

It’s become an industry staple, and one of the most popular guides in our Premium Report Library.

In fact, our Little Black Book gives you a powerful advantage in your Dark Surge trades…

Because it can help multiply your money from simple stock trades into profits as high as 420%… 504%… even 506%. 

Yet it’s not for sale. At any price.

Still, if I absolutely had to place a value on it… I’d charge $495 for this insider’s guide.

That would almost buy you two textbooks in a Wharton MBA program.

But today, if you’re one of the 30 new members to make the cut, you get the Little Black Book of Options Secrets FREE.

That alone is worth the 30-day free preview.

And that’s not even the last of it.

Bonus #3: Top 3 Inflation Stocks (private teleconference with Dr. Skousen)

Inflation is a green-eyed monster that eats away your life’s savings.

But not when you can profit from it.

That’s exactly what Dr. Skousen addressed in his private teleconference “The Top 3 Inflation Stocks Right Now.”

These stocks are longer-term investments that feed on inflation:

Safely park your spare cash in these investments until you’re ready to make your next Dark Surge trade.

Go ahead, access his private conference.

It won’t cost you a dime when you agree to be one of 30 investors to take a FREE preview of Fast Money Alert.

Bonus #4: Conference Calls

Every 3 or 4 months, you can hop on a conference call with Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods.

You’ll hear their forecasts for the markets, get updates on the portfolio and new trades on the Watch List, and even get answers to questions from you and your fellow members.

I’d be hard-pressed to put a value on this call.

But others have said they’d readily pay $500 to be on the line each time we pick up the phone with Jim and Dr. Skousen.

Yet it won’t cost you anything if you’re one of 30 new members today to claim a preview of Fast Money Alert… and profit from these gigantic Dark Surges.

So, let’s sum up all the benefits you receive as one of 30 new members to take a 30-day FREE preview of Dark Surge trading:

Here’s Everything You’ll Get with a
Fast Money Alert 30-Day Preview:

If you’re ready to make money quickly, I’ll give away everything you need to help you rocket your way to becoming a Dark Surge trader.

Benefit Value Your Cost
The Dark Surge Trading Dossier
Weekly Hotlines on Portfolio Positions
Email and/or Text Message Alerts
V.I.P. Website Access with Full Portfolio, Research, Updates and Report Library
Dark Surge Options Service
Investing Masterclass
Top 3 Inflation Stocks
Four Quarterly Conference Calls with Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods
4 @ $500 each = $2,000

So, the value of a Dark Surge trader package, with all the frills, comes to $10,197.

But you get all this for FREE during your preview of Fast Money Alert.

Which leaves me with just one question…

How Much Is Being a “Dark Surge Trading Millionaire” Worth to You?

Think of it this way…

Where else can you get help to become a Dark Surge trading millionaire?

Not to boast… but the answer is nowhere else.

The closest I’ve seen are the big trading houses like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

But you must be entitled to “privileged access… regarding income, net worth, asset size…” according to Investopedia.

Translation: You must already be an elite before these elite firms let you in on the best trades.

Even worse, you’d usually have to pay them tens of thousands of dollars to join, not to mention a percentage of all your wins.

An expensive trading service may let you collect significant cash payments each month – but be prepared to shell out $10,000 or more per year.

Even at that price, I’d be surprised if your returns are as high as those you’d experience with Fast Money Alert.

And remember, the total value of everything you get is $8,397. This includes a year’s subscription to Fast Money Alert, all of Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods’ Dark Surge stock trades, a free Dark Surge options trading service, a private teleconference about the three inflation stocks… and even more. 

That’s why I’m confident I’ll have traders lining up to pay $5,000.

But as the publisher of Eagle Financial, I’m willing to give you everything I mentioned above for a drastically reduced price.

Bottom line: For a full year, you pay only $995.

Do you think that’s too much money? Then your decision is easy.

Do Not Join

Look, you’re getting a genuine shot at becoming a Dark Surge Millionaire.

You could make the cost back with just two trades.

But Fast Money Alert is only for investors serious enough to dedicate their trading to create a fast seven-figure retirement account.

Mark and Jim do not want the kind of trader who is willing to wait years for small, disappointing returns.

Nor do they want traders who don’t take their trading seriously or won’t make the trades he recommends.

Since these 30 spots will be snatched up quickly, they only want committed investors.

So, if becoming a Dark Surge Millionaire isn’t right for you, there are no hard feelings.

Just step aside and let someone who needs this program take one of the open spots.

But if you’ve read this far…

You’re the kind of investor who will take this program seriously.

If you sincerely want a seven-figure retirement, we welcome you.

So click the button below now and let’s get started.

Within moments after you join…

You get everything you need to get started.

I’ll rush you access to the subscriber-only section of our web site … and show you where to download The Dark Surge Millionaire Dossier and get all your reports and bonuses.

Now, I’ve shown you the kind of money you can make using this system.

I’ve shown you how readers who followed my trades have collected a cool million from surprise surges in the market.

Still, if you have a shadow of a doubt this Dark Surge Millionaire system is right for you…

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

With our 100% money-back “No Cringe,” NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee, there’s simply no way to go wrong.

Let me show you how you are protected…

You MUST be 100% thrilled with the service within your first 30 days of Fast Money Alert, or I’ll INSIST upon rushing you a complete, 100% refund of every penny you paid.

Nothing to worry about… no need to cringe… and NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

It’s only fair.

Go ahead and click the button below right now. You really should, as you’re only saying “maybe” for the next 30 days.

So now…

You Have a Life-Changing Decision to Make

You can choose to invest the old way, and hope to build your nest egg, little by little… taking whatever the markets give you.

Or you can choose to try out my trading strategy for 30 risk-free days.

Plain and simple — I believe that by following Mark and Jim’s trades, you can reliably grow your investment portfolio until you cross the seven-figure threshold.

To that end, we’d love to have you along for the ride. Just click the button below to get started.

Yours for higher profits,

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Fast Money Alert

P.S. You don’t have to have a lot of money to get started. You don’t need to be a stock market expert or have years of trading experience under your belt.

Just follow Mark and Jim’s simple instructions to have the opportunity to succeed with their Dark Surge Millionaire system.