FMA Boom or Bust - Mark Skousen

Dear Reader,

I’m certain you’ve never seen anything like this before.

So please, look at this calendar…

Each circle shows the date of a HUGE win we closed…

Right in the middle of a free-falling market.

If you’d started with a $10K stake…

And rolled each big gain into the next trade…

At the end of three trades, your ten grand could have snowballed into a gigantic $117,733.

It’s hard for a lot of investors to believe these gains are even possible right now.

Especially when the market’s panicking… inflation makes food and fuel almost unaffordable… and recession fears continue to terrify Americans…

So I don’t blame you if you’re skeptical of big wins now.

But know this:

When the markets become unstable… people panic and dump their stocks at a huge discount…

Often willing to get out at any price…

And it’s the “smart money” that always waits in the wings for people to panic… ready to pick up oversold stocks on the cheap.

I’m Roger Michalski, publisher at Eagle Financial.

And I’m here today to tell you about an indicator we use to trade just these types of situations.

This indicator was designed to zero in on volatility and panic selling by two of America’s top investing minds:

“Top 20 Living Economist” Dr. Mark Skousen and Top 12 world-ranked trader Jim Woods.

Here’s an example from Mark and Jim.

Let’s say you start with $10,000 in your trading portfolio.

You learn from Mark and Jim about their new Fast Money “window,” marked by a period of market volatility, opening last December 6. 

Your first trading opportunity comes up fast.

The indicator finds an impressive opportunity for a 200.4% gain from McCormick & Co. (MKC)

And your initial $10,000 gets the Fast Money bump, growing to $30,043 by February 7 of this year. 

You’re confident after what you’ve just made, so you decide to plow the entire amount into your second trade, going all in.

And what happens?

You get handed a 91.1% gain from Devon Energy (DVN)… 

Which mushrooms into a Fast Money total of $57,420.

And then you set up the knockout punch – your third trade. 

You invest your entire sum for a 105.5% return from Amphastar Pharmaceuticals (AMPH)

And see your winnings rise to $117,733, as shown below:

After that, the Fast Money window slams shut…

And you happily walk away with your six-figure winnings.

Of course, not everyone might have traded so aggressively.

But if you had followed these trade recommendations from Mark and Jim, that money was yours to make.

And it’s nothing new for these guys.

In fact, Mark Skousen has a 42-year record of success.

One follower of Dr. Skousen wrote in to say:

“I got my online account set up with $68,000 and began trading your stock recommendations 6 months ago… Today I closed, for the very first time, at double my initial investment – $143,206.84. Three more doublings and I will be able to say to you, literally, thanks a million!”   – David K., Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Mark Skousen’s partner is former hedge fund trader Jim Woods.

The independent ratings firm TipRanks has ranked Jim as one of the World’s Top 12 Traders for the past decade.

So it’s no surprise to get mail like this for Jim:

“Just a brief note to tell you how pleased I have been. I am 82 years of age and I attribute much of my successful financial retirement to… protecting your ‘serious money’ concept… Thank you.”    – Clarence R., Florida

But in case you’re tempted to think David K. from Pittsburgh and Clarence R. from Florida just got lucky…

Or the above $117,733 Fast Money trading window was a one-time fluke…

The same thing happened early last year.

A Fast Money window opened as inflation nearly quadrupled in the first four months of 2021.

And volatility soared, too… (the VIX spiked up to 37 points).

These two events combined to open a four-month Fast Money window.

So again, starting with a $10K stake…

In your first trade, the Fast Money indicator finds a trade with Signature Bank (SBNY). You haul in a 100.9% return before the indicator tells you to close the trade.

Growing your $10K into $20,091.

You reinvest that cash into your second trade…

And get handed a 43.6% gain from Lennar Corp. (LEN)… 

And you pocket compounded profits of $28,853.

Next you reinvest that sum into your third and final trade, grabbing a stunning 420% win from Smith & Wesson (SWBI)… 

And easily cruise to a total $150,057 windfall.

The chart below shows the record:

Now here’s what I find remarkable.

The same thing happened last July…

When the markets were just starting to get unstable, as sensed by our Fast Money indicator…  

Before plunging into this year’s big crash.

Another four-month Fast Money window began to open as the market teetered back and forth on the edge of a cliff…

And again, starting with a $10,000 stake…

The indicator finds your first Fast Money opportunity:BioNTech SE (BNTX).

Your trade mushrooms into a 485% return:

This HUGE gain grows your $10K investment into $58,591.

The next trade?

It’s a bit more tame… but still more than doubles your money… with a 117% profit in American Semiconductor (ASML):

And you close with a compounded gain of $127,390.

But you’re not done yet.

You go all in on Airbnb (ABNB) with everything you made in the last two trades… 

And get handed a massive payout of 153%… 

You’ve blasted a $10,000 account… into a final windfall of $322,935…

In just four months!

Talk about Fast Money.

What’s more – these trades, on the whole, have totaled $590,725 in the past 18 months…

Starting with just $10,000, each time a Fast Money window opened.

But let’s go back to the start of the above year and a half…

And make these trades again…

Only this time, let’s say you started with $20,000 instead of $10,000…

Everything else is the same. For the past year and a half, you invested in each of the above trades Mark and Jim advised…

Compounded your wins into the next trade, like you’ve seen…

Only this time, starting with $20K… the total is $1,181,450.

That’s more money than most people make over their entire lifetime…

And that’s the amount I want you to make over the next 18 months.

I can’t predict how much money you will typically make. It may be a little less… it may be a little more.

It may be a LOT more, if you profit from both a recession AND a bear market hammering Wall Street…

Setting up Fast Money windows left and right.

Our research shows multiple Fast Money windows opening…

In fact, in these wild markets, you could see up to a dozen Fast Money windows opening in the next 18 months.

That’s why I’m excited that the next year and a half could easily set you up for life!

But please let me answer a question I sometimes get…

How Are These Colossal Wins
Even Possible?

They’re all thanks to a predictive leading indicator…

Programmed by the legendary economist Mark Skousen and one of the world’s top traders, Jim Woods.

This powerful indicator forecasts when a Fast Money trading window is about to open…

When specific market conditions are ripe for fast-popping double- and triple-digit profits…

Due to an early-detected bearish weakness developing in the market.

So you must be ready for the next window to open any day now.

When it does, the Fast Money indicator will pinpoint HUGE profitable opportunities from a volatile market.

And more importantly… that same indicator spells out when that Fast Money window is about to slam shut… 

So you can get out of the market with your profits safely tucked away.

This indicator has an eight-year track record of handing its users a 124% average monthly win.

Let me repeat that:

Eight years. 124% average monthly wins.

How do you know you can trust the research of Mark and Jim?

Let’s start with the first person of this powerful team. Let me show you…

Why You Should Believe
Dr. Mark Skousen’s Six-Figure Forecasts

The Fast Money indicator was built on Dr. Mark Skousen’s economic forecasting secrets.

And his forecasting track record is legendary.

I say this because Dr. Mark Skousen has successfully forecasted EVERY major boom and bust for the past 42 years.

For example, in 1980… the media and the establishment laughed when Dr. Skousen forecasted “Reaganomics will work.” 

But a year later, President Reagan signed the tax-cut bill…

Triggering a boom that tripled the Dow’s value:

You could have made a fortune, transforming every dollar you had into three dollars.

But what about busts?

Dr. Skousen ALSO forecasted Black Monday.

He alerted his followers early, on September 8, 1987:

“Sell all stocks and mutual funds.”

Within a month and a half… the market plunged to its largest single-day drop in history: a record 22.6% crash in one day.

Dr. Skousen saved his investors a fortune… while others lost millions.

Suddenly people stopped laughing… and started listening. Closely.

Dr. Skousen ALSO forecasted the fall of the Berlin Wall… and the collapse of the entire Soviet Union.

“The Berlin Wall will be torn down,” he proclaimed October 1989… to jeers and taunts from the establishment and the media.

Two weeks later, November 9, the wall tumbled down.

Dr. Skousen ALSO forecasted the Gulf War of 1990 as “a turning point for U.S. stocks.”

Sure enough, later in 1990, the Dow began a raging bull market that didn’t end for nearly 10 years:

By now, you begin to see how following Dr. Skousen could have made you incredibly wealthy…

But he has a NEW inflation/recession forecast for the next 18 months. It has the power to unleash even bigger winners faster than ever before.

I’ll show you in a minute. First you need to know…

Dr. Skousen ALSO forecasted the dot-com boom.

In January 1995 he predicted the Nasdaq would “double, and then double again.” Which is exactly what it did:

And although we all know the dot-com bubble burst in the next year…

Dr. Skousen is the only person I know who actually called it beforehand…

Even as markets were rocketing in 2000 – and nearly every dot-com was selling for ridiculous prices.

Dr. Skousen ALSO warned investors of “an impending bubble” in dot-com stocks in 2000…

Just before the great tech-wreck of 2000:

Dr. Skousen ALSO forecasted, at the bottom of the economic woes during the 2008–2009 meltdown…

With the Dow barely hovering above 6,500 points…

That the Dow would surge past 10,000 by the end of 2009:

And to the amazement of many Americans, still shell-shocked from the crash…

The Dow did indeed break 10,000… ending up hitting 10,428 before the end of the year.

Now you know why Dr. Skousen is considered America’s #1 financial economist today.

Now let’s look at his partner, former hedge fund trader Jim Woods.

How Jim Woods Makes
Big Wins Fast in a Bear Market

Jim Woods has over two decades of being a Wall Street insider.

And over the years, he’s built up an impressive intel network.

He’s got top hedge fund traders… CEOs of international companies… and some of the smartest Wall Street analysts on speed dial.

Now, you’ve probably seen him help everyday investors in MarketWatch, Street Authority, Townhall Media and Finance,, and Main Street Investor.

His highly accurate trading got him the #1 ranking on (out of 7,129 traders).

And quickly became known as “Wall Street’s Hottest Hedge Fund Trader.”

No one else can find hyper-profit entries like Jim can.

For example, you may have heard of some of Jim’s own trades during this year’s crash:

What’s my point? Jim and Mark have been backing up the truck during this crash, making tons of wins.

That’s why I say Dr. Skousen’s forecasting genius… and Jim’s amazing trading abilities… are the best combination since chocolate and peanut butter.

But as great as each of their track records are…

Let’s look at what’s coming:

Dr. Skousen’s Shocking New Forecast:
Boom or Bust for the Next 18 Months?

Dr. Skousen’s built fortunes for his followers… by forecasting the signs of the times.

And he’s one of the best in America. By following these signs of the times, he’s given out 102 wins averaging 124% to his followers since 2014.

And there are many signs Dr. Skousen is reading today…

For example, it does make a difference who’s the president of the United States.

It does make a difference which wars and rumors of wars are happening.

And it makes a HUGE difference whether the Federal Reserve is fighting a RECESSION… or fighting INFLATION.

Here’s why you MUST know this.

Because if the Fed is fighting inflation, one set of policies will be used… and certain companies and sectors will see profits, growth, and earnings.

But instead, if the Fed’s fighting a recession, then the Fed’s policies will cause much different companies and sectors to profit.

Two different phases. Two different policies.

So you MUST understand if recession or inflation is the Fed’s current target.

It’s the key that unlocks where the Fast Money is NOW.

That’s a secret known mostly to million-dollar analysts in big banks and brokerages… like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse.

These mega-investing banks often charge huge corporate clients $50,000 or more for a series of reports with high-level information.

But Dr. Skousen has an amazingly accurate 42-year forecasting record…

And Jim Woods is one of the world’s top traders…

Together, they know every secret, tactic, and strategy these million-dollar bank analysts use.

Who else averages a 124% profitable win each month?

And they have combined their intel into a forecast for the market’s movements for the next 18 months.

Dr. Skousen and Jim call it the Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint.

Let Me Give You a
Million-Dollar Preview

Today’s biggest question:

How deep will the recession be… and how long will it last?

First, the Fed’s not YET fighting the recession. It’s still in the inflation fighting stage.

But make no mistake: a recession is coming fast.

However, this is NOT like 2008, when every big business, from banks to automakers, were getting bailed out of bankruptcy.

Today’s big companies and banks are well capitalized.

Apple has $202 billion. Alphabet (Google) has $169 billion. General Electric has $67 billion.

Even Ford and GM have over $36 billion (or more) on hand according to

This is the opposite of the 2008 meltdown.

Instead, History is Repeating Itself From a DIFFERENT Inflation/Recession Crisis

I mean the inflation of 1981–1982… which was followed by a deep, painful recession.

In Phase I, the Fed fought inflation.

It tightened money, boosting interest rates to a stunning 19–20%…

Which brought inflation – and the economy – to a standstill.

The Fed successfully halted inflation, but at a terrible economic cost – plunging the country into recession.

Millions of people lost their jobs, homes, and retirement accounts.

So the Fed immediately pivoted to Phase II: reviving the dead economy.

It was successful. Markets soared as Wall Street came back to life, sector by sector.

A few savvy investors raked in millions…

But mom-and-pop investors mostly sat out of the rebound rally, afraid to get back in.

Knowing this history means you know what’s coming, because…

Today Is a High-Profit Version of 1981–1982…with a Fast Money Twist

Want a seven-figure fortune in the next 18 months?

Then you need to track the Fed and the sectors that explode in growth.

Today, like in 1981, fighting inflation is the Fed’s first job. 

And the Fed is so predictable. We’ve seen this before.

So Dr. Skousen can forecast the likely outcome.

Only this time, our technology is better. We know how to spot many more twists and turns in the market as it struggles forward.

For example, we just raised our stops on energy stocks. We could have cashed in on our gains. But a break to the upside showed higher profit in the coming days.

And here’s where Jim’s hedge fund trading experience really shines… in the twists and turns.

He knows record profits by oil companies are encouraging new exploration and new supplies.

But if the war in Russia shows signs of ending, oil could plunge quickly…

So he examines economic, market, and geopolitical events daily… and he adjusts our protective stops accordingly…

For example, our Fast Money indicator recently told us to sell partial positions in a powerful energy company for a 248% profit… and another at 261%.

And to take a quick two-week gain in an 3X index inverse fund, netting a healthy double-digit profit.

But that’s just a start… because Jim and Mark have a dozen big potential winners on their watch list.

And they could pull the trigger on three or four of these any day now.

So if you’ve missed the first six triple-digit gains

 During the first six months of this year…

You don’t want to miss the outrageous opportunities for the rest of 2022 and beyond…

Which could dwarf our Fast Money gains so far this year.

But bear in mind…

The Fed will switch from Phase I (fighting inflation) to Phase II (fighting a recession) likely sometime late this year.

Of course, the recession is already here. But the Fed can’t fight the recession until it stops inflation.

That’s why you must be able to read the signs of the times.

With that in mind, let’s see Dr. Mark Skousen’s forecast for…

The Recession: How Deep, How Long, How Many Six-Figure Fast Money Opportunities?

When Phase II hits – the Fed’s recession – fear will grip Americans.

They’ll panic, not knowing how long and painful the recession will be.

Yet our investors will be busy investing in the many new Fast Money opportunities as Phase II (recession fighting) opens up…

Which are already on Jim and Dr. Mark Skousen’s radar.

So prepare for some pleasant surprises.

For example, they’re not forecasting a deep recession… or a long one.

Look at a few reasons why:

Earlier in the year, we had an inverted yield curve for a surprisingly short time.

What does an inverted yield curve mean? To keep it simple…

It means the bond market is going bonkers.

And when we get an inverted yield curve, like we did earlier in 2022…

It means the economy’s headed for a train wreck. When we get an inverted yield curve, a recession follows 84% of the time, according to Reuters.

But here’s the thing: The inverted yield curve – the one that appeared earlier this year – was here and gone in just a few days.

That suggests a mild recession.

Not for months or years, like in 2008.

As I pointed out earlier, Dr. Mark Skousen’s forecast reveals the recession will more resemble the one in 1981, which was painful but quick.

Or it may resemble the COVID Crash of 2000. That was also painful but quick.

But look at all the Fast Money profits we collected during the COVID Crash:

We made Fast Money returns on the way down…

And Fast Money returns on the way back up.

This is why Jim Woods says, “There are many twists and turns to take advantage of in ANY recession…

“Because when the market drops, it takes an elevator down… but climbs a stairway back up again.

“That means markets drop fast… but the recovery is almost always much slower.

“And each of those steps back to recovery means some stocks, some sectors, somewhere… are helping to push the market upward.

“And there’s always been enough of these rising stocks to keep our Fast Money indicator busy.”

That’s why we research and analyze this market every day.

And why Mark and Jim want to reveal…

The Story No One Else Is Telling

More triple-digit opportunities are on the horizon…

Because, contrary to the fear the media’s trying to spread…

The Fed’s Phase II, fighting the recession, is likely to be a lot shorter than most people realize…

And with much faster results.

Again, Dr. Skousen is not forecasting a multiyear recession like in 2008. And here’s why:

As I mentioned before… technology, monetary statistics, and federal money-management tools have improved by leaps and bounds.

Look, 1981 was 41 years ago. And the crash of 2008 was 14 years ago.

So the Fed has faster, more reliable intel to base its decisions on…

And it’s smarter than ever about which economic levers to pull.

Like knowing when to take the foot off the “interest rate-hike” pedal… giving the economy a softer landing.

The free market is stepping up, too. What makes me say this?

Perhaps you’ve heard that the best cure for high prices is high prices.

That means higher prices mean higher profits.

This is because more profits mean more demand… 

Which, in turn, drives more output.

Higher profits also invite stronger competition, which forces prices down.

For example, companies like ExxonMobil (XOM), Chevron (CVX), Marathon (MRO), and Phillips 66 (PSX) expect to spend more on exploration and other capital expenditures in 2022. 

That’s because high prices make exploration and increased production more profitable.

And more profits mean higher stock prices.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should go hog wild buying oil and energy companies.

Timing is critical for buying and selling – like how we scaled out of our oil stock in different stages at different profit points as you saw above, for 248% profit… and another at 261%…

But know this… price levels respond to other events, too:

If the Russian-Ukraine war ends abruptly…

If China bounces back from its dip quickly, building momentum in the global economy…

The supply chain problems continue to get solved (we’ve already made tremendous strides)…

If the Republicans overwhelmingly win in the House or the Senate, bringing fiscal sanity back to our government…

Any one of these could be very positive and could turn the recession situation around quickly…

Even though you’ll never read about this in the doom-and-gloom media. Why not?

Because the media love scary stories. They get more eyeballs and higher ratings if they keep people in fear.

Bottom line, Dr. Skousen doesn’t see any evidence of a deep collapse or anything like we had in 2008.

What’s the Worst
That Could Happen?

Let’s look at the sum of all fears:

Some unforeseen Black Swan event occurs.

Maybe Putin gets really furious and decides to use a “strategic” atomic weapon.

Or China attacks Taiwan.

Or another 9/11 (God forbid).

As Dr. Mark Skousen says, there’s always this kind of uncertainty.

That’s why you want to hold on to certain investments… and even some securities that may surprise you…  

As you’ll read about in the Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint.

But don’t plan on stockpiling more of these investments, either.

Because more importantly, you need to remember these factors:

There’s always a bull market somewhere, as John Templeton famously proved.

Even during the Great Depression of the 1930s… defense, energy, technology, and materials sectors skyrocketed.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Ingersoll-Rand, Deere and Co., Paramount Pictures, Standard Oil, General Dynamics (Electric Boat Company) and dozens more made mountains of cash.

You’ve seen how Mark’s forecasts prospered millions of investors in the recessions of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2009, and even in the COVID Crash of 2020.

You’ve also seen how both Jim and Mark have produced stunning triple-digit fortunes in the past 18 months of market instability…

And they’re finding more Fast Money windows in the bear market today.

When you add all these up, you can’t escape the conclusion: There are always Fast Money to be found somewhere.

And only Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods have the Fast Money indicator that spots mammoth wins a mile away.

But in case you’re wondering…

How the Fast Money Indicator
Makes Its Monstrous Wins?

As you’ll see in this groundbreaking blueprint… Mark tested and refined the Fast Money indicator for eight years…

And Jim came along half a decade ago to hyper-tune it.

Today the Fast Money indicator acts like a heat-seeking missile, lasering in on the hottest companies.

Yet it started with simple price action.

It started by looking at the way market and stock prices moved up and down… and the conditions that made these moves happen.

The first stock-screen was to look at whether there was a lot of upside in the market.

One way to do that was to see if many stocks were making 52-week highs.

Another was to see how much overall momentum was in the market.

These were built into the earlier versions of the Fast Money indicator.

Next it was refined by showing the indicator how to seek out the most powerful sectors.

And then to verify those sectors’ strengths with economic analysis.

Next was to give the indicator the power to drill down into the most powerful stocks in a winning sector…

Finding those companies that relatively outperformed the rest of the sector…

Which helped make our Fast Money able to find specific stocks and ETFs.

Then Jim teamed up with Mark…

And they applied it to different time frames to get different ideas of the length of the strength of the stock (how long a time it should stay strong).

Once the Fast Money indicator knows the price and momentum, it looks at other technical elements of the stock:

This is what you want to know before you buy. And it’s built into the Fast Money indicator.

The indicator is intelligent enough to realize there’s a cycle to nearly every gain and drop in a stock…

This is important, because you want to buy into the Fast Money cycle just BEFORE a stock breaks out.

Let me repeat that: We don’t want to buy when a stock breaks out. We want to buy before it breaks out.

Because it’s no good to buy a stock after it’s already been broken out 10%, 20%, 30%… it’s almost too late at that point.

But there’s another important screen, even after the Fast Money indicator gives us the green light…

We put on an extra fundamental layer to make sure:

This is the primary benefit of our Fast Money strategy: You get both the technicals and the fundamentals that together form a great “cocktail”… aimed at the big trades to rapidly build a seven-figure retirement account.

But even when the Fast Money indicator gives a thumbs-up…

Both Mark and Jim eyeball each trade before they recommend it.

(Mark says that Jim’s gut instinct for trading is the best he’s ever seen.)

So what specifics do the pair look for? It’s all inside the Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint, in plain English.

While I’ve shown you the general outline…

The Blueprint itself details the secret sauce for an average 124% monthly win from the Fast Money indicator.

But if you want in-depth details, they’re in Mark and Jim’s Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint

Which I want you to have it, so you can collect big profits… while everyone else is losing their shirts.

The Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint is the authoritative yet easy-to-read plan that gives you everything you need to win the regular triple-digit profits I’ve showed you today.

And it’s urgent that you be one of the next 50 people today to claim a copy, free of charge.

Here’s why that’s important:

Other People Are Getting Rich
While You’re Reading This

I wish I could say there’s no urgency. To say there’s no big hurry.

That you could click away and come back and join some other time.

But that’s not how Fast Money windows work.

The next window is opening soon… with or without you.

So you’re either in or you’re out.

You’ve seen how the past 18 months opened the floodgates…

And how Mark and Jim’s big winners have averaged a HUGE 124% win EVERY SINGLE MONTH since 2014.

These massive profits could erase years of investing mistakes in a matter of months.

Which is why I’m deeply concerned that each day you’re not benefiting from Fast Money trades…

You’re missing what could be the biggest wealth-building opportunity of our lifetime.

Which is why you need to get in now… because a new Fast Money window could open as soon as tomorrow… or even next week.

I’m worried that if you hesitate, the window may open, then shut, without you.

Time is NOT on your side.

Each day you wait could mean another blown chance to compound a tiny $10,000 into six figures.

To be frank: If you don’t act now, don’t expect to wake up one day, flip your computer on, and exclaim…

“Wow, look at all these people who’ve made Fast Money during this bear market. Maybe I’ll start using this strategy.”

By then we’ll have filled up our membership.

And you’ll be on the outside looking in, watching everyone counting their piles of money, like one big profit party they’re celebrating together.

Instead, you can get my new Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint.

If you’re one of the first 50 traders today…

I want to RUSH you this report the very same minute you accept a 30-day preview of…

Fast Money Alert:
The Closest I’ve Seen to “Cash on Command”

Fast Money Alert is the only publication that reveals and recommends Fast Money trades.

I’m coming to you today because the markets are changing fast…

And I know of no one else who’s showing which stocks and sectors are turning on a dime…

And finding new Fast Money opportunities with every twist and turn.

But time is of the essence…

Which is why Dr. Mark Skousen and Jim Woods have made it their mission to bring you these opportunities to build a secure retirement in less than two years…

Giving you access to their forecasts, trade recommendations, and global intelligence network…

Helping you build an amazing amount of wealth during the Fast Money windows opening over the NEXT 18 months…

Just like you could have taken advantage of each window over the PAST 18 months.

I want you to experience this for yourself…

To live life the way you choose, on your terms… with a worry-free retirement.

And you get 30 days to thoroughly check it out… to put it under a microscope… to make SURE it’s everything I’ve said it is…

And I want you to do it on MY dime, not yours.

Now, the Fast Money Alert trading advisory is the only place for you to get the…

Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint

Mark and Jim walk you through their easy system. It guides you through they we make their trades with fast wins averaging 124% each month.

This simple step-by-step method will have you up and trading in less than an hour.

But you’ll also get…

Fast Money Alert Benefit #1: Instant Fast Money Alerts

Easy-to-follow breaking trades as they happen, via text message or email… along with simple instructions on when to open and close each trade.

Fast Money Alert Benefit #2: Weekly Hotlines with NEW Recommendations

Each week, Mark and Jim will email you exact, plain-English moneymaking recommendations… showing you what to trade, when to trade, and when to close them. No guesswork involved!

Tell me… does your financial advisor or broker check in with you every week to help you? Dr. Mark Skousen and Jim do.

Fast Money Alert Benefit #3: Talk personally, with Mark and Jim

Every three or four months – sometimes more often – you can hop on a LIVE conference call with Mark Skousen, Jim Woods and your fellow members.

You’ll be shocked at the simple way Mark and Jim break down complex market conditions for you. And not only do you get private intel from Mark and Jim’s research firm that will make you the envy of all your friends and relatives.

You’ll also come away with precise forecasts of which sectors can pay you explosive returns in the coming months… designed to boost you to a seven-figure trading account.

Fast Money Alert Benefit #4: Private 24/7 Access to the Fast Money Alert Website

You get your own password to Dr. Skousen’s website. You get copies of every Hotline and Fast Money Alert they’ve sent you.

And you get advance research on companies that may soon experience a Fast Money surge, along with Dr. Mark Skousen’s and Jim’s commentary.

You also get full access to a comprehensive library of reports, guides, and dossiers. It’s like having an MBA in finance at your fingertips.

Fast Money Alert Benefit #5: Investing Masterclass

From Mark and Jim’s good friends at Consistent Profits. You’ll learn the seven pillars that can help you rig the markets for your success, three elements to increase your trading results in surprising ways, learn how you can better control your long-term profitability… and more. You’ll also get a 30-45 minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.

In short… you get everything we’ve done to collect a 124% average monthly win from the markets… like Fast Money traders have been doing for eight years.

Once you take a half-hour or so to read the Fast Money in a Bear Market Blueprint

All you need is an internet connection to get the trade alert… and about five minutes to execute the instructions Mark and Jim will text or email to you.

You’re Minutes Away from Access to
Triple-Digit Trading Success

Like I’ve said…

The best way to prove how easily these Fast Money trades can rake in the cash… is to experience them for yourself.

And now you can take a 30-day risk-free preview, on me.

It’s almost like having your own personal economist and a Wall Street trader feeding you trades.

But our research publications reach over 300,000 investors…

And we’re letting each one know that Fast Money Alert is open for new members…

So we expect to sell out of our 50 spots very quickly today.

The clock’s ticking…

But you may be wondering…

Why I’m Limited to Giving Only
50 Members Access Today

Unlike many of today’s “cattle-call” trading advisories…

Where they throw open the gates to anyone who wants to rush through…

Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods aren’t looking to push as many traders past the gate as possible.

You see, Fast Money Alert represents a bold new approach to investing. So we take great care of each investor.

Because of this, we’re putting a cap on how many new traders we have join.

If too many were to get into their small, private Fast Money group, Mark and Jim couldn’t give the level of special service to make the big wins.

This means they want to make certain their members are 100% satisfied with their results.

However, with eight years of delivering 124% average monthly triple-digit wins…

And the rave reviews we’ve received from our Fast Money Alert group members…

I’m certain that you’ll be delighted with your breakthrough returns.

So now you may wonder…

How Much Does a Fast Money Alert
Membership Cost?

As you’ve seen for yourself…

Fast Money Alert is an easy yet fast-paced, professional-level system that’s made monstrous 124% average monthly wins.

But I’m not charging a professional-level price.

Not when too many traders need to find a way to win during this market crash and the recession.

Not when inflation feels like the walls are closing in on them.

Not when people are hurting like they are.

I realize other memberships that promise this much money, and this fast, charge $5,000 or more for an annual membership. And they get it, with no questions asked.

And why not, when a couple of quick trades can pay their annual membership dues?

Which is why $5,000 is like a drop in the bucket in exchange for a monthly triple-digit opportunity.

But $5,000 is too much for someone who’s struggling, someone who’s afraid of inflation and recession.

That’s why we have a special price of just $1,995.

And not only is it 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a full 30 days…

As a further bonus… I’ll reduce it another $1,000…

Which leaves a membership cost of just $995. Less than three bucks a day… for a chance to achieve lifetime financial security in the next 18 months.

Is $995 too expensive?

Then let me help you chose:

I Don’t Want You to
Join Fast Money Alert

If you’re not thrilled to have the chance to bag an average 124% trade every month…

For a daily cost that’s less than the price of a Big Mac…

Please step aside. Let someone else take your spot.

We only have 50 openings for today. And I’m certain we’ll have five to 10 times that number applying.

Which is why, if you like the Fast Money system I’ve showed you today…

And the exclusive attention that comes from being in a small, tight-knit group of traders… I would suggest you join immediately.

I’m convinced you’ll discover Fast Money, over the next 18 months of inflation and recession, is the opportunity of a lifetime.

But to be blunt: I really don’t want anyone to apply unless they are excited and ready to make a fast fortune.

If you can’t make this choice now… if you balk at a $995 fully guaranteed 30-day trial… how could you choose to follow their big-money recommendations in the coming months?

Look, this isn’t for everybody. No hard feelings if a pro-level, aggressive service isn’t for you.

Or even if you’re on the fence, I’m okay with that…

Please, stay up there and enjoy the view. Don’t hop down on my account. Because there are many other traders who want to take your spot.

And while I can’t tell you how many new members will ultimately sign up, I can tell you this:

Judging by the number of people who have asked me if I was opening up new memberships in Fast Money Alert this year…

Those 50 spots will likely be gone in a matter of a few hours. 

Here’s why I care:

It’s like you’re driving 70 miles an hour on a freeway toward Fast Money

But instead, if you decide to take the scaredy-cat exit early and not stick around for the big bucks…

How’s that going to feel two years down the road… when you look back at your choice?

Because that’s what it comes down to: your choice.

You can continue to lose money in the market or (worse!) sit out on the sidelines, losing bucketloads of cash each day to inflation…

Or you can make the smart choice and follow the big money… the investors who’ve averaged a 124% win each month since Fast Money started.

And as I promised, to make matters easier, I’ll give you a 30-day sneak peek at no risk. You can try Fast Money Alert trades on my dime. Or even paper-trade, if you like.

Either way, the decision is yours. I can’t make it for you, and I certainly do not want to.

Still, if you’ve read this far… I believe you have conviction and courage. Enough fire in your belly to trade a pro-level system alongside Dr. Skousen and Jim Woods.

But before we go any further…

Let Me Sweeten the Seven-Figure Pot
with a Special Bonus

I just had a private meeting with Dr. Mark Skousen, Jim Woods, and a few privileged clients.

In it they reveal breaking intel about…

And you get a copy of this downloadable briefing just for taking a no-risk sneak peek at Fast Money Alert.

But Let Me Be Clear About This…

You are only saying “Maybe” because you are FULLY protected by our 100% money-back 30-day guarantee.

With our 100% NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED money-back guarantee, there are no worries. And simply no way to go wrong.

And no reason to feel embarrassed to request every single cent back if you’re not completely delighted with Fast Money Alert.

Let me show you how you are protected:

You MUST be 100% thrilled with Fast Money Alert within your first 30 days…

Or I INSIST on rushing you a complete, 100% refund of every penny you paid.

No need to cringe…

No embarrassment…

Because there are NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

It couldn’t be more fair.

You have nothing to lose… and so much to gain.

So go ahead and say “maybe” by clicking the button below right now.

It will take you to a page where you can review your order without obligation.

So now…

You Have a Life-Changing
Decision to Make

You can choose to invest the same old way…

And hope to build your nest egg little by little, taking chances in this volatile market…

Or (worse!) sit out on the sidelines, in cash, letting inflation rip away at the money you think you’re saving…

Or, you can choose to try Fast Money Alert risk-free for 30 days.

Put simply, I believe that by following Mark and Jim’s trades, you can reliably grow your investment portfolio to seven figures during the next 18 months.

To that end, I’d love to have you along for the ride. I know of nowhere else that averages a 124% win per month.

Just click the button below to get started.

It will take you to a page where you can review your order without obligation.

Yours for higher profits,

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Fast Money Alert

P.S. I MUST emphasize…

Since I’m charging less than half of what similar advisories charge today…and giving you a 30-day preview of Fast Money Alert… 

I can’t possibly let more than 50 new members take advantage of this today… out of a potential 300,000 applicants.

So I urge you to grab your spot now while you can.

P.P.S. You don’t need to have a lot of money to get started. You don’t need to be a stock market expert or have years of trading experience under your belt.

Just follow Mark and Jim’s simple instructions to have the opportunity to succeed with their Fast Money Alert system. It’s averaged a 124% win each month for eight years.