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Dr. Mark Skousen’s Five Star Trader is built around a profit system designed to 1) multiply your returns as much as 15-fold and 2) do so with less risk.

It accomplishes both of these by making sure that every recommended play meets Dr. Skousen’s five criteria for investing:

  • Sales growth over 11%.
  • Profit margins over 12%.
  • Price-to-earnings ratio under 29.
  • Profit growth over 23%.
  • Major institutional buying.

Together, these five factors achieve a lot more than the sum of their parts. In this way, they’re like the five forces responsible for allowing enormous 747 jets to take flight.

But, in Dr. Skousen’s case, these five forces produce stocks that soar (not planes)…

In three years of testing, the system identified just 76 stocks out of 2,733 that were considered primed and ready for big profits.

Of those, 93% turned into winners… with average gains coming in at 207%.

Some of the highlights included…

  • 4,650% in Natural Health Trends
  • 516% in Abiomed
  • 472% in Ligand Pharmaceuticals
  • 381% in Cambrex Corp.

All told, if you had put just $2,000 into each of the 76 picks selected using this Smart Beta Profit System over three years…today, you’d have a total profit of $315,856.

Since Five Star Trader’s launch in 2016, it’s hit on 24 of 28 stock picks…

While also generating options gains that include 24 double-digit winners, 18 triple-digit gains and even one play that returned a quadruple-digit profit!

Look at some of these gains:

  • Scotts Miracle-Gro (SMG) … up 1,016% in 40 days!
  • Air Lease Corp. (AL) … up 200% in 60 days
  • Argan, Inc. (AGX) … up 180.85% in 41 days
  • AAON, Inc. (AAON) … up 168.6% in only 41 days
  • Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW) … up 156.5% in 29 days
  • Cabot Microelectronics Corp. (CCMP) … up 152.2% in 3 months
  • Gentex Corp. (GNTX) … up 132.5% in 3 months
  • Walker & Dunlop, Inc. (WD) … up 125% in 48 days
  • Western Alliance Bancorp. (WAL) … up 84.6% in only 23 days
  • Getty Realty Corp. (GTY) … up 83.3% in only 34 days

Even with those great gains, I know Mark is not satisfied unless you’re winning on a very high percentage of your trades… and locking in multiple triple-digit winners every few months.

This all comes down to Dr. Skousen’s profit system, and how it identifies the biggest winning stocks.

In short, like an airplane taking off from the runway, Dr. Skousen finds stocks that have enough thrust and lift to soar to new heights and overcome all the weight and drag of the markets.

This system is potentially one of the most exciting and profitable endeavors we’ve ever put together here at Eagle Financial Publications.

And now, you have the chance to learn directly from the master of this new form of investing, Dr. Mark Skousen.

To receive an invitation like this is a big opportunity. Just look at what some of Dr. Skousen’s previous subscribers have said about him.

What His Subscribers Have to
Say About Dr. Mark Skousen…

“…Mark Skousen is the only one who seems to consistently spot moneymaking trends before they start.”
—C. Bigley, Pennsylvania
“Mark’s specific recommendations are right on target. He has an eye for value and the ability to uncover new investments before they soar.”
—P. Constantini, Maryland

We’re looking at potential gains that can go as high as 4,650% here.

Now, that’s an exceptional example.

It’s the best of the 76 stocks the system helped Dr. Skousen identify.

But remember, with an average gain of 207% and a 93% win-rate, this is about as good a system as we’ve ever seen.

With Dr. Skousen telling you when to get in and get out, collecting these gains may just be the easiest time you’ve ever had collecting winners in the stock market.

That’s why he’s launching Five Star Trader… to give you personal access to his Smart Beta Profit System that’s beaten the market at a rate of 15.2-to-1.

Dr. Skousen’s been in this business for 37 years. He’s seen and tried just about everything… and I can tell you I’ve never seen him so excited.

Remember, Dr. Skousen is a gentleman who is personal friends with billionaire investors, CEO’s of major national corporations, top thinkers and Nobel Prize winning economists.

He has access to some of the biggest ideas and the smartest people on the planet… so, for him to say this system is the best he’s seen is saying something.

I believe you’re going to do well with Five Star Trader.

As a new member, Dr. Skousen will alert you by email and text message the moment his Smart Beta Profit System says a particular stock is about to soar.

All you have to do is follow the instructions… and wait for the profits to roll in.

Here’s everything you’ll get as a charter member:

  • Email Alerts: Each week, Dr. Skousen will let you know which stocks are hitting all the criteria necessary to reach a liftoff point. He’ll share the details with you and tell you what action to take.
  • Special Text Message Alerts: To make sure you never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation or updates to your portfolio, Dr. Skousen will send you a text message so you can take action immediately.
  • Position Updates: Dr. Skousen doesn’t like to leave anything up to chance… he also hates uncertainty. That’s why he’ll closely monitor every position and let you know what’s going on as the stocks begin to move. He wants you to feel very comfortable that he’s in control at all times.
  • Profit Protection: There’s a special technique you can use to give yourself unlimited upside protection and strictly limited downside risk. Dr. Skousen will show you how to do this on EVERY position you take.
  • Password Protected Access to the Website: Here, you can track the portfolio. Review past updates. Get new information on the highest-scoring stocks. This is a place for charter members to gather and stay up-to-date on everything happening with the service.

Now, you get all the services listed above for The Five Star Trader for only $1,995.

But, for new members, we’re offering a very special deal.

You can take a risk-free trial today and lock in a full year of Five Star Trader for just $995. That’s a 50% discount!

Plus, it comes with two of the most generous guarantees we’ve ever offered…

Try Five Star Trader
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Check out the website. Review the first few alerts and recommendations. Track the performance over the first two months.

What I ask is that you get a good feel for Dr. Skousen’s work and how much money his Smart Beta Profit System could make you.

And, if anything doesn’t sit right, for any reason whatsoever, just let me or my team know, and I will make sure you get every penny of your membership fee back.

I have a feeling it won’t come to that.

Dr. Skousen hasn’t lasted 37 years in this business by not making money for people.

The fact is… his track record speaks for itself and I think you’re going to be very pleased with the results.

But, we put this first guarantee in place so you know YOU ARE PROTECTED going in.

You’re putting your trust in us. The least we can do is return the favor.

Plus, there’s one more guarantee I’d like to make.

Make Five Times Your Fee to
Join… Or Get a Full Refund

As I mentioned, the special new member price is just $995 (50% off the regular rate of $1,995).

That works out to $83 per month.

In order for the service to really reflect its value, I believe you should be making AT LEAST five times that amount each month.

That’s why I want to make a second promise.

If you don’t make at least five times the amount you paid to subscribe, you can call up and let us know. Again, I’ll deliver a refund of your subscription fee.

But, in order to take advantage of these two guarantees, you must become a member today.

Just fill out the secure order form below.

We’re as excited about this as any service we’ve ever launched.

I can tell you the profit potential is huge.

But, before you begin, I have just one favor to ask.

When your first big profit rolls in… send me a note. I love to hear from our subscribers when they start making money they never thought was possible.


Roger Michalski

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications