Fellow Investor,

Here’s your chance to gain an overwhelming market edge with a system that’s been on a tear for the last 12 months, hitting on:

From those profitable trades, there were 26 double-digit gains as high as 98.4%…  18 triple-digit profits as high as 276.4%… and even one quadruple-digit gain of 1,016.4%!

But I can’t say I’m surprised by this remarkable performance.

That’s because this service comes from a man whose name is synonymous with profits…

A man with 37+ years’ experience and a resume of accolades that can’t be touched by other so called “experts.”

I’ll introduce you to him in a moment.

Right now, though, I need to tell you more about his remarkable service. 

Like, the fact that it’s had only four losing stock picks and four losing options picks since August 2016.

It’s the hottest of hot hands…

Meaning there won’t be a better time to try it out yourself, and start pulling down gains like these recent winners:


17.40% in SMG (Scotts Miracle-Gro Corporation) in just 65 days. $10,000 becomes $11,740 — a $1,740 gain.


13.27% in AGX (Argan, Inc.) in just 43 days. $10,000 becomes $11,327 — a $1,327 gain.


13.77% in MPW (Medical Properties Trust, Inc.) in just 52 days. $10,000 becomes $11,377 — a $1,377 gain.

On average, these positions are closed out in 49 days, so you’re not waiting long to book your profits.

And if you’re someone who likes to swing for the fences, this system delivers a whole lot more than just winning stock plays.

Its options are even more lucrative… 

How To Get Even Higher Returns

More aggressive traders – looking for even bigger gains – sometimes skip the underlying stocks entirely and go straight for the high-profit options plays this system delivers.

And why not? It’s hit on 28 of 32 closed options positions for gains like these:


424.63% in SMG (Scotts Miracle-Gro Corporation) calls in just 40 days as compared to 17.4% with the stock. $10,000 becomes $42,464 — a $32,464 gain.


40.43% in AGX (Argan, Inc.) calls in just 43 days as compared to 13.27% with the stock. $10,000 becomes $14,044 — a $4,044 gain.


78.33% in MPW (Medical Properties Trust, Inc.) calls in just 29 days as compared to 13.77% with the stock. $10,000 becomes $17,834 — a $7,834 gain.

Again, this system’s generated gains like these on 28 of 32 options trades…

Most traders can only dream of this kind of consistency. And yet this hybrid system delivers these wins over and over again.

So, what’s the secret?

This strategy offers a unique combination of “man” and “machine” that creates winning trades more reliable than either one alone.

That dependability is critical, because…

I Couldn’t Guarantee Performance this Good Without an Expert Pulling the Trigger

I don’t think it’s exactly a nuclear secret that today’s high-powered computers offer a major investing shortcut for sifting through mountains of market data.

After all, they crunch numbers millions of times faster than the human brain. So it makes sense to point them at the market and let them do their thing.

The big Wall Street firms spend millions on top-secret software designed for it.

But if this kind of trading was the final answer to investing success, then that’s all they’d ever do.

They don’t, though. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and all the other heavy hitters on the Street still employ thousands of human analysts and traders. Why?

It’s because computers have some pretty severe limitations. They can’t apply any common sense to what they discover. If something’s just slightly “out of bounds” with a computer’s programming …

The wheels can come off.

You’ve surely heard of the various stock market “flash crashes” blamed on out-of-control high-speed computer systems.

Here’s the best-known example:

On May 6, 2010, the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered a “flash crash” and collapsed 9% in 5 minutes. It was like someone cut the cable on the elevator — the stunning 1,000 point loss wasn’t pretty. Certain stocks, including Accenture PLC, were down more than 90% before recovering.

During the computer-driven insanity, almost $1 trillion in market value got carried away like a beach umbrella in a hurricane. Then — just 20 minutes later — everything mysteriously settled down again. It was like nothing had ever happened as things went back to “normal”.

That short-lived mistake was painful for those who got caught in the downdraft.

But runaway computer trading can get even more expensive than that.

Market-maker Knight Capital Group lost $440 million in 45 minutes one morning – at the rate of $10 million a minute! — when their super-duper trading software began selling all the stocks it accidentally bought. That’s one heck of a bad day at the office.

The cause here? Their program misread market signs and triggered bad sales.

The take-away from both examples is that a well-crafted stock-picking computer algorithm is just a tool.

For truly amazing gains, that tool needs to be placed in the hands of someone who knows how to use it – a master analyst.

I’ll introduce you to just such a master in a moment.

But, before I do that, it helps to understand what our human brains contribute that computers can’t.

Why Man OR Machine
Aren’t As Profitable As Both Together

Our brains are 3 times faster than the quickest supercomputer operating today.

That might seem hard to believe.

But silicon computers don’t do more than one thing at a time very well. They zip along a single instruction-defined path like a bullet. They get there in a hurry, but it’s still just one thing at a time.

Meanwhile the human mind is enormously powerful and evaluates many criteria simultaneously.

Imagine 100 workers on an assembly line, each one building a different part at the same time. You get a finished device quickly, because of the combined effect of all those workers together.

Our brains deliver solutions just like this. We can fit seemingly unrelated pieces together in the blink of an eye.

That’s why we’re so good at recognizing patterns.

Pattern recognition is the major reason we remember faces we haven’t seen for years… identify music after a couple seconds of playback… or instantly know “something’s wrong” with a complete stranger’s body language or speech.

Here’s a quick example you can test yourself…

Can you draw your name in the air with your elbow?

I bet you can do it easily, even though no one’s asked you to try it before in your life.

It’s because your brain instantly recognizes two things: the pattern of your written name, and how to transfer its experience with drawing that pattern from your hand to your elbow.

No supercomputer today can even come close to joining together such different tasks so effortlessly.

And this is why a good human analyst can see “the big picture” in the stock market that a computer algorithm can’t.

Pattern recognition is crucial to making money in the market. Not just chart patterns, but also fundamental micro and macroeconomic data… human psychology and sentiment… historical background… political parties, leaders and policy, and more.

All these factors add up to more than the sum of their parts. That’s something humans can figure out quickly…

While machines simply can’t “see” how it all fits together.

But machines CAN crunch hard numbers millions of times faster than us.

So it makes sense to simply prime a computer with the right data and then “filter” the results with an experienced, common sense human touch…

That delivers something much more powerful and more reliable than either one alone.

Just like bacon and eggs — or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…

Some things simply work best as a team. And when we’re investing, that’s exactly what we want, isn’t it?

The best possible system.

In fact, I’m so confident the system I’ve been describing will deliver exactly what you need, I’m offering it to you risk-free.

A System So Good,
It’s Worth a Double Guarantee

If this “Man plus Machine” system was a racing engine, I’d say it’s reached perfect pitch for optimum performance.

That’s because – as I said before – in the last 12 months, the results have looked like this:

This is our hottest service and it just keeps on getting better.

That’s why I’m confidently presenting a two-part guarantee to you for trying it out right now.

I think you’d be downright crazy to ignore it.

Promise #1:

Your “Pays for Itself in 60 Days” Guarantee: You get 60 days to pay for your membership from your new trading profits… or you can claim a full and unconditional refund.

Promise #2:

Your Ironclad Satisfaction Guarantee: If at any time during your 60-day test-drive, you’re not satisfied with the profits you’re making — or the service itself in any way — just let us know and you’ll get a prompt 100% refund.

I also believe this system is good enough that you could easily double your money in just one year if you try it out.

Your $50,000 portfolio could be worth at least $100,000 just one year from now. Your $250,000 nest egg could top $500,000 or more. And your $500,000 could soar to over a cool $1,000,000.

How? From quick and easy profits like these ones:


51.67% in GTY (Getty Realty Corp.) calls in 34 days. $10,000 becomes $15,167 — a $5,167 gain.


50.77% in WAL (Western Alliance Bancorp.) calls in 23 days. $10,000 becomes $15,077 — a $5,077 gain.


44.81% in NANO (Nanometrics Inc.) calls in just 7 days. $10,000 becomes $14,481 — a $4,481 gain.

And there’s many more wins like these, as I’m showing you today.

But I can’t guarantee you’ll double your money in one year.

That’s because I have no control over how you execute the consistent winning picks this system recommends. However, I hope you appreciate I wouldn’t suggest this kind of performance without some very good reasons.

Let me show you what they are…

Why I’m Offering You this
Double Guarantee Today

If you take all the stock and options trades over the last year, there’s been 55 closed trades, including 23 stock picks and 32 options picks.

The average return on all those positions stands at 21.59% over 49 days each.

That’s a huge 160.82% when you annualize it. So, we can use 160% as a theoretical maximum, but we have to remember that it’s not possible to instantly re-invest your money from the last trade into the new one.

That said, I still believe you can double your portfolio with this hybrid system based on these key facts:

That gives you plenty of wiggle room to re-invest funds from previous trades into new ones.

And that 21.59% average return (on all closed stock and option trades – losers included) is going to put you well into profit.

Let’s say you committed 5% of a $100,000 portfolio to each position from this system. (There’s been an average of 8 open positions at any one time, so you’d be fine with 5% in each one.)

The numbers would look something like this for a $100,000 portfolio:

To be super-conservative, I didn’t compound any profits here. I just assumed that hard-working $5,000 gets re-invested every 2 months.

See how you’d potentially wind up with $6,477 pure profit and a $11,477 balance from $5,000?

That more than doubles your investment in just one year.

Then after you’ve doubled it once, you could do it again the year after… And the year after that too.

That’s all well enough, but suppose you have a bigger appetite for risk…

Then you could trade just the options recommendations while ignoring the underlying stock picks.

So here’s the table I showed you earlier, but with an “Options Only” column added for comparison…

You get a much higher rate of return per trade, although the risk is higher with options only.

But, as I’ve pointed out earlier, there have been only four losing options trades since August 2016.

Just four!

That’s why I’m so confident in making these guarantees:

  1. Your profits will pay for your membership within 60 days of getting started, and…
  2. You’ll be completely satisfied with your profits and the service itself during your 60-day test-drive.

If either of these things fail to happen, I’ll give you a full and unconditional refund of what you paid to give this service a chance.

So, how can you try it out?

First, click the button below… I’ve even created a special 50% discount for accepting this offer.

I’ll tell you more about that discount shortly.

But let me now introduce you to the man who created this hybrid system: Dr. Mark Skousen.

Here’s The Guy Who Makes It All Happen

Launching this highly profitable hybrid “Man plus Machine” service is only the most recent of Dr. Mark Skousen’s many accomplishments as one of the world’s top 20 living economists.

It’s quite an honor to be named amongst the world’s very best, of course.

But Dr. Skousen has earned it. He’s proven his worth over his 37+ years in the business with some remarkable predictions, including…

Dr. Skousen’s also published 25 books, including best sellers “The Structure of Production”, “Economic Logic”, and “Investing in One Lesson”. In 2009, “The Making of Modern Economics” won the Choice Book Award for Outstanding Academic Title.

His impact has been so tremendous that Grantham University renamed its business school, “The Mark Skousen School of Business” in honor of his work in economics, finance and management.

Plus, his insights in “The Structure of Production” inspired the government to adopt a new economic statistic (“Gross Output”) which more accurately measures the importance of business investment in the economy.

Dr. Skousen even wrote the lead editorial on this new Gross Output statistic for the Wall Street Journal.

That’s why he’s garnered so much praise from some of the biggest names in the business:

“Mark Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know. His books on free-market economics and investing can’t be beat. I urge you to subscribe to his financial newsletter and read his books.” ~ Larry Kudlow, Economic Analyst, Television Personality, and Newspaper Columnist
“Mark Skousen is an able, imaginative and energetic economist. A firm supporter of free markets, Dr. Skousen has written extensively on how they work and the obstacles they face.” ~ Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics
“Mark is a skilled investor, creative entrepreneur, and a first-rate thinker, writer and practitioner of sound economics.” ~ Jack Mackey, Co-Founder and current Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market

On a personal level, Dr. Skousen is a big believer in America and what makes it truly great: capitalism… prosperity… and the freedom to make the most of your life by rolling up your sleeves and doing the hard work that needs to be done.

In fact, it’s his maxim that the business of America is business.

And as far as subscribers are concerned, Dr. Skousen’s business is all about generating consistently great profits while protecting their capital.

That’s certainly what his subscribers have confirmed when they write to me:

“I’ve tried over 20 investment newsletters — and Mark Skousen has been the only one to consistently make me money… He’s the best!” ~ J.K., Oregon
“…Mark Skousen is the only one who seems to consistently spot moneymaking trends before they start.” ~ C.B., Pennsylvania
“Mark’s specific recommendations are right on target. He has an eye for value and the ability to uncover new investments before they soar.” ~ P.C., Maryland
“[Mark] Skousen is the most consistent of the analysts I’ve followed, and I’ve had very good luck with what he’s recommended.” ~ C.R.P., Money Show Orlando
“Mark, 85%-90% of my portfolio contains your investment ideas. I’m a believer… rock solid. Your picks stand the test of time in good or bad conditions… that is the mark of someone who understands markets and people beyond the norm, far beyond the norm.” ~ A.C., Michigan

So, how does all this apply to Dr. Skousen’s hybrid “Man plus Machine” system?

Well, most analysts are too insecure or too paranoid to release the details I’m about to show you.

But Dr. Skousen’s different. He’s not interested in peddling a mysterious “black box” where you don’t understand what’s going on.

See for yourself how everything’s founded on the strongest possible fundamentals:

A Five Star System in
Name and Performance

Dr. Skousen tells his computer program to scan for 5 well-chosen investing criteria.

Each works hand in glove with the others so when all 5 “hit”, the resulting prospect is pretty special.

That’s why not many companies qualify. Only 3% make the cut – and that’s across all sectors…

Meaning you’ll never have to worry about bouncing around from hot zone to hot zone looking for winners!

In fact, these 5 criteria are so potent, and work together so well, I like to compare them to the 5 forces needed for a plane to take off.

That’s because everyone understands aircrafts are powerful machines we’ve designed to make our lives better. We also understand specific events need to happen before planes can do their job.

Success Factor #1: Jet Engine Thrust = Company Sales Growth
A plane needs plenty of thrust from its engines to provide power. Misfiring or dead turbines simply won’t do.

Sales provide the same function in a business. Sales drive revenues which drive growth. Without 11% or better sales growth, the stock’s unlikely to fly.

But this is only the very first step in picking the best possible companies for explosive near-term gains …

Success Factor #2: Aerodynamic Drag = Company Expenses
Even the most powerful engine can’t push a plane forward if there’s too much drag. If the aircraft isn’t well-designed, or if it’s been damaged by accident or incompetence, it’s not going anywhere fast.

The corresponding drag on a business is its expenses. Is the company well-run? Can it manage its operations efficiently? Is it being harmed by malicious or indifferent management practices?

We can measure that by checking its profit margin, which is simply the difference between sales and expenses. The bigger the profit margin, the faster the stock can move forward.

Profit margins must be at least 12% or the company’s not a good prospect for the kind of immediate profits we’re seeking.

Success Factor #3: Aerodynamic Lift = Profit Growth
A good plane needs lots of lift too. To make the most of powerful thrust and minimum drag, the sweep of the wings and fuselage are critical to generating as much lift as possible.

Similarly, a well-run company should have lots of profit growth. Increasing sales and a good profit margin aren’t much good if the profits aren’t expanding too.

That’s why a stock needs to show profit growth of at least 23% to be an acceptable candidate for Dr. Skousen’s hybrid system.

Success Factor #4: Takeoff Weight = P/E Ratio
You can’t be too heavy if you’re looking to soar in the aerospace or business world.

An overloaded plane isn’t going anywhere. Not safely, anyway.

A company’s “weight” is measured by how much you have to pay to get it. Stocks with very high price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios are “heavy”. They’re overpriced. Any near-term gains arise from speculative frenzies.

That’s very risky, because investor emotions can turn on a dime.

Rather than gamble on stocks like those, it’s much more sensible to find companies that aren’t gripped by investor manias yet. Let the market find our picks after we get into them.

That’s why we want to avoid stocks priced higher than 29 times earnings. They’re so much safer. This service wouldn’t have such a fantastic 85.9% winning record over the last year if Dr. Skousen wasn’t being so careful about risk.

Success Factor #5: Great Weather = Institutional Buying
There’s one last thing you need to fly: favorable weather. Clear skies are ideal. A powerful tailwind is even better.

In the stock market, perfect flying weather takes the form of institutional buying.

When the big banks and brokerages are purchasing millions of shares, recommending the stock to their customers, and giving a company high ratings, that’s exactly the kind of clear skies and bonus tail winds we’re looking for.

It’s “social proof” in action – an endorsement by those who know. When they like a stock, everyone else soon likes it too.

And there you have it.

Those are the 5 exacting criteria Dr. Skousen’s computer sets to work on.

When all 5 factors are present, you get the kind of lift that generates profits like these:


21.27% in AL (Air Lease Corporation) stock in just 93 days. $10,000 becomes $12,127 — a $2,127 gain.


10.63% in IDCC (InterDigital, Inc.) stock in just 30 days. $10,000 becomes $11,063 — a $1,063 gain.

“So why not just buy the elite 3% of stocks the computer likes and call it a day?” you might be wondering.

Surely those companies will be winners, because they’re so special… right?

Well yes, but that’s simply not good enough for Dr. Skousen.

Trusting the computer algorithm by itself is a big mistake. As I’ve shown you earlier, computers don’t understand how to place numbers into context.

They miss the big picture, because they just mindlessly crunch data.

That’s why Dr. Skousen takes that special 3% of stocks the computer discovers…

And applies his 37+ years of experience as one of the world’s top 20 living economists to select only the most promising prospects to recommend.

He asks questions that a computer can’t, like these below:

What’s the relative sector strength?
Even a great company can get dragged down if it’s in a weak sector. Or maybe that sector’s flying high now, but it’s over-extended and due for a drop, thanks to the business cycle, market conditions, or current or upcoming central bank policy.

How about management?
Are they the ones responsible for the recent results? What’s their track record with similar companies?

How does the company’s stock price compare to performance?
If the numbers are great, but the stock performance isn’t, that’s a potential red flag too.

Plus, he examines fundamental micro and macroeconomic data, political developments, human psychology and market sentiment – everything that goes into assessing where the market’s most likely to go next.

In short, Dr. Skousen reviews what the computer can’t.

And his unique combination of experience and education is why Dr. Mark Skousen is exactly the man you want on your side as the human part of this “Man plus Machine” system.

You see, even with a great pool of the top 3% of candidates, it still takes a great analyst to apply common sense and context…

To shape something promising into something genuinely profitable over and over again.

That’s why Dr. Skousen named this service: Five Star Trader.

Just like the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and InterContinental luxury hotels, the stocks he recommends are very exclusive five-star properties. With the right “management” overseeing things, you’re set to enjoy a very exceptional experience.


88.57% in ESNT (Essent Group Ltd.) calls in just 15 days. $10,000 becomes $18,857 — a $8,857 gain.


180.56% in IDCC (InterDigital, Inc.) calls in just 30 days. $10,000 becomes $28,056 — a $18,056 gain.


75.93% in WD (Walker Dunlop Inc.) calls in just 33 days. $10,000 becomes $17,593 — a $7,593 gain.

So what else sets Five Star Trader’s performance apart?

One More Secret Behind Five Star Trader’s
Consistently High Options Profits

The annualized rate of return across Five Star Trader’s closed trades is a huge 160.82% to date.

All from just 32 options recommendations in the last 12 months…

That produced a total of 26 double-digit wins and 18 triple-digit wins in the options trades. Plus one quadruple-digit monster too.

How is that possible?

It’s because Dr. Skousen closes out part of each trade before letting the rest run a bit longer.

For example, he recommended Hexcel Corp. March $50 calls.


So that’s two doubles and a triple-digit win from the same position for an overall 80.14% return in 61 days.

Obviously, it would have been wonderful to unload the entire position for 123.43%.

But staggering the sales over time improved the overall return from 77.14% to 80.14%.


Here’s another example with Scotts Miracle-Gro Corporation September $75 calls. (It’s the biggest overall winner Five Star’s delivered so far.)

Dr. Skousen made his initial buy-in recommendation in early August.

Overall, the position delivered 424.63% profit over 40 days — a significantly higher profit than the initial sale at 205.97%.

This time, the biggest win was the last closed trade, not the middle one.

Having the discipline to stay cool under pressure and maximize gains is yet another reason why Dr. Skousen’s been delivering profitable stock and options trades for investors since 1980.

And delivering additional gains like the following…


38.89% in APO (Apollo Global Management LLC) calls in 44 days. $10,000 becomes $13,890 — a $3,890 gain.


40.74% in STNG (Scorpio Tankers Inc.) calls in just 14 days. $10,000 becomes $14,074 — a $4,074 gain.


130.88% in AL (Air Lease Corporation) calls in 91 days. $10,000 becomes $23,088 — a $13,088 gain.

In fact, results like these are why I’m confident you won’t be asking me to return your membership fee 60 days from now.

It’s that good.

And it’s that hot right now. 

So, here’s how to get started:

What You Get as a Five Star Trader Member

As a Five Star Trader member, you’ll get everything you need to begin making outsized profits immediately.

You won’t need anything else to confidently trade Five Star Trader’s recommendations and generate the consistent profits I’ve been showing you today.

So, what would you expect to pay for a service where…

A stock investment of $10,000 has generated $1,740 in just 65 days… $1,327 in just 43 days… or $1,377 in just 52 days?

Options trades have allowed a $10,000 position to grow by $4,044 in just 43 days… $9,834 in just 29 days… $18,056 in just 30 days… or a HUGE $32,464 in just 40 days?

A system that’s been on fire for the last year, winning on…

Before you answer how much that’s worth… Remember, I’m so confident Five Star Trader will continue its stellar performance, I’m offering this two-part guarantee:

Promise #1:

The Five Star Trader “Pays for Itself in 60 Days” Guarantee: You get 60 days to pay for your Five Star membership from your new trading profits… or you can claim a full and unconditional refund.

Promise #2:

The Five Star Trader 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If at any time during your 60-day test-drive, you’re not satisfied with the profits you’re making — or the service itself in any way — just let us know and you’ll get a prompt 100% refund.

So, let’s get down to it. How much would such a guaranteed system be worth?

Well, there are many publishers who’d be happy to charge you $5,000 for a profit-generating powerhouse as good as Five Star Trader.

Even that much would be a pretty good deal too, because you’d likely make back your entire membership fee in just a couple of trades.

But Dr. Skousen and I both wanted to make Five Star Trader as accessible as we can to all traders. (And, as his publisher, I want long-term happy subscribers who feel they’re getting a bargain.)

So, I seriously considered charging just half that amount. After all, $2,500 is just a couple hundred bucks a month for something that’s designed to deliver 10+ times that over and over again.

We originally settled on a regular price of $1,995 a year for Five Star Trader.

But after more than a year’s worth of tremendous success, Dr. Skousen wasn’t satisfied with that price.

Save $1,000 Right Now

You see, now that Five Star Trader has passed its one-year anniversary as a proven high-performance trading service, Dr. Skousen wants to offer a very generous 50% discount, from the regular $1,995 price, if you sign up right now.

So join today and you’ll pay just $995.

That’s $2.72 a day. A McDonald’s Big Mac costs more than that. So does a Starbucks coffee.

And yet, you’ll be set to take real, live profits, including $1,327 in just 43 days… $1,377 in just 52 days… $4,044 in just 43 days… $9,834 in just 29 days… and more.

I think that’s a lot better deal than the burger or coffee.

Because you’ll never see a lower price for a trading service that’s delivering this kind of consistent, high-quality profitability.

Remember, the average Five Star options win-rate is 87.5% including the losers. The service has hit on 28 of 32 options trades since this time last year.

With each stock position included (not just the options alone), the average closed trade still delivered 21.59% profits – again, that’s including the losers.

That really adds up. That’s why I showed how you could double your money in one year in two different ways: stocks and options together, or options alone.

So go ahead — join Dr. Skousen and become a Five Star Trader member today.

Just click the button below right now…

The button takes you to a secure membership acceptance form.

On that page, you can review everything I’ve said here before you make your final decision.

Or, if you prefer to speak live with a member of my team, just call 866-482-7689 and you’ll get my dedicated Portfolio Manager, Charles Campbell.

Charles has more than 20 years of market experience as a broker and client liaison. He knows the service inside and out. Call Charles Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM Eastern time.

However you’d like to begin – online here, or by talking with Charles, I suggest you get your risk-free membership started today…

While the service is red hot.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roger Michalski
Publisher of Five Star Trader