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Hi, Roger Michalski here…

I’d like to personally thank you for being a part of the 2019 Trade of the Year Profit Summit.

Dr. Mark Skousen and I are very excited to have you on board as part of his Five Star Trader service.

Over the last ten years, the best stock of each year has produced an average gain of 2,265%…

Enough to multiply your money by 22 times…

So, Dr. Skousen’s 2019 Trade of the Year represents a truly huge opportunity.

And this year, Dr. Skousen’s unique screening process – the Five Pillars of Profitability – has delivered a real winner.

As you’ll see in your report – 2019 Trade of the Year – he’s found a wireless communication company in perfect position to let you cash in on the explosion in wireless technology.

It already boasts all five of Dr. Skousen’s Profit Pillars:

  1. Sales Growth: an annual growth rate of 18%.
  2. Profit Margins: a whopping 30% – making it one of the strongest stocks in the sector.
  3. Price-Earnings Ratio: these shares are a bargain at just 23.6.
  4. Earnings Growth: an impressive 34%.
  5. Institutional Investments: 25% of shares are owned by institutions, so you can get in now before the big money really begins moving into these shares.

And it’s got that “special sauce” Dr. Skousen looks for, because it just began paying a quarterly dividend.

Even as the S&P 500 plunged in November and December…

These shares took off – up nearly 60% in 2018!

That’s the kind of stock I want in my portfolio – and why Dr. Skousen chose it for you as his 2019 Trade of the Year.

You get all the details in your special report: 2019 Trade of the Year.

Plus, Dr. Skousen has two BONUS stocks he wants you to have… Two Five Star Stocks Set for Explosive Growth in 2019.

Each stock possesses all five of Dr. Skousen’s Pillars of Profitability… and each one also pays a juicy dividend.

  • Bonus Stock #1 is a financial company with an excellent business model: it provides and services credit cards for online and brick-and-mortar retailers. It’s also now the exclusive issuer of credit for one of the biggest credit providers. And it pays a very generous 3.3% dividend payment…
  • Bonus Stock #2 is a diamond in the rough… in a sector expected to come roaring back: semi-conductors. Dr. Skousen believes the semi-conductor market will continue to grow, because, in an age of robotics, autonomous cars, and artificial intelligence… the chip market will be in demand for a long, long time. And this one also pays a solid 3.1% dividend.

In addition to your bonus stocks…

Dr. Skousen wants to give you another important report to help you get the most out of your Five Star Trader membership.

It’s called The Little Black Book of Options Secrets.

In this fast-reading primer on the world of options, Mark will show you everything you need to know to be up and running… and making money with options – without any headaches.

With all that working for you – the 2019 Trade of the Year, the two BONUS stocks, and your options guide…

I’m completely confident you’ll be able to triple your money in the next 12 months… and possibly much, much more.

In fact, I’m guaranteeing it (more about that in a moment).

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In addition to your three special reports from Mark: The 2019 Trade of the Year… Two Five Star Stocks Set for Explosive Growth in 2019… The Little Black Book of Options Secrets

As a new member of Dr. Skousen’s Five Star Trader, you’ll also receive:

  • Weekly Five Star Trader Hotlines: These alerts give you the full details on the newest and most exciting stock and option plays identified by Mark’s screening system — including full instructions on how to make each and every trade.
  • Urgent Action Alerts: The markets move quickly, and when it does, you’ll also get up-to-the-minute urgent action alerts… which means you won’t miss out on a single cent of profit.
  • Options Recommendations: You get instant access to Mark’s exclusive options that could let you double or even triple your money.
  • Protective Strategies: You also get a powerful strategy for strictly limiting your risk, while increasing your upside.
  • The Five Star Trader Members-Only Website: This is where Mark posts every recommendation that fits his exact criteria. You’ll also find every alert Mark has ever issued there, as well as his special reports.
  • Five Star Trader Conference Calls: When the time is right, Mark invites members to sit in on special conference calls to address important opportunities taking shape in the market right now

All this, and more, is yours by becoming a Five Star Trader member today.

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Your Satisfaction is Completely Guaranteed

While all sales are final today, if you don’t have the chance to triple your money from at least one of Dr. Skousen’s trade recommendations in the next 12 months…

Mark has agreed to continue working for you for a second year completely free of charge.

Even if you only double your money in that time…

You’ll receive an additional 12 months – on us!

In fact, I have such complete confidence in the power of Dr. Skousen’s proven system to make you much richer this year….

That’s why I’m also offering you this second guarantee:

The 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

You must be 100% satisfied in Dr. Skousen’s Five Star Trader, or you can simply call us and request your existing membership to be transferred over to a service more suitable for your needs.

Keep in mind, the “Trade of the Year” is just ONE of the trade recommendations Mark will be sending you…

We haven’t even mentioned the profit potential of the other 23 trades you’ll be seeing over the next 12 months… each with the potential to double and even triple your money.

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