How to Tap Into the Wall Street Profit Pipeline…

For gains of 485% in 22 days… 633% in 49 days… even 864% in 21 days. Let our man on the inside show you how…

Dear Reader,

Washington D.C. is an open sewer of special interests, crony-capitalism and pay-for-play politics.

It’s also one of the largest, most effective money-making machines on the planet. 

Over the past 40 years, the permanent political class have successfully set up their own private “Profit Pipeline”…

Where information – and money – flow freely between Capitol Hill… powerful hedge funds… major investment banks… giant corporations… and influential lobbying firms. 

It’s a never-ending daisy-chain where money buys you information… and information makes you money.  

In a moment, I’ll show you how, in the pipeline, money becomes access…

Access becomes favors…

And favors become laws and regulations…

That lead to enormous profits on Wall Street.

I’m talking gains of 855%… 1,100%… and 1058% – to name just a few.

Most Americans have been completely cut out of the loop… 

Because we don’t have the money to buy the access to curry the favors to change the laws…

Which is why I want you to pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.

In a moment, you’ll discover how, with one simple move, you can gain privileged access to the same kind of political intelligence flowing through this Profit Pipeline every day…

Because I’m going to introduce you to someone who has deep inside connections to the halls of power…

A man with access to the most sought-after, most highly-coveted intelligence in all of Washington D.C. …

“Political Intelligence”.

It’s what keeps the Profit Pipeline flowing smoothly.

Few understand how the Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline really works better than members of Congress.

Based on financial filings required by members of Congress, in just three years (2009-2012)…

This Profit Pipeline helped the average freshman Congressman of the 112th U.S. Congress increase his own net worth by 50%.

That’s like earning 16% a year, every year, three years in a row.

That’s better than most money managers!

Yet, it was par for the course for many Congressmen.

As impressive as it is to earn 50% over three years – that’s just the average…

Some made out much, much better…

Rep. Jeff Denham of California grew his wealth by 1,981% in the same three-year period.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois increased his net worth by 633%.

Congressman Steve Palazzo from Mississippi grew his wealth by 251%.

Martha Roby of Alabama – up 250%

Cory Gardner of Colorado – up 212%

Charlie Bass of New Hampshire – up 136%

Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania – up 210%.

And that’s just a handful of congressional representatives who managed to enrich themselves in just that one three-year period.

Now, I am NOT saying any of these politicians did anything outside the law.

I’m simply illustrating how easy it can be to build wealth when you have access to the incredibly lucrative “Political Intelligence” flowing through the Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline.

Up until now, real access to this profit-generating Pipeline has been denied to most Americans.

But that’s all about to change.

We’ve got someone deep on the inside in Washington D.C.

And his personal network of contacts, combined with his nearly four decades of market experience…

Has given him unprecedented access to the outrageously lucrative, money-making intel that flows through this Profit Pipeline.

Moreover, he’s agreed to deliver the most profitable opportunities in this Pipeline directly to a select group of our readers.

Not only has he agreed to share this information with you, he’s going one step further:

He’ll show you the best investments for making money from the information he gets from this Profit Pipeline.

So far, he’s produced some impressive results.

In fact, just one idea from this Pipeline led directly to a gain of 20% on the stock and 212% on a call option –  in just about 6 weeks.

That’s just the latest winner.

As you’ll see a bit later, our “inside man” has a history of generating outstanding fast gains like that:

That’s how fast you can make money when you have access to this level of “Political Intelligence.” 

And, in the next few minutes, you could have your own “Profit Pipeline” pumping the same kind of money-making “Political Intelligence” directly to you.

The Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline is all about the money.

No one understands that better than the U.S. Congress… and the companies lobbying them.              

According to the non-profit Center for Responsive Politics

In just the past 10 years – corporations and industry groups have spent $35.3 billion lobbying members of Congress.

In 2016 alone, $3.1 billion was spread around to gain access to power.

And that access has produced outstanding results.

In fact, the companies that have spent the most money lobbying U.S. Congress and Senate…

Have enjoyed significant increases in share prices.

Since 2009…

General Electric (GE) spent $155 million… and shares ran up 149%.

Boeing Co. (BA) spent $101.9 million lobbying… and shares shot up 344%.

Northrop Grumman (NOC) went through $99.9 million to lobby Congress… and now shares are up 457%.

Alphabet (GOOG) spread around $93.2 million… and shares gained 531%.

It might not surprise you to learn that the sector spending the most money in the halls of Congress and the Senate is Healthcare.

In just one year – 2016 – the healthcare industry spent more than $515 million to influence politicians.

Perhaps unsurprisingly…

Healthcare stocks make up the most popular sector in congressional portfolios.

According to records from 2015, about 30% of U.S Senators, and 20% of U.S. Representatives, are invested in healthcare and biotech industries.

Few have been as active in the sector as former Congressman Tom Price, now the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Trump administration.

When Price was in Congress, he regularly traded hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of healthcare stocks… companies he had the power to influence through legislation and regulation.

During his confirmation hearings, it was revealed that in 2016, he had purchased $90,000 worth of shares in six pharmaceutical companies…

Eli Lilly, Amgen, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, McKesson, Pfizer and Biogen…

He bought these stocks on the same day he took steps to help kill a regulation that could have sunk the share prices of these companies.

Once that regulation was out of the way, these stocks quickly moved higher.

To be clear, I don’t mean to imply that now-Secretary Price did anything wrong.

Price has claimed that these shares were bought by his broker without his knowledge.

However, it goes to show how quickly the Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline can move the markets…

And how fast you can rack up some serious money… when you know how to tap into this Profit Pipeline.

The list of politicians siphoning money from the Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline goes on and on.

When John Boehner was Speaker of the House, he used his access to “Political Intelligence” to buy thousands of dollars in health insurance stocks, like Cardinal Health, Cigna, and WellPoint…

As well as drug companies like Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Forest Labs, Covidien, and Pfizer.

Records show he purchased these shares just days before he quashed the so-called “public option” in Obamacare… and handed health insurance and drug companies easy access to immense profits from the coming Affordable Care Act.

Sometimes, politicians are given access to exclusive deals regular folks like us would never get the chance to participate in.

For instance…

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband were given access to the exclusive IPO of Visa shares – buying 5,000 shares of Visa stock at $44 a share. 

A couple of days later – when the stock began trading publicly – shares jumped to $64… handing the Pelosis a gain of roughly $100,000 practically overnight. 

The reason for this generous, and lucrative, offer to buy into Visa’s private IPO?

It could have something to do with a tough new credit card reform regulation that would’ve slashed Visa’s profits.

Fortunately for Visa, Speaker Pelosi never allowed that new law to come to the floor for a vote – or even a debate.

Heck… some Congressmen and Senators even profited in 2008 when the market was on the brink of collapse.

As average Americans saw their savings and retirement plans wiped out, home values destroyed, and the economy careen over the cliff…

Certain members of Congress were profiting.

Just 12 days before the 2008 economic meltdown, in secret meetings with the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve…

A small group of Congressmen and Senators were told about the impending economic bombshell about to explode and destroy the economy.

The day after that meeting, 10 senators took their personal funds out of the market as quickly as possible, while millions of regular Americans like you and me got crushed in the worst disaster of our lifetimes.

Senator Shelley Capito dumped $100,000 – $250,000 of Citigroup stock on the 18th of November 2008 at $83 per share. 

The next day, Citi stock fell to $64 per share. At the very bottom, shares of Citigroup had gone to $1.

Congressman Jim Moran sold off 90 different companies — his biggest trading day of the year.

I think it’s time for average Americans to enjoy access to the same kind of lucrative “Political Intelligence” Congressmen, Senators, hedge funds and investment banks have enjoyed for years.

Because, now, we have someone on the inside of Washington who has unprecedented access to the money-making intel flowing through this Pipeline.

And he’s building a portfolio of investments designed to wring the most profits from the hard-to-access political intel he’s tapped into.

Over 35 years, our “inside man” has proven his skill at translating “intel” into profits.

With bulls-eye trades on stocks for consistent, market-crushing annual growth…

And options trades for swing-for-the-fences-size profits…

He’s generated a truly impressive string of winners, including:

And now, with his network of contacts embedded deep within the halls of power, he’s agreed to share his next round of Pipeline Profits with a select handful individuals.

Let me be perfectly clear about one thing before we go any further here.

The powerful — and potentially hugely lucrative — flow of “Political Intelligence” you’ll be tapping into will NOT be classified by the SEC as “insider.”

As you know, it’s against federal law to profit on truly inside information… information unavailable to the general public.

Whether it comes from Wall Street, the government, or anywhere else.

However, it’s not illegal in any way to access public information — the kind that flows through the Profit Pipeline every day…

And then invest in companies that are most likely to benefit from that information while they’re still under the radar.

That’s not against the law at all.

It’s just brilliant, and incredibly effective.

It’s how Senators and Congressmen have fattened their own wallets for years…

Only now, you have the chance to profit from the same money-making intel Congress has enjoyed for decades.

For the record: I’m talking about a new, totally legal way to get your money out in front of government laws and regulations

For a chance at unprecedented profits with greatly reduced investment risks.

Let me show you some examples of how Congressional action helped drive outstanding profits.

When Congress passed Obamacare, its infamous “individual mandate” made a number of already-rich health insurance companies into market mammoths

None more so than UnitedHealth Group.

From 2009 to 2014, the period from passage in Congress through to when ObamaCare was fully implemented…

Shares exploded more than 9.5 times!

Access to the Profit Pipeline on this one could’ve given you a whopping 855% return.

In 2011, Congressional regulatory reforms streamlined the complicated patenting process for companies in the hyper-competitive biotech industry.

One of the prime beneficiaries of this change was Biogen, Inc. – one of John Boehner’s favorite stocks…

If this vital intel had been diverted from the Profit Pipeline to you before the patent change went into effect…

Biogen could’ve handed you returns of 1,100% in the years after ObamaCare passed.

In the beginning of this century…

The oil industry began receiving billions of dollars in industry “incentives,” hydrocarbon-friendly tax cuts, and significant regulatory changes.

One of the biggest winners was midstream oil and refining player Valero Energy.

In four years, investors saw low-to-high returns of 1,058%.

Another big beneficiary of the new pro-hydrocarbon policies was fracking pioneer Chesapeake Energy.

If you’d tapped into the Profit Pipeline coming out of Washington in 2001…

You could’ve racked up gains o 1,238% from Chesapeake by 2008.

However, oil and gas weren’t the only forms of energy given a lucrative shot in the arm.

Thanks to 2005 and 2008 Investment Tax Credits to consumers, the solar power industry enjoyed the largest sustained boom it had ever seen.

One of the biggest beneficiaries was micro-cap solar player SunEdison Energy.

From 2000 through December 2007, the stock posted gains of 1,127% for investors who held on until the peak.

In the 1990s…

The financial service sector saw unprecedented growth, thanks to aggressive financial deregulation, including regulatory exemption of “credit default swaps” (which later played a big role in the Crash of 2008)…

One of the biggest high-flyers was Citicorp (renamed Citigroup in 1998).

Before the crash of 2008 crushed shares…

You could’ve seen returns of 892% on your money in just 7 years, if you’d tapped into the political intel flowing through the pipeline. 

Telecommunications Act of 1996 affected everything from cellular and landline phones to cable TV, the internet, and tons more.

One of the big winners was IBM.

From lowest to highest, if you had known what was flowing through the Pipeline, you could have gained 1,220% in under six years.

Another sweeping piece of legislation, the FDA Modernization Act of 1997, made fortunes for pharmaceutical companies, and their investors.

One of the biggest winners in the sector was Pfizer, Inc.

Shareholders in the maker of the “little blue pill” enjoyed low-drama 982% gains over six years.

Now, again, I must remind you… the examples you’ve just seen are only a handful.

I could go on and on with “Pipeline Profit” charts like these all day.

Each showing gains in the neighborhood of 1,000% or more, thanks to changes made in the halls of power… 

Gains most everyday investors never saw coming…

Because they weren’t privy to the Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline.

The point of all these examples is this…

The Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline is one of the world’s most powerful and reliable drivers of investment profits

That’s not only a verifiable fact, it’s really kind of common sense.

If you have access to accurate, early insights on what’s happening in the halls of power…

Of what changes are coming down the pike – before these changes hit the headlines…

And you’re shown exactly how to play that information in the stock market…

You’ve got a recipe for stock market wins the likes of which you’ve never imagined possible.

Up until now, if you weren’t lucky enough to be a Senator or Congressmen… a CEO or a lobbyist…

You were totally shut out of the Profit Pipeline.

Well, now you can get back at Congress…  

Not through the ballot box, but by tapping into the Washington-Wall Street Pipeline, and using the same kind of “Political Intelligence” Washington’s been keeping to itself all these years…

To make yourself rich.

You won’t have to wine and dine any politicians either.

Everything’s already in place for you to start profiting.

For the past few months, our man on the inside has been sharing the details of unique opportunities with a handful of our readers.

The first of these opportunities produced stock gains of 20% and call option profits of more than 212%  in about six weeks.

In a moment, I’ll introduce you to this man, and the kind of gains you could expect from him in the future.

He’s a former CIA analyst – so he knows the value of intelligence… and how to get it.  

And he knows how Washington operates – and the value of having the right contacts in the right places.

You’ll have the chance to meet him, and see for yourself how to profit from the opportunities he’s uncovered, in a moment.

First, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Roger Michalski, publisher of a conservative, independently-minded company called Eagle Financial Publications.

Since 2003, we’ve understood the importance of Washington access for making money.

In fact, that’s why we opened our offices in the heart of D.C. 14 years ago… just a short stroll to both the White House and the Capitol Building.

From this vantage point, we’re able to keep a close watch on everything that happens on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of being located here in the belly of the beast.

Being inside the Beltway gives us front-line access to the movers and shakers.

We regularly have congressmen and senators in our building, as well as regular visits from Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump.

So when I say we’re close to the halls of power – well, we’re actually located right in one those halls!

We get to see first-hand how the back-room-deals and cocktail party gossip can influence everything that happens in the country.

And we get to see how the sheer ocean of money flowing around this town can have an impact on the lives of everyday America…

Especially in the market.

We first noticed how the flow of this “Political Intelligence” through this pipeline could affect the market about 10 years ago…

When we learned that certain lobbying firms weren’t just using money to gain access to politicians.  

They were taking the information they learned from Congressmen and Senators every day…

And selling it to high-end hedge funds, brokerage houses, and investment banks.  

In turn, these big money guys were using that information to get their clients into stocks most likely to be positively affected by government actions.

Was this intel having an impact on recommended stocks?

Well, a study conducted by professors at Kellogg University discovered that brokerage firms with the most political connections inside Washington made more money for their clients than those that did not have as much access.

There’s proof of the pipeline in action, where information goes in and money comes out…

Which is great if you’re a hedge fund, or one of the big-game clients at one of the best ‘connected’ brokerages.

But, for regular investors like you and me, we’re pretty much out of luck.

By the time we hear something online or on CNBC, it’s usually too late to make any real money…

Because that “Intelligence” – the information brokers and hedge funds paid big money for – has already been priced into the stock by the time we hear about it.

Well, all that’s about to change.

After years of preparation, we’re perfectly positioned to use this direct access to help our readers make money.

Thanks to our close proximity to the power structure of D.C., our team at Eagle Financial has been carefully tracking the rise of this “Political Intelligence” – and the flow of money-to-intel-to profits through the Washington-Wall Street Pipeline for years now.

And we now have the capabilities of bringing first-hand, “inside” information to our readers – long before it hits the media.

It’s a truly invaluable breakthrough in market research – and it’s available only to a select group of our readers.

Access to this “Profit Pipeline” levels the playing field for regular investors.

It brings our readers inside the Beltway, and shows them exactly what’s happening within the halls of power…

Where the information’s flowing and the money’s about to be made.

And, more importantly, diverting the most important intelligence directly to you… and showing you the best ways to convert that intel into profits.

As I showed you earlier…

Access to the “Profit Pipeline” can hand you a string of double-digit stock gains, while also generating huge options gains of 855%… 1,058%… 1,100%… and 1,120% to name a few.

Now, you can have complete access to this same kind of profit-generating information flowing through this Pipeline every day.

Look… You’re never going to have a lobbyist come to you with mountains of money.

You’re never going to get the chance to exploit the laws of the land to fatten your own wallets like a Congressman or Senator.

The only way to get in on the action is to…

Take the flow of “Political Intelligence” that hedge funds and investment banks use to make money for their clients… And divert it to your own advantage.

You now have someone on the inside fighting for you, gathering the most pertinent “Political Intelligence” – the information that can move the market – to deliver straight to you.

At the height of the Cold War, he was actually a strategic economic analyst for the CIA.

For the last 14 years, no matter the conditions, circumstances, or political climate in America, this man has been nailing HUGE market wins for readers of the investment research advisory services we’ve published for him.

The profit track record of these services is simply astounding.

I showed some of those incredible numbers earlier…

Now, I’d like to introduce you to your contact on the inside.

For 37+ years, he’s been standing up for the individual’s rights against the forces of big government…

And now he’s fighting for you.

His name is Dr. Mark Skousen.

Since the early 70s, Dr. Skousen has been a major player in America’s economics, business, financial, investing, education, and publishing worlds.

He’s taught at Columbia Business School, Columbia University, Barnard College, Mercy College, and Rollins College…

He’s written more than 25 books, including bestsellers like:

He’s been a regular columnist for Forbes, plus a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Reason, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, and more…

He’s been a guest on ABC News, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, C-Span, and others…

He’s lectured throughout the U.S. and 70 other nations around the world…

And he’s been a sought-after consultant for IBM, Hutchinson Technologies, and other big names in the Fortune 500.

“Mark Skousen… should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

In fact, Skousen is such a legend in the corporate finance field that Grantham University actually named its business school after him in 2005!

Last but not least, Mark was recently named one of the “20 Most Influential Living Economists.”

Right alongside such famous names as Alan Greenspan, Arthur Laffer and Thomas Sowell.

For 37+ years, since the Reagan administration, Dr. Skousen has been developing a personal network of contacts and professional colleagues.

Now, he finds himself in the enviable position of having some of his closest compatriots and associates on the inside…

Some even directly in the White House itself.

Like the celebrated economist, Arthur Laffer.

Considered the “father of supply-side economics,” Laffer was a member of Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board during both of his terms…

And he’s credited with almost single-handedly starting the worldwide tax-cutting movement that began in the U.S. in the 1980s.

Lately, Laffer’s been advising President Trump on tax policy, just like he did for The Gipper.

Another friend of Dr. Skousen’s is Stephen Moore, former chief economist for The Heritage Foundation.

Moore is a major economic, taxation, and budgetary policy guru who – until recently – worked closely with the new president – and was one of his most prominent advisors throughout the election campaign.

This included playing a pivotal role in designing the president’s new tax plan.

My point is this…

Dr. Skousen’s close associations with people in power have given him the kind of access that lobbyists and other political intel operators would give their right arm for.

And he gets this access for nothing.

He doesn’t have to run fundraisers for politicians to get a foot in the door… or pay for lavish junkets around the globe to curry favor.

These are Dr. Skousen’s friends and colleagues…

All he has to do is pick up a phone, or shoot an email… and he can be in direct contact with his network.

“Mark Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know.”

After seeing the powerful impact that “Political Intelligence” flowing through the Washington-Wall Street Pipeline can have on investor returns…

Dr. Skousen came to me with an idea.

He realized that having friends in powerful positions could lead to opportunities for tremendous profits.

But, as the saying goes, he also realized that with great power, comes great responsibility.

He could never take advantage of these opportunities himself.

However, he realized that some of our readers may find these connections to be an invaluable resource…

A unique way for individual investors like you to tap into the Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline.  

So, a short while ago, he short-listed a handful of our most dedicated readers…

And offered them the chance to share in his access to the “Political Intelligence” Profit Pipeline.

He would make recommendations based on the best intelligence his network offered – ideas with the most potential to move the markets.

 “I know all of these people,” he told me. “Some of my friends are becoming government officials!”

Like David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General and now Senior Strategic Advisor to PricewaterhouseCoopers…

And Robert Wolf, formerly of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness…

All in all, Dr, Skousen’s contacts represent a “who’s who” of America’s economic, financial, Wall Street, business, and conservative/libertarian elite.

“They’re in the saddle now. They know what’s happening in Washington, and exactly what’s being fed into the Pipeline,” says Dr. Skousen. “And I meet with these people on a regular basis.”

There has never been a better time to begin profiting from the Washington-Wall Street Pipeline…

Which is why I’m inviting you to join Dr. Skousen’s brand new profit advisory…

The 1600 Alert

A Groundbreaking New
Investment Research Service that
Turns Presidential Politics into Profits

All along here, I’ve been talking about how this kind of access is a totally legal way to cash in on Congressional policies and actions… thanks to the “Political Intelligence” flowing through the Washington-Wall Street Profit Pipeline.

Now I want to show you exactly what I mean by that, in detail…

So there’s absolutely no confusion about what I’m offering you a chance at today.

As I said before, the distinction lies in the difference between trading on privileged information you’ve heard from, or been given by an insider

And knowing that insider so well that you can predict what he’s going to do with extraordinary accuracy — and make big money on it.

Again, one of these things is illegal, the other is totally legal.

I can tell you honestly, after serving as the man’s publisher for over 14 years now…

Mark Skousen knows the Big Dogs of American economics, business, investing, education and politics better than they know themselves.

In fact, he’s been good friends with many of them for decades.

He knows how they think. He knows their personalities. He knows their beliefs…

He knows their allegiances. He knows their fears. And he knows their secrets, too.

That’s why Mark doesn’t NEED to use privileged information to make you money with the 1600 Alert.

For him, it’ll be as easy as 1-2-3. He can simply…

1) Use his knowledge of Washington really works – and the intel flowing through the “Profit Pipeline” from the players in his “circle of trust” – to predict Congressional policies and decisions

2) Use his one-of-a-kind business and economic pedigree to extrapolate the effects of those actions to specific market sectors

3) Use his remarkable skill at picking market winners to make lucrative early trade recommendations to you, as a subscriber

That’s the 1600 Alert system right there, in a nutshell.

You saw earlier what I mean by his “remarkable skill at picking market winners,” but I’ll just remind you of some of the high spots really quick, okay?

Aside from the literally hundreds (way too many to easily count) of hefty double-digit stock wins as high as 98.53%…

Mark’s also nailed 219 triple-digit wins (and counting) for his Eagle readers, including killer options wins like:

485% in 22 days
491% in 71 days
498% in 59 days
505% in 42 days
528% in 70 days
529% in 70 days
540% in 76 days
566% in 80 days
580% in 56 days
633% in 49 days
800% in 34 days…
Even an insane 864% in 21 days!

Now, I have to tell you this…

Not every one of Dr. Skousen’s options trades is a winner. Nobody wins on every trade.  If someone tells you differently, they’re lying to you.

In fact, options trading does carry additional risk, so you should never spend more money trading options than you can afford to lose. 

That said, if you’re okay with additional risk, and have the money to trade…

Cashing out 219 triple-digit wins over 13 years from Mark’s services would be like getting nearly 17 of them per year handed to you on a silver platter!

Are YOU booking 17 triple-digit wins of up to 864% every year?

The crazy thing is, these fast triple-digit scores weren’t all options, either.

There are a number of hefty straight-up stock wins in that mix, too — including a 453% winner in just 62 days!

Tell me something: Have you ever booked over four and half times your money in two months on a stock play before?!

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you haven’t…

I’ll also bet you don’t have a whole lot of quadruple-digit wins under your belt.

But readers who’ve taken Mark’s advice could’ve scored a fair number of them over the years on well-timed options plays…

Including mega-wins of 2,058% in 29 days, 2,300% in 49 days — even as much as 2,500% in just 41 days.

Think about it: That’s 25 times your money in less than six weeks’ time!

It’s just unbelievable, isn’t it?

Yet, I assure you, it’s all 100% real. I could show you the spreadsheets (seeing those is the only way I actually believe it myself sometimes).

That’s not to mention the stacks of testimonials I could read you about Mark’s money-making prowess…

Notes from people like Lindsay, who reports:

“I’ve owned Dr. Skousen’s [top picks] for years — and made about $330,000 in gains… I buy 95% of the stocks Mark recommends.”

And Raymond, who says:

“Thank you, Mark, for your excellent financial advice. Your [stock] suggestions have netted me over $90,000 in capital gains plus about $25,000 in dividends this year. I have no losers!”

And Charles, who writes:

“Currently, my total profit is over $104,000. I’ve very impressed and wanted to express my gratitude to you and your excellent research.”

And Lee, who gushes:

“I’ve been studying the investment industry for over 60 years, and Mark Skousen is the #1 man I trust… He is a genius in the field. You cannot lose. There is no way you can lose with him.”

And Jared, who claims:

“I’ve tried over 20 investment newsletters — and Mark Skousen has been the only one to consistently make me money… He’s the best!”

These are just a few of them, too. I could go on and on.

But here’s the thing…

As incredible as all of this surely must be to you, the most mind-blowing track-record nugget of all happened earlier this year…

In what I now call the “beta test” investment pick for the 1600 Alert.

I’ll tell you right now — you’re NOT going to believe this, but…

The 1600 Alert Started Out as a Joke —
But Got Very Serious After a Fast Win of 1,066%!

Not long before Election Day, Mark was telling me about ways in which big money could be made in the coming years no matter who got to the White House…

That’s when I jokingly made him a challenge.

The challenge was to pick a stock that would go up at least 25% in one month after Election Day, no matter who won.

I figured that was pretty much impossible, and didn’t think he took me seriously.

But lo and behold, I got a call from Mark the next day, and the first words out of his mouth were “challenge accepted.”

He then gave me a brief rundown on a stock he believed would go up aggressively, no matter whether Trump or Hillary won the election.

The day after that, he officially recommended it (plus call options on it) in one of his services, and the game was on.

Now, I won’t reveal the stock, service, price, date it was recommended…

Or even the sector it occupies.

It simply wouldn’t be fair to our paying subscribers to reveal all that in a wide-release public forum like this.

However, I will show you a slightly abridged chart of what happened to this stock after Election Day…

Because it’s simply too incredible NOT to show.

As you can see, not only did shares explode out of the gate after the election…

But they peaked 31 days later, over 78% higher than on Election Day morning!

That’s right: Mark hadn’t just met my “25% returns in a month” challenge…

He’d crushed it by more than three times over!

But even more impressive than that — he picked exactly the right moment to cash his readers out of the call options for the absolute maximum returns…

Returns of 1,066% in a little over a month!

After watching this happen, I called Mark and said “Okay, how did you do that?”

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The funny thing is that after that conversation, Mark and I both wondered why we didn’t think of this service years ago!

Because the truth is that, for the last 40 years…

And for as long as he lives into the future…

Dr. Mark Skousen has been — and will be — a major presence in the circles the sitting president will rely on for critical economic policy and market guidance.

Okay, so that’s our new service, the 1600 Alert

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So you’ll be able to hit the ground running with his next round of trades (which he tells me should be released within the next few days).

In addition to that – Dr. Skousen’s prepared a special report to help you understand and make the option trades he recommends in this service.

It’s called Dr. Skousen’s Little Black Book of Options Secrets. 

Options can seem intimidating to some investors.

In this report, Dr. Skousen strips away the misunderstandings and breaks the entire process down to a few select trading secrets he’s come to rely on over the years…

So you can successfully use options to turbo-charge your portfolio with gains of gains of 855%… 1,100%… 1,120%… and 1,058% to name a few.

Whether you cancel for a full refund, or remain a subscriber to the 1600 Alert for the next 10 years, these reports – along with all the profits you make – are yours to keep.

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