FS Alpha Gold New Lead - Mark Skousen

Hi. I’m Roger Michalski, founder of Eagle Financial Publications.

And today I’m going to show you how to retire on a single stock.

Not in a decade from now. Not in years from now. Sooner than you ever thought possible.

All thanks to an “Alpha-System.”

For the last 40+ years, this “Alpha-System” has been refined and used to make money for investors.

I’d like to prove its true worth to you today by sharing the latest stock to be revealed by this “Alpha-System.”

I’ll tell you this: It’s a gold stock.

Have you checked out gold’s price lately?

It’s quietly back to around $1,900 an ounce.

And there’s a little-known way to play gold that’s only going to gain momentum.

That’s what I’m about to share in this short message.

By using this “Alpha-System” today… this time next year, you could be enjoying 10X… 20X… even 30X your money.

Before I tell you more, let me introduce the founder of this “Alpha-System.”

His name is Dr. Mark Skousen.

For the last 40 years, he’s been helping people make money.

He started right out of college as a CIA analyst… and even though he only worked there for three years, he made enough connections to last a lifetime.

From there, he became a Columbia professor… and bestselling author of more than 25 books…

According to SuperScholar.org, Dr. Skousen is one of the world’s “Top 20 Living Economists.”

He’s even met with Presidents of the United States.

Here’s Donald Trump speaking at Dr. Skousen’s FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas in 2018.

And here he is with Bill Clinton (back when he had hair!):

Mark has had the good fortune to become friends with some of the most successful and powerful people in the world along the way.

People like Larry Kudlow, Steve Forbes, John Mackey and more. The smartest business minds in the world today.

I bring that up not to name drop, but to give you an idea of the kind of high-powered brains Dr. Skousen has had access to over his long career.

You can bet wisdom from each of them has gone into his “Alpha-System.”

Just like it’s appeared in the pages of his flagship publication, Forecasts & Strategies. Last year marked its 40th anniversary.

It’s arguably the longest-running newsletter of its kind in the country. And he’s never missed a deadline since 1980.

So to say that Dr. Skousen is plugged into the global economy would be an absolute understatement.

Since entering the financial arena in the 1970s, he’s seen firsthand almost everything imaginable:

Bull and bear markets, inflation, deflation, stagflation, high and low interest rates, easy credit, tight credit, bubbles, you get the idea.

Most recently, he was also one of the first people out there to sound the alarm when the implications of the Coronavirus were becoming known. Here’s what he told his readers back on January 27, 2020:

“Over the past week, it’s accurate to say that a viral black swan has hit financial markets, and the culprit here is the outbreak of the coronavirus that’s rapidly spreading throughout China, Asia and even in North America.”

He knew others shared his opinion on how devastating a true pandemic could be, but…

He was still stunned when his pal Mark Mobius, former manager of the multi-billion-dollar Templeton Fund, pulled him aside and said:

“Buy gold right now in 2020, at ANY level.”

Ironically, at the same conference, he was asked to moderate a panel of experts debating “Gold vs Stocks.”

That’s him in the middle.

As he listened to the debate between Peter Schiff and Rick Rule (the gold experts), and Jeffrey Saut and Louis Navellier (the stock experts)…

He realized they were coming to the same conclusion that he had been thinking about for months…

The Gold Rush Is On!

With each day that passes, more Americans are rushing to the protection of gold as a safe haven for their retirement accounts.

It wasn’t long ago we saw the price of an ounce of gold move from just under $1,500 to more than $1,800 in a few months’ time — That’s a 20% gain — and then a 15% uptick in the price in more recent months.

How high will gold go? I’ll share Mark’s prediction in a moment.

But first, here’s what some of his friends are saying about gold (several happen to be among the world’s most successful billionaires)…

Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott Holdings, says:

Thomas Kaplan, American businessman and philanthropist, says:

And Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, is moving out of stocks and into gold. He said:

According to Dr. Paul Rodrigue, PhD Professor at Hofstra University, this “new paradigm” could spike up to $5,800 in the next few years.

So where does Dr. Skousen think gold falls on this timeline?

It wouldn’t surprise him at all to see gold soar to $3,000… maybe even $5,000 an ounce before all’s said and done.

The reasons for this are pretty clear…

From the never-ending fighting in Congress…

To the constant political tensions between the U.S., China, Russia and Iran…

To the shocking “Black-Swan” event Coronavirus that shut down the entire world…

All these factors add up to a new gold bull market charging all the way through 2021 and beyond.

In fact, gold is quietly one of the hottest trending sectors in the market right now.

The world’s most popular “safe-haven” asset has held up extremely well of late.

Gold had been moving up in fits and starts last year. But suddenly, it took off, hitting $1,800 an ounce and now $1,900.

For all of these reasons and more, Dr. Skousen is convinced…

Gold Is a “No-Brainer”

As the media catches on to the new gold rush, this could turn into a gold mania like we haven’t seen since 2011.

Only this time, the stakes are so much higher.

At the center of this new “gold rush” is one company that could return you multiples as high as 10X… 20X… or as much as 30 TIMES your money.

What would that mean for its share price? The sky’s the limit for the Alpha dog of the world’s gold supply.

Even if you capture just a fraction of this new bull market in gold, this could be your chance to retire on just one gold stock.

Right now, you can still get shares of this “Alpha-Gold” stock for pocket change – under $6.

The stock is still cheap and unknown. But that won’t last long.

In a moment, I’ll get to the name of the “Alpha-Gold” company.

But first, let me explain how Dr. Skousen’s “Alpha-Approach” finds the best stocks, just like this one.

The truth is…

Over the past 40-plus years, he’s refined this “best-in-breed” system to such a fine point, it’s able to spot these opportunities early on.

These companies have developed an approach, a product, a system so innovative, so groundbreaking – and so profitable – that each has the potential to set you up for life.

I’m talking about retiring from a single investment.

And that’s the opportunity we have in front of us today in gold…

A new gold rush that’ll lift all boats higher for years – if not decades – into the future.

That’s why Dr. Skousen wants to share this urgent message.

You may be thinking… “With everything going on in the world today, gold is pretty much a no-brainer. So when there’s chaos and the market drops, go to gold, right?”


But you can’t simply close your eyes and buy shares of any gold company.

Because, right now, there are about 110 listed gold stocks.

If you could buy them all, you wouldn’t be reading this!

But don’t worry, you’ll never have to buy them all. Dr. Skousen’s proprietary “Alpha” strategy has helped him find #1 stocks for over 40 years…

And his new “Alpha-Gold” play is just the latest money maker it has found.

We’re going to share the name of this company with you today.

Removing Your Emotions from Investing

Now, more than ever, sticking to a strategy when investing can be tough.

Each day you turn on the news and what do you see?

Chaos and carnage. The old saying goes, “If it bleeds it leads.” That’s still the case today.

That’s why you got blanket coverage of the latest “Black Swan.”

In fact, COVID-19 may end up being the most catastrophic “Black Swan” event ever!

Never before had we seen the market tank as fast as it did in March 2020.

The Dow Jones hit an all-time high on February 12th. Just 19 days later, it had fallen some 30%. 19 days!

With such an accelerated crash, it wasn’t a surprise when Uncle Sam swooped into action. Both former President Trump and former Treasury Secretary Mnuchin made this announcement, “…we will do whatever it takes to help the economy, right now.”

Since then, COVID-19 has been a fixture in our lives, with headlines like these appearing almost daily.

But the fact is, the Federal Reserve did exactly what it should have done to save as many Americans as possible.

It fired up the presses and began printing money to prop up the economy.

It started by printing $2 trillion sent to support families and small businesses.

Then, there was another $2 trillion, used to prop up the stock market.

Today, congress debates whether or not to pull the trigger on another round of relief. This one, too, is expected to come in at around $2 trillion.

That’s a total of $6 trillion, printed out of thin air, given to Americans.

But the fact is, every dollar printed like this is like monopoly money.

Printing more dollars makes each one worth less.

More importantly for you today, when the dollar’s purchasing power shrinks, gold’s increases.

This will inevitably lead to inflation… but you’ll sleep soundly at night, knowing…

“Alpha-Stocks” Take All the Guesswork
Out of Investing

The term “Alpha” refers to a stock’s ability to consistently beat the market.

When Dr. Skousen’s strategy spots an “Alpha-Stock” – the top dog in any industry – it flashes the “buy” signal immediately.

Once a “buy” is triggered, he’s on the clock. The faster he can get that information out to his readers, the better everyone’s chances of making the trade at the recommended price.

From that point on, you wait for him to tell you when to close the trade and take profits.

That’s all there is… three quick steps.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that. But can something that easy actually make money?

Of course it can.

Here’s how that 1-2-3 simplicity worked with actual trades…

Let’s start with the company Dr. Skousen calls his #1 “Alpha-Bank” Stock.

After the 2008 financial crisis, small businesses were affected across the globe.

Bank lending to all firms rose to a peak of $659 billion in June 2008, but then nosedived to $116 billion by 2011.

The FDIC closed 100 banks, and a total of 397 banks failed.

But then, in April 2012, Mark’s strategy flagged this obscure bank stock.

It gave the buy signal… and everything changed.

Since then, the stock has averaged 31% returns per year for the last eight years.

Plus, delivered a monthly “paycheck” dividend that comes out to a 6.5% yield.

Using this strategy, you could have pocketed total gains of 372% on this stock. 

Imagine placing a bet of $5,000…

Then watching your account grow by $23,600.

That’s quadruple your money!

And the gains are so consistent, you’ll NEVER lose your shirt on penny stocks or “get rich quick” option plays.

When you put your hard-earned money into a stock, you should be able to sleep well at night knowing your retirement account is growing.

That’s what you get with his “Alpha-Stocks.”

Just take a look at what happened with shares of the #1 “Alpha-Energy” Stock in Dr. Skousen’s portfolio. 

Not much happened with this firm before 2009.

The recession caused demand for energy to shrink in late 2008, with oil prices collapsing from the July 2008 high of $147 to a December 2008 low of $32.

And analysts were bearish across the board.

But once his strategy flagged this virtually unknown stock, and told him it was time to “buy”…

It was just a matter of time.

Shares began steadily marching higher, just like expected.

By 2014, using the strategy you’re about to see for the new gold rush… you could’ve made 159%.

Again, if you had invested $5,000 before the move up…

You could’ve walked away with $12,950 within a few years.

Plus the 9.57% dividend that pays you every quarter like clockwork.

I can’t think of any other investing approach that can help you consistently make money.

It’s like you’re being handed all the best stocks on a silver platter.

In fact, here’s another example: his #1 “Alpha-Tech” Stock.

As you look at the chart, you’ll notice something similar to the other stocks.

Before Dr. Skousen’s strategy gave the buy signal, shares of this tech company had been trading sideways for three years.

In fact, the company had just announced its first ever quarterly loss.

But once again, his “Alpha-Approach” gave the “go ahead”…

And the stock started soaring…

Giving his readers the chance to earn a return of 222%.

And turning every $5,000 into $16,100!

That’s more than triple your investment.

Now do you see how you can accumulate a retirement fortune – picking one “Alpha-Stock” at a time?

I don’t know of any other strategy that gives you the predictable chance to make this much money.

But if you have missed out on these opportunities, don’t worry.

These kinds of profits are set to happen again just days from now, as gold takes off to the stratosphere.

Now, of course, I don’t have a crystal ball, and past performance does not guarantee future results. But even a small fraction of gains like these could change your life!

And if you move quickly enough, Dr. Skousen has found one gold stock that could deliver 10X… 20X… even as much as 30 TIMES your money.

But right now, you may be asking yourself…

How Can He Be Sure It’s the “Alpha-Stock”?

So the question is…

What would make up the perfect “Alpha-Gold” stock?

But most of all…

There is one major thing it would need.

It would have Wall Street “insiders” taking notice and jumping in with billions. That means you’d have the “smart money” on your side.

The fact is… Mark has made millions of dollars using this approach… the one that only pinpoints “Alpha-Stocks.”

And today, I’m showing you how you can do the same thing with the “Alpha-Gold” stock.

But, before you go out and buy any gold stocks, please understand one thing…

Most Gold Companies Are Not Profitable

You see, the real problem with most gold miners is they’re just not profitable.

New gold mines require a lot of upfront investment, so it’s very risky.

As Mark’s multi-millionaire friend Doug Casey says, “Gold mining is a dirty business. It’s like burning matches, an uphill climb that can push you to the limit.”

Even if you get lucky and find a new gold deposit, then you have to spend millions just to see if it can be economic. And that’s a big “if.”

And, since all these investments are up-front, it costs gold miners a lot of up-front money just to get started.

So they’re always having to raise more capital and dilute the stock.

Unfortunately, these high-risk investments often have little probability of ever paying off.

And most investors pay a high price to learn this lesson.

However, if you can find a company that’s already profitable and growing, you can have a gold play that can make you rich.

And Dr. Skousen has with…

The “Alpha-Approach” to Gold Mining

The CEO of this company could very well be “the world’s most interesting man”.

Just take a look at what he’s done so far.

He grew up in South Africa, where he became a professional rugby player.

His instincts on the field served him well in a career that’s taken him from the harsh Yukon bush as a contractor in the early 1980s…

To forming back-to-back multi-billion-dollar gold companies.

With his first gold company, he took a different approach…

  1. Build the strongest team in the industry.
  2. Be a buyer when others are sellers.
  3. Look for countries in economic or political transition and get in early.

Starting out as a mining contracting firm, his first gold company got into exploration, and developed mines in Chile and later in Russia.

In 2007, his company was acquired by Kinross Gold Corp (TSX:K) for $3.5 billion.

It was a huge payoff, and also lucrative for his close-knit team, who had been together for 25 years.

That’s when they decided to form a new company with plans to do it again.

And what they’ve done with this “Alpha-Gold” company is nothing short of incredible.

Since its IPO in 2007, it has gone from being a junior miner with no production to an owner of four gold producing mines – with a fifth on its way.

More importantly, this “Alpha-Gold” company just crossed $1 billion.

It has quickly become the lowest-cost, senior gold producer in the world. But it’s just getting started.

For the First Time Ever,
This Tiny Company Will Produce
Over 1 Million Ounces of Gold

That’s why Dr. Skousen calls it his “Alpha-Gold” company.

This firm’s upside is completely off the charts.

Why? Because it’s on pace to shatter production records for gold in a single year.

And its recent earnings didn’t disappoint…

This “Alpha-Gold” company reported record revenues and production… with gold production rising 15% and revenues jumping by 31% to $442 million in one recent quarter.

Right now, it’s on pace to produce over one million ounces of gold this year.

If you compare that to the world’s other top gold mines, only about 40% of those companies produce more than 100,000 ounces per year.

But this tiny company – at a fraction of the size of others in its space – will produce 10 times that amount… and nobody seems to care.

However, once word gets out about this company’s massive new production, it could skyrocket.

As the price of gold keeps soaring… past $2,000, $3,000, or even if everything goes wrong and gold shoots to $5,000…

Dr. Skousen Considers This to Be the
Perfect “Alpha-Gold” Stock

Before Dr. Skousen ever invests one penny into a stock, there are certain factors – what he calls “critical criteria” – that any company should have. Things like…

  1. Earnings-per-Share Growth of 15% over the last year…
  2. Return on Assets over 1%…
  3. A Piotroski score of at least 6 (out of 9)…
  4. Altman Z-score of at least 2…
  5. Price/Earnings Ratio below 20…
  6. Dividend Policy…

Using this proprietary “Alpha-Approach,” he also checks to see if a stock has a return on equity of at least 15%…

Now, these may seem like very basic rules…

Rules that anyone should follow.

Unfortunately, most people don’t.

Because our lives are busy.

Look, you might have a good life…

You have a steady job, pay the bills, take some time off on the weekends.

And even go on vacation with your family once a year.

It’s a good life… but you work hard for your money.

With everything you have to do in a day, you may not have time to look through every detail of a stock.

If you’re retired, maybe you don’t want to spend your golden years chained to a computer screen trying to find the best stocks.

But with Mark’s “Alpha-Approach,” you never have to worry about missing out on a new opportunity.

When his strategy spots the “Alpha-Stock” in any industry, it tells him immediately.

Then he tells you exactly when to grab shares at the best price.

He simply waits for the “Buy” signals…

Shares the “Alpha-Stock” with you…

Then sits back and watches it explode.

When it comes to the “Alpha-Gold” stock, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an undervalued play with such explosive growth potential.

It checks all the boxes for a perfect “Alpha-Stock” – and is set to dominate the $190 billion gold mining industry.

The financial markets agree.

Over 12 Months, This “Alpha-Gold” Stock Outperformed Nearly Every Other Investment

Take a look:

It’s been crushing the Dow by 96%… The S&P by 84%… and the Nasdaq by 59%.

But it’s also beating some of the world’s most popular stocks.

Like Facebook:

And Google:

Even Amazon:

And if gold continues to soar, this “Alpha-Gold” stock is going to continue to beat these stocks and the overall market.

But we’ve barely scratched the surface on what makes Dr. Skousen’s #1 “Alpha-Gold” stock so special…

It’s the safest, most profitable way he’s ever seen to make money.

And it’s the ONLY long-term gold play he would ever recommend.

But it gets even better.

These record numbers have gotten attention from the largest investment houses on Wall Street.

Take a close look at the big money players below:

You have big name holders like Vanguard, Royal Bank of Canada and TD Asset Management that have taken billion-dollar positions in this company.

Why so much?

You only need to look at its projected one million ounces, over $1 billion sales this year and the potential for 10X… 20X… 30X your money to see what the “smart money” sees.

An incredible play on the Dr. Skousen’s #1 “Alpha-Gold” company.

With all that’s going on right now in the world – the Coronavirus, central banks printing trillions of dollars…

This historic “Black Swan” event could spark a revenue-surge for this gold firm.

Even if you capture just a fraction of this new bull market, this could be your chance to retire with just one gold stock.

By now, I hope you can see how adding a company like this to the mix can be like injecting nitro into your sports car.

As you’ve seen, it’s in a league all its own.

But here’s the thing…

Nobody in the Financial Media is
Talking About This Company

The only gold companies you’ll see on the financial news are the big boys like Barrick Gold, Newmont and Goldcorp.

Nobody even realizes that this “Alpha-Gold” stock is quietly in the background, producing millions of ounces and billions in revenue.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more or give you the company’s name here. 

That’s because the hedge funds and institutions follow Mark too closely.

Naming it here would make it impossible for you to get it at his buy price. 

You see, once they know he’s investing here, they often jump in behind him and bid the stock price higher.

Not naming the stock here allows folks like you to participate in one of the most remarkable opportunities to come along in the last few decades.

That’s why Mark has created an exclusive Special Report for you today.

It’s called…

The “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap:
Make Up to 10X or More with My #1 Gold Play!

I’d like to send a downloadable link directly to you – free of charge today.

That way, you don’t have to pay shipping fees and you’ll get it right away.

This report has everything you need to know about this “Alpha-Gold” company and its total domination of the rapidly expanding gold sector.

As I’ve already said, most investors don’t even know this gold stock exists. And that’s too bad for them.

Make no mistake: The wealth creation with this company is virtually unlimited, and it will give you the safest, most profitable chance to invest in the new gold rush.

But this will only be the beginning of its incredible potential.

Imagine once gold climbs to $2,000… $3,000… or maybe even $5,000.

You could make a retirement fortune with just one stock.

Now is the chance to get in at the ground floor in the early innings of the new gold bull market.

You see, the new gold rush is not just a “one-and-done” opportunity.

This is an investment trend that will evolve into multiple forms over the coming decade.

And while this “Alpha-Gold” stock is driving profits now, we’re going to see future fortunes in gold made in very unique ways.

In fact, many of the biggest opportunities may come from tiny companies not even on the public’s radar yet.

Many are still in development, but Mark has found two more gold-rush-related opportunities with huge potential.

Gold Stock #2: The Safest Way to Own Gold Today.

The second way Mark is going to give you to play gold is a secret of the rich. It’s how they own real gold without all of the headaches associated with it.

You don’t have to store it. You don’t have to ship it. You don’t have to do anything at all with gold itself, except make money from it. For the rich, it’s the safest and only way to own gold.

That’s because the company itself holds enough physical gold to back ALL of its outstanding shares. So, even though its shares track the price of gold, the company’s shares still trade like any stock.

And this strategy has worked like gangbusters. As you can see in the chart below, over the last five years, this stock has averaged around 15% gains each year.

Remember, we’re talking about gold here. Prior to the pandemic, the last five years of the market saw record highs.

Not the environment you typically think of for profits in gold. Yet, the chart speaks for itself.

Now imagine how shares will explode as gold takes off over the next year. And, that’s with the investment Dr. Skousen calls The Safest Way to Own Gold Today.

This is one of the safest places you can park your money in times of uncertainty.

It’s almost like you’re buying real gold, but more convenient, because you don’t need to store anything.

You’ll get all the details about this ultra-safe gold play in your free copy of The “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap.

But I’m not done yet…

Gold Stock #3: Mark’s “Swing for the Fences” Gold Play.

Let me show you one more opportunity that you need to give serious consideration to if you’re the kind of investor who doesn’t mind a little more risk for the chance at a lot more return.

If that’s you, then listen up, because you should know one thing right up front: this is a gold “penny stock” with explosive upside potential.

This could be a wild ride. For folks who aren’t afraid of a little more risk, it could be the ride of their lives.

That’s why Dr. Skousen call it his “Swing for the Fences Gold Play.”

To give you an early edge on getting into both of these other two gold companies, Dr. Skousen has added his research on them to his Special Report, The “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap: Make Up to 10X or More with My #1 Gold Play!.

If he were to sell this report to the public, he’d ask at least $199 for it.

But, because you received this invitation, all three of these golden opportunities – Mark’s #1 “Alpha-Gold” stock… his Safest Way to Own Gold… and his “Swing for the Fences” Gold Play – are all yours at NO COST today.

If you want to get the report, I suggest you move fast.

Because those three companies are barely on Wall Street’s radar right now.

But remember, I told you the institutional guys watch Dr. Skousen like a hawk, so once they realize what he’s doing, they’ll pile in.

And by next week, they’ll all know.

I’m sharing this message from him to thousands more investors like you online.

That’s why I’m urging you today to get his FREE Special Report: The “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap: Make Up to 10X or More with My #1 Gold Play!.

All you have to do for your FREE copy is accept a 100% risk-free invitation to join Mark’s flagship advisory service, Forecasts & Strategies.

This is his monthly newsletter that’s been in existence since 1980 – he’s celebrating the 40th anniversary this year. Mark couldn’t be more proud that he’s been able to bring investors great “Alpha-Stock” plays for four decades now.

Today, you have a chance to join him at the beginning of the new gold rush. There hasn’t been an opportunity quite like this in nearly a decade.

The only question you have left to ask yourself is…

What Would You Do if
You Could Retire a Multi-Millionaire?

For Mark, the “Alpha-Approach” has helped create more wealth for his family than he ever dreamed possible.

It has completely changed his life.

It can change your life too… and FAST.

It’s the #1 reason he and his wife live a life of complete financial freedom.

At last count, they’ve been to over 85 countries.

Recently they took a cruise from Singapore to Japan with their kids and grandson.

And they have the extra money to own a lake house in Florida where they have family reunions, create memories and fun in the sun.

He even has the freedom to volunteer at Sing-Sing Correctional Facility in New York, teaching inmates in a 4-year college degree program.

And he owes it ALL to “Alpha-Stocks.”

Because when you can invest in the best of the best – “Alpha-Stocks”…

There is no limit on what you can do with your life.

You can live a life of financial freedom, just like Mark.

And I truly believe that if you want to retire with that kind of financial freedom, all you need to do is claim your copy of his “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap and try out Forecasts & Strategies.

You’ll have the chance to hear about each new “Alpha-Stock” as Dr. Skousen reports them in his advisory, starting with the recommendations listed in your free Special Report: The “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap.

If you want to retire wealthy, it is crucial that you get a chance to invest in the early stages of this new gold rush.

The future of your retirement depends on it.

Which is why, as Mark’s publisher, I’ve agreed to do something special today.

I’m making Forecasts & Strategies available to you at one of the best prices ever offered.

Now, I can tell you that Mark’s not really concerned about the price.

He’s already made plenty of money with his “Alpha-Approach.”

Accessing a direct line to his personal insight into the world is something you just can’t get anywhere else.

Because he’s predicted nearly every major market move of the past 40 years – starting in 1981 with his prediction to actually SELL gold.

It was a contrarian approach, and most investors didn’t want to hear it.

But it was the first time his “Alpha-Approach” predicted a major shift in the stock market.

And Dr. Skousen has had a loyal following ever since.

That’s why you’re receiving this urgent message.

So you can get in early on the new gold rush and retire wealthy in just 18 months.

Now here’s the thing…

It’s not that Dr. Skousen can somehow predict the future for when the markets will turn.

Instead, he’s using his background as a PhD Economist and his high-level connections to understand where the markets are going – just as he’s done for the last 40 years.

For instance, in 1987, Mark saw the market over-heating and alerted his readers, “Get out of stocks now.”

Just six weeks later, the Great Crash of 1987 saw the largest single day drop in market history.

In January 1995, Mark shocked readers again when he predicted “The NASDAQ will double… and then double again.”

And it did exactly that, going from 750 to over 3,000.

But in 2000, it had gone too far.

He warned investors of an impending bubble in internet stocks, based on his unique “Austrian” theory of the business cycle.

Soon after, the Internet bubble burst.

In 2001, after 9/11, he predicted an unprecedented gold market – and he was right.

During the early 2000s, if you had followed Mark’s recommendation to buy gold, you could’ve seen returns of 541%.

Then, in late 2011, he called for a major pullback in gold.

His readers who listened dodged a 30-40% pullback in gold through 2012-2018, and even worse for gold stocks.

All while the stock market continued an 11-year bull market straight through to 2019.

In early 2020, Mark predicted the Coronavirus would spark a new gold bull market that could generate far bigger returns than anything we’ve ever seen. When he makes calls like these, they translate into huge gains for folks who follow along across all of his services.

In fact, Dr. Skousen’s recommended hundreds of double- and triple-digit wins, including…

Putting just $10,000 in those eight investments directly would have handed you $287,000.

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I invested $10,000 in your Alpha-Bank stock back when I subscribed to your service. My position is now worth $69,375.22. That is a great return!” – Ray A., Denver, CO
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