Next Payouts Scheduled To Hit Inside the Next 4 Weeks

This is no ordinary check.

I call this an American Dream Check.

And you could begin collecting yours within the next 30 days.

These payments are mandated by the U.S. Government…

And they’re made directly to you – to use however you want.

Victoria B. will be collecting an American Dream Check for $1,826.60 next month… and every month after that… for as long as she’s a part of this program.

Same is true for Samuel S., a mortgage specialist from Sykesville, Maryland. He’ll be collecting $2,907 next month.

Advertising executive Arthur F. of Stamford, Connecticut, will be collecting $3,882 next month.

And former fire chief John G. of Wells, Nevada, will collect $6,427.60 next month.

By law, these payouts are delivered directly to you, like clockwork.

In fact, as you’ll see in a moment, you could be collecting your own American Dream Checks once a month… sometimes more often.

In this presentation debut, I’ll show you how you can claim your own benefits within the next 30 days.

You’ll see why the government’s authorized these specific payment opportunities…

And how these mandates are putting more money in the pockets of everyday Americans all over the country.

As you might expect…

The excitement over receiving regular cash payouts has generated a lot of interest, not just on Main Street… but on Wall Street, too.

Many of the biggest financial firms in the world have discovered the value of these American Dream Checks:

And that’s just one month’s payments.

All from these government mandated payment programs.

It’s easy to start collecting your own American Dream Checks… once you know how.

In fact, if your name is enrolled on just one of the official benefit recipient lists before the deadline…

You could be collecting your share of $12.1 million that’s being paid out next month alone.

And that’s just a tiny fraction of the benefits expected to be paid over the next 12 months.

Again, these benefit payments are mandated by federal law.

Yet they have nothing to do with Social Security, Medicare, or any other government bureaucracy.

Nor is it a part of any official retirement plans – like 401Ks or IRAs – though these payouts could be a potentially huge boost for anyone’s retirement savings.

And unlike Social Security or pensions, it’s up to you to control how much you receive each month.

So why haven’t you heard about American Dream Checks before?

Well, the U.S. Government has only authorized specific organizations to handle the flow of these payments.

These organizations are responsible for collecting revenue and distributing American Dream Checks, based on enrollment…

Only a select number of organizations are approved to take part in these American Dream Checks programs.

As you’ll see, each entity must follow stringent guidelines and meet specific qualifications before it can take part.

These strict guidelines make sure that only the very best organizations become part of the program.

And these organizations traditionally keep a very low profile.

I’m sure you can understand why.

You see, there are only 791 authorized American Dream Check paying entities…

Yet, there are over 100 million qualified Americans eligible to take part.

If every one of these folks found out about this opportunity, you’d see a stampede trying to get in. It would be bedlam.

So, unless you’ve been personally introduced to one of these programs by someone in the know, there’s a good chance you’d never hear about it.

Which is why I’m here today…

To introduce you to the very best American Dream Check programs available.

Just one of these organizations is scheduled to pay out a whopping $12.1 million next month alone…

That’s over $144 million this year.

Another one is scheduled to pay out over $134 million in the coming months.

Yet another is gearing up to deliver an incredible $948 million to its members.

Some of these entities will pay you every month… some every quarter.

Some will occasionally deliver special “bonus” checks once or twice a year – and that’s over and above their regular payouts.

And unlike government benefits… it’s up to you how often you get paid.

In fact, you could set it up so that, for some months, instead of collecting just one payment, you could pick up multiple American Dream Checks.

As an example, in February, you could’ve collected THREE distinct payouts…

$2,175 on February 8…

And then, just 7 days later, on February 15, you could’ve collected TWO payments…

One for $975… and the second for $3,300.

That’s $6,450 extra you could’ve put in your pocket in that one month alone.

Just to put that in perspective, the average Social Security check is only $1,465.

So you could be collecting nearly 4½ times MORE than the average Social Security payment some months.

And remember, there are only 791 entities in the entire country authorized to deliver American Dream Checks…

Yet, combined, they’re capable of paying out trillions of dollars this year alone.

Donald S. from East Cicero, Illinois, used just one of these entities to create a substantial cash flow for his family.

“At current returns,” he said, “I’ll have an income of about $50,000.”

And he wasn’t the only one.

Timothy M. from Old Saybrook, Connecticut, said his American Dream Check program “currently pays us $1,588.27… [and] in another account… $396.63.”

That’s a total monthly income of nearly $2,000… created from just one of the American Dream Check firms authorized to distribute these payouts.

Dan M. of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, says, thanks to his American Dream Checks, “I am ahead about $98,778.”

And these good folks aren’t the only ones raking in the dough.

Vincent F. from Hicksville, New York, is looking forward to collecting an American Dream Check of $37,579.60 next month… and every month after.

Jonathon Bainbridge of Glendale, California, will be collecting his American Dream Check in the sum of $20,472.80 next month.

Jackie Copeland of Gulfport, Florida, stands to collect $15,532.40 from her American Dream Check next month.

And Duval Hightower from Wimberley, Texas, will soon be receiving his American Dream Check… in the amount of $67,319.

As I mentioned, there are a very limited number of organizations authorized to issue these American Dream Checks.

And each one handles these checks a little differently.

So you get to choose how often you get paid.

For instance, instead of monthly checks,  G.B. chose to have his Dream Checks coming in every three months.

His next American Dream Check should be paying him a handsome $105,166.47.

In just the next few months…  

And you could get in on the next round of payments within the next four weeks.

A payout just like this one could soon be delivered directly to you – no questions asked.

Once you’re properly enrolled with one of the 791 authorized entities… the money is yours.

And there’s no limit to how many different Dream Check programs you can join.

Sign up for one – or more. It’s up to you.

In fact, a little later, I’ll show you three of the very best ways to start collecting your own American Dream Checks.

So, by now you might be wondering, “Where do these American Dream Checks come from?”

Believe it or not… the very first American Dream check program was authorized by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, way back in 1960.

The new law created specific organizations legally required to make regular payouts to anyone properly enrolled to receive them.

For 20 years, if you wanted to collect an American Dream Check, these entities, authorized by Ike, were the only ones available.

Then, in 1980, President Jimmy Carter surprised everyone…

By creating his own American Dream Check program… authorizing a complete roster of new organizations to handle the payouts.

Not to be out-done by Carter, one of the first things President Ronald Reagan did when he became president was to authorize an entirely new kind of American Dream Check system.

Today, there are 791 authorized entities allowed to participate under these three unique programs.

That may seem like a lot, but consider this: there are 4,687 commercial banks in the U.S. alone… and 5,530 federal credit unions…

And none of those institutions could ever hope to pay you anywhere near what one good American Dream Check program could pay.

Each American Dream Check institution is mandated, by law, to make payments to anyone registered as part of the program.

You don’t have to live in the United States, either.

Once you’re qualified, you can begin collecting your own American Dream Checks from anywhere in the world.

In a moment, I’ll show why these three different Presidents – Eisenhower, Carter and Reagan – created their American Dream programs…

And how you could get started in collecting your own checks shortly…

In fact, enroll now, and you could collect your first check as early as the next four weeks.  

First, I’d like to introduce myself… and the man who first brought these incredible opportunities to my attention.

My name is Roger Michalski.

16 years ago, I broke away from the financial publishing establishment to found my own research service, Eagle Financial Publications.

The goal was – and still is to this day – to find the best investment opportunities available using bold, independent ideas… and to deliver them with straightforward market insights and a conservative point of view.  

I’m extremely proud of the fine research we’ve provided over the years…

And I’m especially proud of the incredible money-making opportunities we’ve been able to bring to our readers.

But one of the greatest privileges of my professional life was the day that one of the most distinguished, experienced, and well-respected analysts in the world walked into my office.

Dr. Mark Skousen

For 16 years, I’ve had the privilege of bringing Dr. Skousen’s work to the world.

Mark is unlike anyone I have ever met before.

To put it simply: the man is brilliant.

If you’ve ever seen any of his many appearances as a guest on ABC News, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, C-Span, and others… you likely know what I’m talking about.

He first earned his PhD in monetary economics at George Washington University in 1977.

He has worked as a consultant to companies like IBM… Hutchinson Technology… and other Fortune 500 companies.

And I have rarely met someone who is as universally respected as Dr. Skousen.

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winning economist, said, Mark Skousen is an able, imaginative, and energetic economist.

John Mackey, the President and CEO of Whole Foods Market, offered, Mark is a skilled investor, creative entrepreneur, and a first-rate thinker, writer, and practitioner of sound economics.”

Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council and former host of CNBC’s Kudlow & Company, said, Mark Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know.”

Steve Forbes even said, “Mark Skousen… should get the Nobel Prize in Economics.”

Yet, even more impressive…

Mark was recently named one of the “20 Most Influential Living Economists” in the world…

Acknowledging his work as some of the most important in the world of economics.

Now, I’ve worked with this man for 16 years…

So, I’ve gotten used to Dr. Skousen coming to me with one incredible investment idea after another…

Like the time he told me about a fertilizer company… and then turned around and made 424% off the investment.

Or the little-known tobacco stock that made a fast double…

Or the industrial company he parlayed into a 180% return.

These opportunities – and many more just like them – were flying under the radar of most people… until Dr. Skousen began to share his research with his select group of readers.

And he does it over and over.

I’m talking about gains such as:

Yet, when he came into my office and told me about these American Dream Checks…

And said they were possibly THE best way for everyday Americans to build their own dream

Whether it’s a dream home, dream vacation, or dream retirement, he explained how these American Dream Checks could help anyone achieve theirs.  

The simple fact is that Dr. Skousen calls these payouts American Dream Checks for a very simple reason:

They were all established to keep the American Dream going strong

By helping millions of average Americans with regular, dependable cash payouts.

As I mentioned earlier, the very first Dream Check program was established by Congress and signed into law by President Eisenhower in 1960.

By 1960, the U.S. economy was already in its greatest period of economic expansion ever…

And Eisenhower’s first-of-its-kind American Dream Check program was designed to keep the economy booming.

With a stroke of his pen, Ike gave average Americans the chance to participate in the booming market for commercial real estate.

For the first time ever, folks like you and I could be eligible to receive a steady income stream, taken directly from the cash flow created by these commercial projects.

The first programs gave Americans the chance to become mini-retail kingpins… enjoying cash payouts from shopping centers and malls.

Soon after, you could take part in the cash-flows of railroad properties, office parks, racetracks, healthcare centers and hospitals…

Today, you can collect checks from casinos, data centers, electric power-lines… even outdoor advertising.

The cash flows are generated by the revenues from these properties… which are passed through directly to folks who’ve opted to receive these checks.

And Dr. Skousen has identified one of the most profitable American Dream Check opportunities out there…

One that is expected to pay out $134 million next month and every 90 days after that. More on it in just a second…

First, think back, if you will, to 1980. That’s when the American Dream had been battered down by a series of major ecomomic shocks…

The worst being runaway inflation and the devastating effects of two OPEC oil embargoes in 1973 and 1979.

Those embargoes crippled the American economy.

I’m sure you remember those bad old days of gas lines and odd-even gas rationing.

The impact of the OPEC embargoes led to the second of the great American Dream Check programs.

This one would help ensure that America would be able to keep the oil flowing, even in the face of major shocks to our energy market, like the embargoes.

So President Carter made it possible for everyday Americans like us to take part in vital oil and gas infrastructure projects… like oil exploration, wells, and even transportation.

In return, specific oil outfits agreed to return 90% of their revenues to participating Americans…

Making it possible for folks like you to receive hefty payments from the flow of America’s oil.

And today, as America is well on the road to becoming truly energy independent, these oil-based entities are even more valuable.

The best part is, they’ll almost certainly continue to make money – and make payouts – no matter where the price of oil goes.

And Dr. Skousen’s zeroed in on another one of the very best of these American Dream Check programs…

One expected to be paying out $948 million next month – and every three months after that – like clockwork.

The third American Dream Check program was established in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan.

The U.S. was in the grips of a major recession – and Reagan saw that something needed to be done.

So Reagan took a different approach to his Dream Check plan.

Instead of focusing on giant industries, like oil and real estate…

Reagan focused his program on America’s small businesses…

The backbone of the American economy.

Reagan’s program would allow regular folks to receive American Dream Checks – by helping out owners of small businesses all across the country.

Americans helping Americans.

And mere participation allowed you to receive regular income from the revenue generated.

Dr. Skousen was there when this program first came into existence… and he’s been tracking the best opportunities closely ever since.

In fact, he’s landed on what may be the best of these American Dream Check opportunities…

One that’s expected to be paying out over $12.1 million next month… and every month thereafter.

And you could be eligible to grab your share of this massive monthly windfall.

What makes these three American Dream Checks opportunities so unique – and why they can deliver so much income to so many Americans…

Is due to the special nature of these 791 entities.

Each of the Dream Check entities I described gets special treatment from the government.

They get to operate essentially tax free…

As long as they pay out at least 90% of their revenues back to those who enrolled, people like…

Now, it is true that not everyone is qualified to take part in these programs.

To qualify, you must be properly enrolled in one before the deadline coming up.

Enrollment is actually very simple.

See, when these American Dream Check programs were first established, the government made sure that participating Americans would be able to take part easily and simply…

Without reams of paperwork, background checks, or red-tape of any kind.

So Congress decided the fastest and easiest way to make these programs as simple as possible…

Was to allow individuals to get into these the same way they got into stocks.

So, to start receiving your own Dream Checks…

You don’t have to go down to any federal office, or fill out any forms…

You can simply log into your trading account… buy into the program of your choice by the deadline… and you’re good to go!

And because they all trade just like stocks… they are super-liquid.

So you’re not obligated to keep your money in for any length of time. You can move in and out as you please.

It also means that you get to choose how much you want to receive.

You can opt to collect as much or as little as you want, depending on your level of participation.

Like stocks; to participate, all you need to do is choose how much you want to own. 

Naturally, like anything, the more you own, the greater your payouts.

You could begin receiving your American Dream Checks as early as the next few weeks…

Because Dr. Skousen has uncovered three of the very best opportunities out there.

See, Dr. Skousen has set very strict guidelines for the programs he recommends…

Even though there are 791 possible Dream Check entities to choose from…

Not all opportunities are created equal.

To help guide him to only the very best opportunities…

Dr. Skousen’s relied on his decades of economic research and analysis…

To establish two very simple, very effective ground rules.

The first – to even be considered worth participating in – the Dream Check entity must show a solid, consistent record of payouts.

This way, you can be sure your Dream Checks will be coming in without interruption.

And, most importantly, Dr. Skousen only considers American Dream Checks programs that show a track record of always going up…

Meaning that, each year, you can look forward to collecting more and more money as the payouts increase.

Dr. Mark Skousen has a history of uncovering opportunities – and dangers – that most other analysts ignored.

For instance… in the economic doldrums of 1981, he boldly predicted, “Reaganomics will work!”

And he recommended buying stocks and bonds just as the markets started their long bull market run.

Then, in 1987, he saw the market over-heating and alerted readers, “Get out of stocks now.”

Just six weeks later, the Great Crash of 1987 saw the largest single day drop in market history.

By October 1989, Dr. Skousen’s experience as a strategic economic analyst for the CIA allowed him to see the writing on the wall for the Soviet Union.

Yet, when he declared, “The Berlin Wall will be torn down,” few took him seriously.

One month later, it came tumbling to the ground.

In January 1995, he startled readers again when he predicted “The NASDAQ will double… and then double again.”

And it did exactly that, going from 750 to over 3,000.

And, in the summer of 2015, no one wanted to believe Dr. Skousen when he wrote, “A Chinese stock market crash could set off a chain reaction around the world.”

Yet, sure enough, in August, China’s market cratered… and it took global and U.S. markets with it, wiping out $1.3 trillion in value.

Dr. Skousen’s research has proven so influential… it’s actually disrupted how the entire U.S. economy is being measured. 

That’s because the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis has adopted Dr. Skousen’s breakthrough economic indicator, called the GO (gross output).

The GO is designed to measure the total sales volume at all stages of production “…from the production of raw materials through intermediate producers to final retail.”

It’s the first new metric for quantifying the U.S. economy since the GDP was adopted over 50 years ago…

And, at more than twice the size of the GDP, Dr. Skousen’s GO is proving itself to be a powerful leading indicator of where the economy is heading.

That’s just one of the endless reasons I trust Dr. Skousen, and why tens of thousands of readers do, too.

I know from years of working closely with Dr. Skousen…

When he says these American Dream Checks are one of the best income vehicles on the planet – suitable to any investor – you can take it to the bank, quite literally.

To help you get started collecting your own American Dream Checks…

Dr. Skousen has authorized me to send you his special research report: American Dream Checks: 3 Ways to Grow Rich Keeping America Great.

Inside this exclusive report, you’ll get all the details of Dr. Skousen’s three favorite American Dream Checks programs.

The first gives you the chance to help American small businesses achieve their own American Dreams.

This was one of Ronald Reagan’s first priorities when he took office back in 1981… and these dream checks could be coming to you every month.

In fact, depending on your level of participation, your first monthly dream check could be $1,000… $2,000… $3,000… it’s up to you.

The next American Dream Check lets you cash in on America’s oil boom with a program that pays you every three months, no matter what happens with the price of oil.

Even if oil goes down… you get paid.

That’s because this entity makes money by transporting oil, not drilling it.

It gets paid in advance to move the oil, whether prices are up or down.

So you can count on regular payments every three months without worrying about the price of oil.

And the third American Dream Check entity is involved in specialized healthcare, letting you collect regular checks from the exploding demand for quality rehabilitation and elder care facilities.

All three of these opportunities are detailed in Dr. Skousen’s special report, American Dream Checks: 3 Ways to Grow Rich Keeping America Great.

But that’s not all Dr. Skousen has for you.

Once you’ve begun collecting your own American Dream Checks, it’s more important than ever to make sure you get to keep as much of this extra income as possible…

To make sure you keep as much as possible out of the hands of the tax man…

Dr. Skousen’s created a special report, just for you: Lucrative Loopholes: 4 Ways to Keep More of Your Money out of the Taxman’s Reach…

This well researched and fast reading report brings you four practical strategies for protecting your wealth from the eroding effect of higher taxes…

In it, you’ll learn the top four investments the IRS wants to keep secret from the American public.

Dr. Skousen lays out the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy – and offers multiple opportunities to put each of these loopholes to work for you.

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