From the desk of Mark Skousen

Dear valued subscriber,
I’m personally inviting you to the most exclusive meeting in our history at FreedomFest 2018…

The FAST Money Summit

7/11 in Vegas may be your lucky day.

We at Eagle Financial Publications are planning the most unique and challenging 3-day “Fast Money Summit” you will ever attend, to be held July 11-14, as part of FreedomFest at the Paris Resort, Las Vegas. 

Meet with my experts in the “Eagle’s Nest,” a designated room for Eagle subscribers, and hear them reveal their most valued secrets to make you a much better investor in 2018 and beyond. 

We have reserved space for only 500 subscribers. Once the Eagle’s Nest is full, no one else can be added.

I’m also offering THREE unique benefits if you register today, revealed at the end of this invitation. I urge you to act NOW. The deadline is fast approaching.

It’s already filling up. Several hundred have signed up for the “Fast Money Summit” at FreedomFest. At last month’s Las Vegas Investment Club, 40% of the audience signed up on the spot. I urge you to act quickly. 

Click here now to register.

What’s the Fast Money Summit All About?

“Better to make a fast nickel than a slow dime.”
– Robert Allen

Jim Woods and I will start the Summit with a special session of our “Fast Money Alert” service, revealing our winning formula for successfully maneuvering through the treacherous marketplace using our own special brand of fundamental and technical analysis. 

In the past year, we’ve used our system to make substantial profits, including a stock that rose 120% in only six months. Our session will include a specific stock recommendation that has equal potential to double in price in 2018. Roger Michalski, Eagle’s Publisher, will be the moderator. 

After our presentation, you will be able to meet and listen to some of the best financial minds in the world. Consider: 

“I love FreedomFest — wonderfully interesting people and non-stop intellectual stimulation. The debates are great — keep doing them. I’m really looking forward to July in Las Vegas.” — John Mackey

“I’m a big fan of FreedomFest and wouldn’t miss it for the world.” — Doug Casey

“FreedomFest is a national treasure.” — Gene Epstein, economics editor, Barron’s

Sessions on Hot Sectors in 2018

Video Presentation with Mark Mobius
From Singapore!

“I have been around great and influential people, including Ross Perot and Sir John Templeton. However, during my 40 years as a wealth manager, I have never before been to one venue that allowed me access to and interaction with such a concentration of great thinkers and financial professionals as FreedomFest. During the conference I met many people who have been coming to FreedomFest for years… I will certainly be one of them in the future.” — Rick Sampley, senior VP, Raymond James

Sessions on Successful Strategies

“Every July in Las Vegas, economist-impresario Mark Skousen runs an uproarious conference called FreedomFest. You gotta go. Amid a multi-tracked groaning board of ideological delicacies and debates, investment panics and stimuli, antics and theatrics… During three days, you could actually learn stuff, debating value versus vanity, technology boom versus technology dirge, day trading versus buy-and-hold, costly climate change versus free weather, efficient markets versus random walk. Risk enhanced riches versus gamblers’ ruin.” — George Gilder

Important Debates at the
Fast Money Summit