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Skousen CAFE: Who REALLY Won the Debate?


The overnight polls indicate that Gov. Mitt Romney trounced President Obama in the first presidential debate last night in Denver: 46% gave the victory to Romney, while only 22% offered their nod to Obama. I’m sure Romney will get a bounce in the national polls and in the swing states this week. Intrade, the political futures […]

Skousen Cafe: Can Romney Make a Comeback?


Can Romney make a comeback? Yes, if he can reinvent himself and become more likeable. Newt Gingrich offered him some advice: Take on the media, Gingrich wrote in a Sept. 26 column in Human Events: […]

Skousen Cafe: Lessons Learned from My Weekend in Medellin Could Help Mexico


I spent the weekend in Medellin, Colombia, and I am amazed at the growth of this South American country, largely due to the efforts of its former President Alvaro Uribe. Prior to his presidency, Colombia was rocked with Marxist terrorism, out-of-control drug lords, and sharply rising crime rates. Business leaders were kidnapped and wealthy Colombians […]

Skousen Investor Cafe: Fed Panics – Unprecedented Dangerous Inflation Coming


Ben Bernanke is so anxious to keep his position as Fed chairman and re-elect President Obama that he is willing to risk the Fed’s long-standing political independence and, even worse, a runaway inflation. Today, in an unprecedented and controversial move, the Federal Reserve announced an unending round of “Quantitative Easing” of $40 billion a month […]

Skousen Cafe: Expect the Euro to Survive


At the Mont Pelerin Society meeting that I am attending this week in Prague, the main topic is the future of the euro. Most experts here think the euro is doomed to disappear due to renegade member nations such as Greece that are refusing to adopt fiscally responsible policies. I asked whether any country has […]

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Skousen Investor Cafe: Attending the Republican National Convention


I’ve never been to a political convention before, but Jo Ann and I were invited to the National Review party on Tuesday night at the Tampa Yacht and Country Club along Tampa Bay. We met quite a few friends right from the start, including conservative columnist Cal Thomas; Senator John Cornyn, the junior senator from […]

Skousen Cafe: Is Asia Slowing? My Report From China


“I believe the 21st century will belong to China because most centuries have belonged to China.” — Niall Ferguson After this year’s highly successful FreedomFest, my wife and I flew to China for several speaking engagements and an opportunity to assess the second biggest economy in the world (although if you count the European Union […]

Skousen Cafe: Capitalist United States Tops Communist China at London Olympics


The gold-medal winning, U.S. women’s 4 x 100-meter relay team members celebrate with an American flag, after winning in world record time at the London Olympics. I always consider the Olympics an enjoyable diversion from the spectacle of professional sports (football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, etc.) and an opportunity to witness the amazing feats of […]

Skousen Cafe: Beware of Central Banks Giving the Markets a Temporary Lift


Be careful not to assume the jump in stock prices in recent days is  fueled by any renewed confidence about the economy or corporate profits. The genesis of the late-summer uptick in stock prices largely is due to central banks that are adopting easy-money policies to keep interest rates low and to promote economic growth. […]

Skousen Cafe: The Power of One — Milton Friedman Won All Debates Except One


“It is incredible the quantity of good that may be done in a country by a single man who will make a business out of it…” — Ben Franklin (1783) I joined more than 300 people in the ballroom of the Drake Hotel in Chicago to celebrate Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday on Tuesday evening, July […]

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