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Avoid This #1 Mistake and You Will Be Rich


“To reduce risk it is necessary to avoid a portfolio whose securities are all highly correlated with each other.” — Harry Markowitz Yesterday I had the supreme experience of having lunch in La Jolla, California, with the father of modern portfolio theory, Harry Markowitz. He is considered to be a legend on Wall Street. The […]

Arnie vs. Jack: Who Was the Better Investor?


“I’d rather win one big tournament in my entire life than make the cut every week.” — Arnold Palmer (p. 160, “Maxims of Wall Street”) I’ve played golf most of my life, and have always enjoyed the sport once I stopped keeping score! I especially remember the invitation I received from a member (and subscriber) […]

I am 99% Sure That This Investment Will Make You Money in 2020: I Won A Contest to Prove It!


“The dance down Wall Street isn’t random, it’s a dance.” — Ken Fisher (p. 57, “The Maxims of Wall Street”) Every other year at Chapman University, I teach a popular class called Financial Economics, where I identify the great financial economists who have made a contribution to the world of investing. We study the works […]

The New Abnormal: Stagflation!


“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Ben Franklin Friends keep sending me letters asking if I’m “safe, secure and sane,” or ending their missives with “stay safe.” Frankly, I’d rather be FREE and prosperous. The government’s endless efforts to restrict our liberties by creating […]

Be a Contrarian for a Day – and Win Big!


“Buy when everyone is selling and hold until everyone is buying. This is more than a catchy slogan. It is the very essential of successful investing.” — J. Paul Getty (“Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 46) Investors are always told to be a contrarian, to bet against the crowd. “Don’t buy what’s hot — buy […]

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May Day! May Day! Is Government Out of Control? What It Means to Investors


“It seems monstrously wrong to surrender the world to the looters, and monstrously wrong to live under their rule.” — Francisco d’Anconia (“Atlas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand) “Everything will end badly.” — Bill Henry (“Maxims of Wall Street,” p. 111) The Four Horsemen of Free Enterprise Meet Up! Yesterday, I co-moderated a unique two-hour MoneyShow webinar, an Economic Summit. Steve Moore, […]

A World Turned Upside Down: Are We Heading for Inflation or Deflation?


  “It’s a World Turned Upside Down” — Theme of the Ruff Times Convention, 1979. Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was part of a big debate in the hard-money movement. Were we headed for more inflation ahead or a massive deflationary depression? I collect rare books from that crisis era. One is “Survive […]

We have THE Vaccine to End ‘The Great Suppression’!


“The health and wealth of a large number of individual businesses — small, medium and large – determine the economic health and wealth of a nation.  When they succeed, managers create wealth, income and jobs for large numbers of people. When they fail, working people and their families suffer.” — Shlomo Maital (Visiting Professor MIT Sloan […]

Which Should You Buy Now: Stocks, Oil or Gold?


Note: I have a special announcement at the end of this edition of Skousen CAFÉ and a suggestion regarding what to do when the market is closed on Good Friday. See below. Warning Before the Deluge On Monday, the federal government released gross output (GO) figures for the fourth quarter of 2019. The figures indicated that […]

How to Save a Suffering Investor’s Soul


“Conservative investors sleep well.” — Philip Fisher (p. 135, “Maxims of Wall Street”)  Like most Americans, my wife recently went to the grocery store and stocked up on food and other essentials in preparation for the economic lockdown. One of my favorites is Lipton’s Chicken Soup, which is highly nutritious and even medicinal for the common […]

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