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Investment Club of America “EconoSummit” April 2-3, 2022, Ahern Hotel


Limited to 300 attendees, this private, two-day financial/economic conference has already sold 101 tickets. Sponsored by the Investment Club of America, the price is only $199 per person, and that includes a Saturday night dinner! I’ll be speaking on “Creative Disruption:  How I Use Austrian Business Cycle (ABC) Theory to Profit from New Trends and the Boom-Bust Economy.”

Other speakers include Jim Woods, co-editor of Fast Money Alert, Eric Fleischman, M.D. advisor to the Hollywood stars, on anti-aging and preventative medicine (a must see), Ira Victor, on personal and financial privacy in an age of big government and big business, attorney Josh Effron, on your First Amendment rights and Jo Ann Skousen on the all-important cultural question: “Are We China?”  To register, go to www.econosummit.com.

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