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About Nicholas Vardy

Nicholas Vardy: The Global Guru

Nicholas Vardy

Nicholas Vardy is part of the Eagle Financial Publications group of financial advisors. He is best known as “The Global Guru” for his expertise in international investing. Nicholas uses his unique background and his high-profile contacts to provide you with an insider’s view and profitable investment opportunities on global markets. He is the editor of four publications: The Global Guru, The Alpha Investor Letter, Bull Market Alert, and Alpha Algorithm. See below to learn more about Nicholas’ investment strategies.

The Global Guru
The Global Guru

This FREE electronic newsletter provides you with insightful, big-picture market intelligence on global markets. Discover which global markets and trends the smart money is investing in. (Learn More)

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The Alpha Investor Letter
Alpha Investor Letter

This monthly newsletter shows you how to easily make global investing part of your long-term portfolio. Plus, you can buy all of the stock picks safely and easily because they’re listed on the U.S. exchanges — then hold on to them for months or even years of profits. (Learn More)

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The Bull Market Alert
Bull Market Alert

This high-end, fast-paced weekly trading service focuses on making short-term profits in the world’s hottest markets, most of which are unknown to the average investor. You’ll have access to the same profitable stocks the world’s “alpha traders” are buying. (Learn More)

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The Alpha Investor Letter
Alpha Algorithm

This data-driven trading service tracks 22 of the most proven profit systems in the world and takes the best-of-the-best. If an investment “hits” on multiple systems, it makes the cut for further analysis. A sample of these profit systems are: insider buying, strong cash flow models, what the biggest hedge funds and the Warren Buffett’s of the world are buying, stocks with buy-back programs, stocks with strong buy ratings and many more.   (Learn More)

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VIP Alliance
VIP Alliance

VIP Alliance is an exclusive, limited-membership program dedicated to making you money.  Lots of money. Made up of of highly motivated investors seeking the highest level of investment success.

As a member, you’re entitled to every piece of research available to subscribers — all of the newsletters, hotline updates, urgent buy and sell alerts, special reports and more — across every service offered.

Including weekly trading services — Bull Market Alert and Triple Digit Trader — both of which you will receive as part of an integrated investment advisory service. Plus, you’ll receive the monthly investment newsletter, The Alpha Investor Letter.

In other words, as a VIP Alliance member you get every shred of information I have to offer on stocks, options and other investments, both here and abroad, that could double or triple your portfolio. (Learn More)

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