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Dear Reader,

If you thought Donald Trump’s victory was a total shocker…

I have something that will completely, 100%, blow you away.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory or another doomsday prediction.

It’s the Ugly Truth, hidden from the public for 34 years…

And it’s about to blindside EVERYONE who has ever put money into an IRA, 401(k), pension plan or other “qualified” retirement account. Even some annuities are at risk.

This likely means YOU.

So, if there’s just one thing you read today, make sure it’s THIS.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Mark Skousen
Dr. Mark Skousen
Top 20 Living Economist and Bestselling Author

P.S. The Powers That Be will most certainly not like what I’m about to show you. It could be a matter of hours or days before I’m forced to pull it. Don’t delay — read this now, and thank me later.