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Here’s Your Ticket to the 40th Anniversary Reception at FreedomFest with Mark Skousen and Steve Forbes.

Thank you again for signing up for this year’s FreedomFest conference. As mentioned in your confirmation email, you can also be a part of this special event held on Wednesday, July 15 at 8pm.

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During this reception, each attendee will receive a free silver dollar, a signed copy of Mark’s book Maxims of Wall Street and a picture with Mark.

Steve Forbes and other speakers will be mingling with the crowd — your chance to talk to them one-on-one while enjoying a drink and some snacks.

There will be a short program where Steve and others will say some words and then Mark’s publisher, Roger Michalski, will interview Mark and his wife Jo Ann about their 40 years writing Forecasts & Strategies!

It’s an event you won’t want to miss… and it’s yours free when you sign up for Forecasts & Strategies.

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  • Your monthly issue of Forecasts & Strategies, sent in the mail and e-mailed to you, with the identity of the newest additions to the Forecasts & Strategies portfolio.
  • You’ll also enjoy updates on the state of the economy, from one of the top 20 most influential economists in the world — with in-depth discussions on the impact of the Fed’s latest actions, the true opportunities of Trump’s tax plan, and the costs of his trade war… how short-term and long-term interest rates can affect your wealth, important moves to watch in the real estate market, and much more.
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  • In-depth guidance to Dr. Skousen’s “easy investing strategy,” created specifically for folks who value simplicity and performance over hunting for home-run stocks.
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